Materials and Process Development Towards the 3D Printing of Functional Electronics

C. Glenn, W. Chan, Z.T. Deng
Morningbird Media Corporation,
United States

Keywords: electronics, materials, FDM, multi-material, NASA, Autodesk, Electronic Alchemy, sensors


Morningbird Media Corporation has worked to develop a proprietary set of material filaments capable of 3D printing functional electronics on fused deposition modeling (FDM) machines. Electronic Alchemy has been developed with support from STTRs and SBIRs from NASA, in partnership with the Alabama A&M Research, Innovation, Science and Engineering (AAMU-RISE) Foundation, and in collaboration with Autodesk. We will discuss the formulation of material mixtures that produce filaments capable of producing conductive, insulating, resistive, capacitive, as well as N-type and P-type semiconducting elements. In combination, these elements form the basis of a host of circuits, devices, and sensors. We will show various devices that have been printed and tested with the results. We will also show how we have utilized Autodesk's Tinkercad tool to layout and produce the G-code capable of running our printer, the Electronic Alchemy eForge. We will also discuss a concept for the recycling of devices printed from this process.