Toward A High Silicon Content Battery Anode Material

J. Schwartz, J. Anderson
Ecellix Inc,
United States

Keywords: silicon anode, high energy capacity, low swelling, long cycles, high FCE


The global Lithium industry is on a path to break the $70 billion / year revenue barrier by 2025 due to an explosion in applications. A decade-long race to improve or replace the industry standard graphite anode with a silicon-based material is about to declare a winner: eCell, delivered by Ecellix, Inc. The eCell is a breakthrough anode material that is 90% silicon and 10% carbon, delivering 300-400% capacity improvement compared to pure graphite anodes, and maintaining over 80% capacity retention for more than 600 cycles. A low cost, innovative manufacturing process and common materials deliver a unit cost well below the announced 10 year targets of other silicon anode materials ventures. Broad global patent filings and solid trade secrets protect eCell's IP from imitation and circumvention. Ecellix is in discussions (under NDA) with recognized leaders in anode manufacturing, battery manufacturing, EV manufacturing, and building energy storage, as well as innovators in several emerging fields needing better energy to weight or power to weight storage solutions. Ecellix Inc is a 2018 startup venture based in the Seattle area, with offices in San Jose and Boston.