Low Cost Highly Conductive Printed Electronics Via Jetting of Molten Metal Droplets

D. Cormier
Rochester Institute of Technology,
United States

Keywords: magnetohydrodynamic, liquid metal


Magnetohydrodynamic liquid metal droplet jetting is a promising new technique for fabrication of printed electronics. The technique uses low cost metal wire as the feedstock material and requires no drying or curing steps. The resulting traces consist of fully dense metal that electrically and mechanically behaves much like fine gauge solid core metal wire. Under proper jetting conditions, adhesion of the solid metal to polymer and ceramic substrate materials is excellent. In this talk, different jetting strategies for producing lines, pads, and vias will be presented. Electrical and mechanical performance of traces printed under different jetting strategies will be provided. Adhesion of traces to a variety of films will also be discussed. ‚Äč