Scaling-up 3D Printing – from Laboratory to Construction

M. Carli
Laticrete International Inc.,
United States

Keywords: construction 3D printing, additiv 3D printing, 3D Construction Printing (3DCP), Additive Manufacturing (AM), Construction, Mortar, Scale-up. e manufacturing, 3D printing mortars, scalling up, on-site printing


LATICRETE International Inc. has developed 3D printable mortars for additive manufacturing (AM) construction. One of the 3D mortars was scaled-up from laboratory prints to the construction scale. The scale-up work includes the localization and execution of using the mortar for Dubai’s first 3D-printing residential project. From project observations, there are several components which affect the application of 3D construction printing (3DCP) on-site. These include logistical parameters (i.e., material, 3D printer, and delivery system), printing strategy, the team who plans and executes the work, structural design of the printed structure, and the environment where the printing takes place. The details of the aforementioned aspects are covered in this manuscript. Moreover, type of large-scale 3D printers and the properties of the material used in this project are also discussed.