Matthew T. Wendling

Associate Technical Fellow

Energizer Battery Manufacturing

Matt Wendling is Associate Technical Fellow with Energizer Battery Manufacturing.  He earned his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at The University of Florida and is a Design for Six Sigma Black Belt. Matt has worked in several battery chemistries including Zn-MnO2, Li-FeS2, NiMH, and Li-Ion over the course of his career.  Matt has developed and applied expertise in battery cell design, design of experiments, and electrochemical modeling and simulation. Recently, he served as lead cell designer of Energizer’s Ultimate Lithium AA “L91”, implementing improvements in performance, reliability, and cost, as well as projects to expand production capacity and introduce new battery sizes.  He has been Principal Investigator on 3 government contracts with Energizer.  Matt now leads Energizer’s electrochemical modeling efforts.