Andrew J. Steinbach

Advanced Research Specialist


Andrew J. Steinbach is an Advanced Research Specialist in the 3M Corporate Research Materials Laboratory, Electrochemical Components Laboratory, in St. Paul, Minnesota (USA). Mr. Steinbach earned a BS in Chemistry in 2000 and a MS in Materials Science in 2008, both from the University of Minnesota. In his 20 year career at 3M, Mr. Steinbach has focused on development of anode and cathode catalysts, electrodes and membrane electrode assemblies for proton exchange membrane fuel cells and water electrolyzers, resulting in 26 issued U.S. patents and 16 journal publications. He currently leads catalyst and electrode development activities at 3M and is the Principal Investigator of U.S. Department of Energy projects aimed at development of advanced fuel cell cathode catalysts and water electrolyzer catalyst coated membranes.