The Small Business Playbook: The Five Must-Have Tools to Get Your Tech Out of the Lab and to Your Customers

A.J. Grayson
Precipice IP PLLC,
United States

Keywords: technology, intellectual property, SBIR, joint development, STTR


Authors: Angela J. Grayson, CIPP/US, CLP Principal Member | Precipice IP PLLC /479.286.1223 Abstract: 80% of entrepreneurs starting a business won’t make it to year two. The businesses that survive to year two, 50% won’t make it to year four; and sadly, of those businesses that survive to year four, 66% won’t make it to year ten. Navigating a sci-tech business doesn’t necessarily improve these odds. Many sci-tech founders are keenly savvy about the technology side of business, but many have simply no idea of the importance of managing the collaborations which are necessary to commercialize technology. This session is aimed at helping sci-tech companies 1) understand the SBIR process; 2) understand points of negotiation in STTRs; 3) understand the fundamentals of intellectual property; 4) understand how to develop a winning framework for managing collaborations; 5) understand how to identify and manage hot issues in joint development collaborations with other companies, individuals, and the government where company intellectual property is being developed or improved.