A Portable Nuclear Fusion Powered Generator

M. Paluszek, S. Thomas, C. Swanson, S. Cohen
Princeton Fusion Systems,
United States

Keywords: nuclear fusion, fusion, portable power, forward power, emergency power, helium 3, magnetic fusion


The Princeton Field Reversed Configuration (PFRC) reactor is a nuclear fusion reactor that is compact and portable. Machines would range in size from 1 MWe to 10 MWe. They would be fueled by deuterium and helium-3. The reaction produces very few neutrons and those produced are low energy minimizing materials problems. Sufficient helium-3 is available for military applications. The primary magnetic fields required to confine the plasma in the field reversed configuration are comparable to those in MRI machines. Power is produced by a Brayton cycle heat engine with a novel x-ray conversion layer in the cooling channel. PFRC is a driven machine. All reactant heating is done via a wave heating system similar to an induction motor stator. This uses a novel high efficiency switching amplifier. LCOE estimates for a 1 MWe portable system are 40 cents/kWh. The simplicity of the design and its size makes rapid development feasible. This is in contrast to machines under development for base load power generation. The paper will provide the latest plasma heating results from our ARPA-E OPEN contract. The paper will also provide a complete systems design of a machine suitable for military forward power.