National Science Foundation (NSF) SHAP3D Center for Additive Manufacturing

A. Ma, J. Mead, C. Hansen, J. Qi
University of Connecticut,
United States

Keywords: multimaterial printing, modeling and design, new printing methods, materials development


The National Science Foundation (NSF) Center for the Science of Heterogeneous Additive Printing of 3D Materials (SHAP3D) is focused on additive manufacturing research to print heterogeneous products with diverse functionality via integration of novel materials, complex structures, and cutting-edge processes. The SHAP3D Center’s research is enabling the rational design, creation, and use of new material feedstocks, geometries, processes, and performance associated with additively manufactured products. Research activities encompass: design, modeling and validation, novel and enhanced materials, and printing method advancement - process enhancements that promise increased throughput, improved accuracy, and finer feature fidelity. SHAP3D is a collaboration between UMass Lowell, Georgia Tech and UConn. Some of SHAP3D's recent research activities will be highlighted in this presentation.