Controlling the Nanostructure of Graphitization in C-C composites via Graphene Additive

M. Singh, R.L. Vander Wal
Penn State University,
United States

Keywords: C-C composite, Graphene, Graphitization, Nanostructure


Characterizing carbon-carbon composite behavior across multiple length scales is essential to comprehending its macro-scale behavior. This work characterizes a graphene-anthracene and graphene-novolac composites from the nano- to the micron-scale with a variety of analytical techniques brought to bear to understand its bulk properties. Variations of composite are prepared by using graphene sheets of varied sizes as a filler in an anthracene or novolac matrix. The graphene materials included 300-800 nm reduced graphene oxide, 1-2 um graphene nano-platelets and 2-5 µm graphene. The carbon-carbon composite so formed is then characterized at different length scales to understand the graphene additives’ influence on the composites’ observable macroscopic properties as dependent upon the nano- to microstructure – reported here.