Shock wave Nano technology method

B. Gutman
United States

Keywords: shock wave, nano technology, pulse plasma technology,laser technology, detonation technology,non magnetically fusion


The patent described the advantages of detonation plasma spraying, laser pyrolysis technologies, etc., being optimized by pulses with common parameters, like duration, slope for all mentioned above technologies. For example, in some high temperature processes, using pulsed plasma or laser technology, plays vital important role the efficiency of plasma chemical processes. Since the plasma chemical reaction process efficiency is ˜20-30%, its value could be increased up to the thermodynamically feasible level of 60%. The Shock waves created by electrical pulses disintegrates liquid particles up to Nano size fragments, accelerate them and finally formatted a coating with superior characteristics. The influence of the pulses of radiation, detonation, electro impulse plasma can be generated by the same single pulse parameters of duration, slope, etc. Inventor: Gutman, Baruch Boris (Far Rockaway, NY, US)"