A facile one-pot process for graphene mass production from coal

R.L. Mahajan
Virginia Tech,
United States

Keywords: graphene, coal, one-pot process


Graphene has been hailed as a disruptive and transforming material for a spectrum of applications including energy storage and conversion, water purification, efficient drug delivery, sensors and advanced composites. However, currently available commercial graphene derived from graphite using Hummers’ method has three main drawbacks. It uses graphite--a limited resource as a precursor material, it deploys multiple processes with hazardous and excessive chemicals, and it is expensive. There is a need for alternative precursor materials and processes for affordable and eco-friendly mass production of graphene to exploit its full potential. To this end, we have developed a simpler, cheaper, and greener strategy for large-scale production of high-quality graphene using coal. In this talk, we will briefly describe this innovative process, present results of full characterization of coal-derived graphene and its possible deployment for a variety of applications including battery, thermal interface materials, water purification, etc.