A Novel, 3D Printed Test Fixture for High Pressure Measurement Experiment

F. Anwar
Marquette University,
United States

Keywords: MEMS, pressure sensor, SolidWorks, 3D printing


3D printing is an additive manufacturing process for producing solid three-dimensional objects of any shape using some digital modelling files based on computer aided design (CAD) data [1]. Several layers of material are printed and patterned for achieving desired structures. Even though 3D printing technology was initially considered as a prototyping technology, today it is widely utilized in production technologies as well. Additive manufacturing applications are vastly seen in different sectors such as education, architecture, mechanics, food industry and from prototypes to spare part management [2, 3]. In this work, a specialized test fixture is designed and printed for a MEMS based pressure sensor. This is suitable for both gas and water pressure testing and we design it using SolidWorks parts module. The test fixture is a 2 inch cubic structure with an inlet of 5.5 mm. Its 5 mm square outlet is designed to hold a device under test. A 2 mm narrow pipe is designed to get rid of unwanted air pressure which can affect the actual result. For setting a 1 inch x 1 inch die, a groove was made for fitting an O-ring of 20mm diameter. An opening of 26 mm x 26 mm was made to hold a die. A 2 inch x 2 inch x 0.25 inch cap is placed on to the die so that it does not get dislocated at high pressure. Figure 1 shows the 3D printed test fixture and its application.