Mechanical Sensitivity Analysis of Double Inertial Mass MEMS Gyroscope

J. Nazdrowicz, A. Napieralski
Technical University of Lodz,

Keywords: MEMS, gyroscope, sensitivity, mode matching, Eigenfrequency, Q-factor, magnitude, phase


This paper presents MEMS gyroscope design with double inertial masses and results of analysis mechanical sensitivity of the device. Authors present design of gyroscope, mathematical model, extended theoretical analysis with taking into consideration geometrical dimensions differences, spring constants and damping coefficients. Modal analysis was also performed to check how drive and sense modes are matched - amplitude and phase under different eigenfrequencies and Q-factors. Presented results are compared with FEM simulations results. Three simulation environments were used: Matlab/SIMULINK and COMSOL and Coventor MEMS+. Results and conclusions. in this paper can be crucial for optimization structure during geometry design to obtain maximum performance.