A Market Outlook for the Aerogel Industry

R. Collins
United Kingdom

Keywords: aerogel, insulation, market forecast


Aerogels are not a new discovery, but the road to commercialisation has been littered with past failings and seemingly insurmountable challenges. In 2018, the industry stands on the cusp of receiving greater commercial success led by new innovations, manufacturing maturity, and market drivers. IDTechEx conduct technical market intelligence on a range of emerging technologies and has provided the premier market research into the aerogel field. This presentation will highlight the current commercial status of this industry, address the commercial impact of the latest developments, and provide a global market outlook. Overall IDTechEx forecast the aerogel market to marginally exceed $530m by 2029. The predominance use case for this will be for silica variants in energy and industrial insulation. However, the industry will become increasingly diversified as insulative use-cases in buildings, apparel, district heating, and transportation all progress. In addition, there will be a notable rise of polymeric aerogels in the mid-to-long term that will also be explored in this presentation.