Monitoring of variation in mass of the PM 2.5 and P M 10 and other gaseous data at Vasundhara, Ghaziabad,UP,India :A case study

S. Agarwal, P. Parmita, S. Tiwari
SSV College Hapur,

Keywords: air pollution, monitoring, particulate matter, health


The aim of present study to deal with the fine particulate matter and gaseous particles over Vasundhara from November 2017 to March 2018.The measurements of air quality is based on eight pollutants namely PM 10, PM 2.5, NO2, SO2, CO, O3, NH3 and Pb for which short term (up to 24-hourly averaging period). The minimum, maximum, average and SD for Concentration of daily variation of PM 10 were, 120.9 , 1150.6, 427.1 and 201.4 . The minimum, maximum, average and SD for concentration of daily variation of PM 2.5 were 65.0 , 627.2 , and 138.5. Data were showing large variations mainly due to Deepawali fireworks, crop burning in November and December .High concentration in PM 10 and PM 2.5 increase the risk of strokes and of death from strokes, especially for women.The olfactory bulb is a largest target of air pollution and particulates in the neurotransmitter. Minimum, maximum, average and SD for concentration of daily variation of gaseous pollutants SO2, were 21.9,125.1, 47.0 ,and 22.4 ; for NO2 were 36.0, 161.5, 84.5 ,; for NH3 were 23.9, 89.4, 51.7 and 15.3 ,for CO were 0.6, 5.7, 2.2 ,and 1.2 . Concentration of Pb was very drastic and showed adverse effect on human health.Hair falling and greying , infants to be born premature,low weight or to be born with defects , cardiovascular disease, Asthana are the main reason of air pollution. Conclusion is that Ambient air quality index is representing worst and unhealthy air for the studied city. Rapid industrialisation, uncontrolled increasing number of vehicles, crop and waste burning ,construction and demolition are main part of problem in India. Sustainable transportation , construction and industrialisation policies, with effective enforcement and implementation of environmental laws and use of modern technologies are necessary to breath healthy air.