Tissue Adhesive Tape for Instant Surgical-Strength Sealing of Wet Tissues

H. Yuk, C.S. Nabzdyk, X. Zhao
Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
United States

Keywords: tissue adhesive, medical tape, hydrogels


The resection or repair of diseased tissue and the re-connection and mechanical sealing (i.e. anastomosis of blood vessels, bronchi, intestine, ureters) of the remaining healthy tissues are cornerstones of surgery. While a routine aspect of surgical procedures, closure of a surgical site as well as the creation of an anastomosis remain critical steps with regards to the patients’ outcomes. Depending on the clinical scenario, up to 30% of anastomoses develop a leak, a dreaded and potentially devastating complication for the patients. Tissue breakdown after repair and anastomotic leakage (AL) inflict substantial clinical and economic burdens including an increased inpatient mortality as well as additional hospitalization costs of over $20,000 per patient. In order to address the challenges of suture line breakdown and AL, we have developed a novel surgical adhesive This adhesive tape can be applied to soft wet tissue surfaces and may prevent suture line breakdown and thus AL. Our proposed innovation is to develop a new type of tissue adhesive in the form of adhesive tape that can provide instant and robust sealing of wet tissues with favorable biocompatibility and customizable biodegradability. Existing tissue adhesives and sealants rely on diffusion and subsequent crosslinking of adhesive molecules into the tissues for adhesion, which results in slow and/or weak adhesion. To address these limitations, we developed a novel dry-crosslinking (Dry-X) mechanism for instant and robust adhesion on wet tissues, implemented in the form of an adhesive tape or patch with non-adhesive backing. Instead of diffusing molecules towards tissues, our adhesive quickly dries the surface of wet tissues by absorbing interfacial water to allow instant crosslinking by intermolecular interactions, followed by quick covalent crosslinking between the adhesive and the host tissue. As a result, our adhesive can instantly form robust bonding on wet tissues within just 5 seconds without any prior preparation such as thawing, mixing, surface drying, etc. This this talk, we will discuss our novel tissue adhesive tape and systematic in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo data to support its unique capabilities and potential clinical applications.