Development of precise tension and force control technology for 1200mm wide roll-to-roll nanoimprint system

K-Y Kim, S. Kwon, Y. Jang, J. Jo, Y-M Choi, S-H Lee
Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials,

Keywords: nanoimprint, roll-to-roll, nano-mold, flexible film, tension control


Recently, functional film using micro/nano structures are widely used in vaious industry fields such as displays, solar cells and sensors. Therefore there is a need to develop mass production system technology wich can enhance applicability to such filds and reduce cost. In this research, we developed a roll-to-roll nanoimprint system for 1200mm web width, which is composed of unwinder, rewinder, feeder module for film tension/speed control, nano-imprinting module and UV curing module. By using this system, large-area functional film with nano/micro patterns can be mass produced. For minimizing web deformation and position error for multi-layer alignment, accurate and uniform web tension control along large-area film is very important to manufacture functional film with thin and flexible plastic substrate such as PET.