X-ray imaging of colloidal packing

Y. Kim, G. Oh, W. Jung, B.M. Weon
SungKyunKwan University,

Keywords: colloids, random packing, X-ray tomography


Random packing structures of spheres in three dimensions is important in understanding arrangement and geometry of pours media, metallic glasses, colloids, and granular matter. Most theory and analysis are focused on random packing structures at the large scale, while actual colloidal particles can exhibit at micro, nano scale. Here we show that hard X-ray nanotomography enables us to clearly visualize randomly packed colloidal particles in three dimensions. Particularly, we demonstrate X-ray nanotomographic images for monodisperse colloidal particles with various sizes. We believe that hard X-ray nanotomography would be a powerful tool to identify the nature of colloidal particles.