Examples of Classical and Nonclassical Symmetric Fullerenes

F.J. Sanchez-Bernabe
Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana,

Keywords: classical fulerenes, isolated pentagon rule, tetrahedral symmetry


We present a classical fullerene with 56 carbons, 18 hexagons, and 12 pentagons. Also we consider a nonclassical fullerene with 88 carbons, containing 6 octagons. Both of previous fullerenes with tetrahedral structure. Besides that, we present a classical fullerene with 152 carbons, 66 hexagons, and 12 pentagons, with a structure that resembles a cube. In the case of the nonclassical fullerene, we show how to obtain its structure from a classical fullerene. We also relate the classical fullerenes with another similar structures.