Nanomanufacturing Research, Advanced Manufacturing Program and Funding Opportunities at NSF

K. Cooper
National Science Foundation,
United States

Keywords: advanced manufacturing, nanomanufacturing


Nanomanufacturing is the fabrication of nano-scale (1-100nm) building-blocks (nanomaterials, nanostructures), their assembly into higher-order structures (components and devices), and the integration of these into larger scale systems. Nanomanufacturing Research is the study of processes to manipulate and control matter at the nanoscale in 1-, 2-, and 3-dimensions, reproducibly. The NSF has been at the forefront of nanomanufacturing research since the beginning of the NNI. This talk covers basic research activities and accomplishments in nanomanufacturing. Today, nanomanufacturing research is integral to the Advanced Manufacturing (AM) Program at NSF. The AM Program is an amalgam of previous manufacturing research programs that explored nano, additive and subtractive manufacturing, and materials engineering and processing. It seeks new ideas in, across and outside these domain areas and encourages interdisciplinary research that bring manufacturing to new application areas, and that incorporate challenges and approaches outside the customary manufacturing portfolio to broaden the impact of advanced manufacturing research. In this presentation, the AM program’s goals, potential research areas and its participation in cross-divisional activities, such as NSF’s Big Ideas, are described. The talk also touches upon funding opportunities where advanced manufacturing could play a role.