Will Nanocarbon Onion-Like Fullerenes (NOLFs) Play a Decisive Role in the Future of Molecular Medicine? NOLF 4: An Alternate View of Fullerene Material’s Antioxidant Activity.

D.J. Bourassa
Einstein Medical Institute, University of Science, Arts, and Technology,
United States

Keywords: fullerene materials , perturbative stress, native aggregation, cell danger response, mitohormesis, para-hormesis, super free radical scavengers, electrophiles, nucleophilic tone, uncoupling proteins, mitochondrial biogenesis


The presentation is based on the fourth in a series of articles fullerene-biological interaction in producing cellular benefit. It discusses fullerene material’s excellent antioxidant activity and challenges the “super free radical scavenger” mechanism as the primary contributor to the beneficial biological effects reported in vivo and presents alternate mechanism responsible antioxidant effects in cells.