Anil Patri

Director, NCTR-ORA Nanotechnology Core Facility

U.S. Food & Drug Administration

Dr. Patri has been assisting collaborators from companies and academia towards clinical translation of nanomedicines beyond a proof of principle stage of development since joining the Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory at the National Cancer Institute at Frederick in 2005. He leads a collaborative multi-disciplinary team of scientists at NCL and oversaw 70 projects through this preclinical assessment that includes extensive characterization, in vitro and in vivo studies on different nanomaterial platforms intended for targeted drug delivery, gene delivery and imaging. He is a Guest Scientist at NIST since 2005 and helped develop the first Nanosized gold reference material standards which culminated in many standard protocols through ASTM. Prior to joining NCL, Dr. Patri developed targeted drug delivery and imaging agents as a research faculty at the Center for Biologic Nanotechnology, University of Michigan for 5 years. Dr. Patri  received his B.Sc., from Osmania University and went on to work for Astra Zeneca. He went back to college and earned M.Sc., in organic chemistry from Aligarh Muslim University, India. After two years as a lecturer in Chemistry, he pursued graduate work on dendrimers and earned Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of South Florida