Alexander Margulis


Mansfield Bio-Incubator

Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining Mansfield Bio-Incubator, Alex worked as a Senior Scientist at BIOARRAY Therapeutics, a molecular diagnostics start-up company, where he set up an award-winning, fully functional laboratory 1.5 months ahead of schedule. The laboratory was showcased on many occasions ranging from foreign dignitaries interested in starting an incubation program of their own to congressmen and senior members of academia and industry. He is an accomplished cellular and molecular biologist and is an author and co-author of 11 peer-reviewed publications and numerous scientific abstracts. Alex worked for 7 years in large biotech/pharma companies where he developed multiple cell based assays. He concurrently works in sales as well as an Application Scientist at Precision Biosystems that is co-located with Mansfield Bio-Incubator. His efforts resulted in increase in sales by 200% over 2 years within the US and Canada.  Alex holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Stony Brook University.