TechConnect World 2018

TechConnect World 2018 Program - Wednesday May 16

8:30SBIR/STTR Agency One-on-One Meetings256
8:30Characterizing Soft/Bio Materials251 C
Session chair: Dalia Yablon, SurfaceChar LLC, US
8:30Nanocharacterization of Exosomes (invited presentation)
J. Gimzewski, University of California, Los Angeles, US
8:55The developments of a Helium Acoustic Levitation Environment for time resolved XFEL experiments
E.R. Dye, R.H. Morris, M.I. Newton, D. Axford, P. Aller, A.M. Orville, P.T. Docker, Nottingham Trent University, UK
9:15Abrasive scanning with AFM on biocompatible polymers: measuring dry vs. swollen film thickness and probing properties
G. Haugstad, K. Wormuth, University of Minnesota, US
9:35Nano-JKR Method Eliminates Adhesion Errors in Nanoindentation of Compliant Polymers and Hydrogels
D.M. Ebenstein, Bucknell University, US
9:55Thorough Characterization of Liposomes by Complementary Light and X-Ray Scattering Techniques
R. Ragheb, J. Bolze, G. Taylor, N. Tamaddoni, D. Griffiths, U. Nobbmann, Malvern Panalytical, US
8:30CNS Composites259 A
Session chair: Wolfgang S. Bacsa, University of Toulouse, FR
8:30Graphene enhanced composites and plastics (invited presentation)
T. Barkan, The Graphene Council, US
8:55Lightweight, High Performance Polymer Composites for Modern Engineering Applications
J. Lynch-Branzoi, Rutgers University, US
9:15Recoverable Lightweight Nanocomposites
A.B. Huckleby, J. Li, M. Shahrizan Jamal, M. Zhang, Florida State University, US
8:302D-Materials in Electronics254 A
Session chair: Anirudha V. Sumant, Argonne National Laboratory, US
8:302D Materials with Charge-Density-Wave Effects: From Physics to Applications (invited presentation)
A.A. Balandin, University of California, Riverside, US
8:55Metallic 2D Materials for Electrochemical Applications (invited presentation)
M. Chhowalla, Rutgers University, US
9:20Ambipolar transport properties of printed electrolyte-gated tungsten disulphide nanosheet thin film transistors produced from aqueous inks
T. Higgins, Ruprecht-Karls University, Heidelberg, DE
8:30Energy Storage259 B
Session chair: Imre Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy, US
8:30Energy Storage, Current Implementation and Future Innovation (invited presentation)
I. Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy, US
8:55Electrocatalytic CO2 Conversion for Seasonal Energy Storage
D.M. Weekes, C.P. Berlinguette, The University of British Columbia, CA
9:15Coupling Integral Molten Salt Reactor Technology into Renewable Energy Systems : Thermal Storage / Desalination, Direct Production of H2
J. Kutsch, Terrestrial Energy USA Inc, US
9:35Energy Storage Standards Development and Defining Best Practices for System Evaluation
B. Taube, P. Leufkens, C. Thompson, A. McQuilling, Southern Research, US
8:30Sensors Oil & Gas Industry Applications252 A
Session chair: Alex Norman, ExxonMobil Chemical, US; Michele L. Ostraat, Aramco Services Company, US
8:30Microfluidic and Nanofluidics phase behaviour characterization for CO2, oil and gas (invited presentation)
D. Sinton, University of Toronto, CA
8:55Non-invasive and Real-time Gas Mixture Analysis Using Mid-infrared Micro-cavities
P.T. Lin, Texas A&M University, US
9:15A platform for extremely sensitive gas sensing: 2D materials on silicon carbide
J. Eriksson, M. Rodner, R. Yakimova, A.L. Spetz, Linköping University, SE
9:35Surface-Enhanced Fluorescence and Raman (SEF-SERS) Multifunctional Nanoparticles for Nanoprobe Applications
W. Wang, S. Chang, T.-Y.S. Huang, S. Eichmann, Aramco Services Company, US
8:30Desalination263 A
Session chair: YuanQiao Rao, The Dow Chemical Company, US ; Baoxia Mi, UC Berkeley, US
8:303D Printed Polyamide Membranes for Desalination (invited presentation)
J. McCutcheon, University of Connecticut, US
8:55Recovery of Desalination Brine Concentrate Using Waste Heat and Membrane Evaporation
D. Johnson, University of Texas at San Antonio, US
9:15Bio-inspired Solar Desalination with Zero Liquid Discharge
C. Finnerty, B. Mi, University of California - Berkeley, US
9:35Exploring the Effects of Highly Conductive Carbon Fibers on Evaporation and Desalination Rates of Salt Water
F.S. Tanzim, M.M. Rahman, R. Asmatulu, Wichita State University, US
9:55Super-porous PVDF nanofibre membranes for efficient desalination of brackish water in membrane distillation applications
S.D. Mhlanga, L.N. Nthunya, N.P. Khumalo, A.R. Verliefde, University of South Africa, ZA
8:30Carbon Capture & Utilization263 B
Session chair: Elizabeth Burton, Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI), US
8:30Carbon Capture and Utilization Progress (invited presentation)
E. Burton, University of California, Berkeley, US
8:55Managing Carbon Use Efficiency in Algae Ponds for Sustainable Production (invited presentation)
S. Twary, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
9:20Conversion of CO2 to Value-Added Specialty Chemicals
C.B. Panchal, J. Prindle, R. Doctor, R. Sturtz, E3Tec, US
9:40A Green Plastic and Drop-in Transportation Fuels from Carbon Dioxide and Renewable Energy
J. Yu, University of Hawaii at Manoa, US
10:00Creating a Global Hydrogen Infrastructure from Waste Materials
D. Madden, Eco Energy International, LLC, US
10:20Theoretical Study of Solid Materials for CO2 Capture Technology
Y. Duan, National Energy Technology Laboratory, US
8:303D Printing251 B
Session chair: Slade H Gardner, Big Metal Additive, Inc., US
8:303D Printing of Multi-Functional Structures (invited presentation)
E. MacDonald, Youngstown State University, US
8:55Machine Learning Approaches to Additive Manufacturing (invited presentation)
A.P. Stebner, Colorado School of Mines, US
9:20Optimized internal geometries for lightweighting and multifunctionality in additive manufacturing – an ideal processing target
J. Berger, Nama Development LLC, US
9:40Solving Dimensional Tolerance, Surface Finish and Industrial Production Issues for Large Scale Metal Additive Manufacturing (invited presentation)
S.H. Gardner, Big Metal Additive, US
8:30Ensuring Safety of Nanomaterials in Consumer Products262 B
Session chair: Wendel Wohlleben, BASF SE, Germany; Philip Demokritou, Harvard School of Public Health, US
8:30Ingested food-grade engineered nanomaterials – state of science in nanotoxicity testing and future research needs (invited presentation)
D. Bello, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, US
8:55Nanoparticles and Nano-polymer Composite Interactions with Microbial Biofilm
E. Sahle-Demessie, H. Jing, G.A. Sorial, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, US
9:15Investigation of toxicity of a panel of food-grade nanomaterials on an in vitro triculture model of the mucus-secreting intestinal epithelium
I.S. Sohal, G. Deloid, K. O’Fallon, Ph. Demokritou, D. Bello, University of Massachusetts-Lowell, US
9:35Comparative environmental fate and toxicity of copper nanomaterials (invited presentation)
N. Zuverza-Mena, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, US
9:55What do we know about the safety of cellulose nanomaterials: Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Roadmap, knowledgebase and uncertainties (invited presentation)
J.A. Shatkin, Vireo Advisors LLC, US
8:30Novel Drug Delivery Systems262 C
Session chair: Steven Zullo, NIBIB/NIH, US; Thomas Anchordoquy, University of Colorado, US
8:30Zwitterlation - A Promising Strategy beyond PEGylation (invited presentation)
S. Jiang, University of Washington, US
8:55The Role of Immune Cells and Immunogenicity in Gene Delivery (invited presentation)
T. Anchordoquy, University of Colorado, School of Pharmacy, US
9:20In vivo Delivery of Nucleic Acids to Multiple Lung Cell Types Using Optimized Poly(β-amino ester) Nanoparticles
J.C. Kaczmarek, K.J. Kauffman, A.K. Patel, M.W. Heartlein, F. DeRosa, D.G. Anderson, MIT, US
9:40Hybrid Programmable Peptide Crosslinkers as Enzyme-Regulated Drug Delivery Vehicles
J.L. Rouge, University of Connecticut, US
10:00Nanostructured Lipid Carriers to Deliver HIV p24 Antigen and CpG Immunostimulant in Mice and Non-Human Primates Immunogenicity Studies
E. Bayon, J. Morlieras, L. Gosse, A. Gonon, N. Bosquet, R. Le Grand, P.N. Marche, F.P. Navarro, CEA LETI, FR
8:30MEMS & NEMS263 C
Session chair: William (Cy) Wilson, NASA Langley Research Center, US
8:30MEMS are becoming 3D and atomically precise (invited presentation)
A.M. Shkel, University of California, Irvine, US
8:55Microtales at microscale: from polymer CMUT array for ultrasound imaging to sliding mode control of MEMS devices (invited presentation)
E. Cretu, The University of British Columbia, CA
9:20Voltage controlled Resistive and Capacitive Response of Nematic Liquid Crystal (LC) and LC Composites for DC and RF Switching Applications (invited presentation)
M. Munna, T. Nandy, R.A. Coutu_Jr., Marquette University, US
9:45Display Compatible pMUT Device for Mid Air Ultrasound Gesture Recognition
C.H. Huang, L. Demi, S. Mao, Y. Jeong, D. Cheyns, X. Rottenberg, V. Rochus, imec, BE
10:05Numerical Simulation of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Tissue Therapy
V. Sukhotskiy, L.K. Marepalli, A. Verma, J. Fournier, G. Gellman, W. Bacon and E.P. Furlani, University at Buffalo, US
10:25RF MEMS: From the Lab to Commercial Products and Their Applications (invited presentation)
G. Rebeiz, University of California, San Diego, US
8:30Materials & Energy Innovation Spotlights: Guardian, Pangaea Ventures254 B
Session chair: Purnesh Seegopaul, Pangaea Ventures, US
8:30Guardian Innovation Spotlight
B. Boyce, Guardian, US
8:45Pangaea Ventures Innovation Spotlight
P. Seegopaul, Pangaea Ventures, US
9:00Composite multilayers capacitors with colossal permittivity for electronics and energy storage applications
J. Hao, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
9:07A wearable IoT multi-sensors bio-processor platform based on a novel electrode and predictive data management systems
R. Islam, Cactus Materials, Inc., US
9:14Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis using KIER SponCat Technology for Flexible Production of Liquid Fuels and Chemicals from Syngas
D.H. Chun, Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER), KR
9:21Scalable, Low-Cost Electrospinning of Metal and Ceramic Nanofibers
S. Bidhar, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, US
9:28VAST Cycle Turbines and Combined Heat and Power systems
G. Ginter, VAST Power Systems, Inc., US
9:35Guardian & Pangaea Ventures: Q&A
8:30One-on-One Agency Meetings256
9:00Partnering with Universities & Labs261 A
Session chair: Matt Portnoy, NIH-HHS, US
J. Stewart, FLC-Navy, US
N. Muzzio, Stanford University, US
M. Ailstock, AURP, US
B. Suh, UCR, US
9:00Building Your Business258 B
Session chair: Brittany Sickler, SBA, US
P. Smith, Santa Ana District Office, SBA, US
R. Ochoa, UCR, US
S. Mah, Hera Labs, US
10:00IP & Data Rights: What You Need to Know261 A
Session chair: John Williams, SBA, US
S. Koziol, USPTO, US
N. Nodianos, UCI, US
J. Glover, SBTC, US
10:00Access to Capital258 B
Session chair: Heather Luzzi, Sacramento District Office SBA, US
D. Kenney, Oregon Best, US
I. Nery, Los Angeles District Office SBA, US
D. McEwan, ID SBDC, US
11:00Leveraging SBIR Funding261 A
Session chair: Linda Molner, NSF, US
C. Bell, MT Technology Innovation Partnership, US
M. Burns Ortiz, 7 Generation Games, US
S. Berkowitz, Out of the Fog Research, US
11:00Making the Sales Pitch: Insights Around Pitching Your Business Plan258 B
Session chair: Mike Sovacool, San Diego District Office, SBA, US
B. Waldo, UCI, US
N. Washington, OCTane, US
A. Richards, EPA, US
10:00Coffee Break2nd Floor
10:30Materials Characterization & Imaging I251 C
Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
10:30Chemical, Mechanical and Optical Property Mapping at the Nanoscale (invited presentation)
K. Kjoller, E. Dillon, Q. Hu, A. Roy, H. Yang, C. Prater, Ansys Instruments, US
10:55Photo-induced force microscopy: a technique for hyperspectral nanochemical mapping (invited presentation)
S. Park, D. Nowak, T. Albrecht, Molecular Vista, US
11:20Alignment-free Plasmonic Nanowire Optical Probe for Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
S. Kim, Y. Zhu, X. Ma, R. Yan, University of California, Riverside, US
10:30CNS Composites259 A
Session chair: Wolfgang S. Bacsa, University of Toulouse, FR
10:30Melt-mixed thermoplastic polymer/carbon nanotube composites for thermoelectric applications
P. Pötschke, B. Krause, J. Luo, Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (IPF), DE
10:50Investigating Fracture Toughness Behavior of CNT and GNP Reinforced Vinyl-Ester Resin by Altering Surface Characteristics of Nanoparticles
C.M. Gapstur, H. Mahfuz, Florida Atlantic University, US
11:10Enhancement of Electrical Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites used for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Bipolar Plates
F. Mighri, N. Athmouni, S. Elkoun, Laval University, CA
11:30Boron Nitride Nano Tubes to Replace Carbon Nano Tubes?
S. Arepalli, Rice University, US
10:302D-Materials in Electronics254 A
Session chair: Zina Cinker, National Graphene Association, US
10:30Wafer-scale growth of single and multilayer graphene on insulating diamond/Si wafer for electronics applications (invited presentation)
A. Sumant, Argonne National Laboratory, US
10:50Mono- and Multilayer Silicene Prepared by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
X. Liu, B. Jugdersuren, J. Culbertson, N. Mahadik, Naval Research Laboratory, US
11:10High-Yield Bottom-Up Synthesis of 2D Metal–Organic Frameworks and Their Derived Ultrathin Carbon Nanosheets for Energy Storage
K. Zhao, S. Liu, Z. He, Central South University, CN
11:30Controlling iron-based superconductivity with spin currents
10:30Battery Innovations259 B
Session chair: Imre Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy, US
10:30Advanced Electrolytes for Thermal Batteries
G.G. Botte, Ohio University - Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research, US
10:50Metal Organic Frameworks and Porous Polymer Network-Based Matrices as Nonflammable Battery Electrolytes
R. Ozdemir, framergy, Inc, US
11:10Structural and Electrical Conductivity Studies of Spinel Li4Ti5O12 Anode Thin Films Grown by RF Magnetron Sputtering
K.H. Prasad, R. Arumugam, E.S. Srinadhu, N. Satyanarayana, Pondicherry University, IN
11:30High surface area metal electrode
W. Liu, Molecule Works Inc., US
11:50A Review of the Center for Fluorinated Functional Materials
H. Sun, University of South Dakota, US
10:30Environmental Sensors: Air and Water252 A
Session chair: YuanQiao Rao, The Dow Chemical Company, US ; Baoxia Mi, UC Berkeley, US
10:30In-Gel Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (gLAMP) Enables Coliphage Quantification within 30 Minutes
X. Huang, California Institute of Technology, US
10:50Electromechanical Detection of Pathogens with Self-Assembled Nucleic Acid Biosensors
K. Urmann, J. Bahnemann, Z. Chikneyan, L.M. Kasmaee, M.R. Hoffmann, California Institute of Technology, US
11:10Selective and Sensitive Sensors Based on Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Detection of Pollutants in Water
S.F.Y. Li, National University of Singapore, SG
11:30An innovative device to determine the partial pressure of volatile components via substrate-integrated hollow waveguide infrared spectroscopy with integrated microfluidics
C. Penisson, J. Theisen, V. Kokoric, A. Wilk, G. Bernard, T. Zemb, B. Mizaikoff, J.-C.P. Gabriel, CEA, FR
11:50Silicon Nanowire Vertical Arrays with Porous Top Electrodes for Trace Vapor Preconcentration and Partial Separation
B. Giordano, P. Pehrsson, K. Johnson, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, US
10:30Regulatory Issues & Roadmaps to Safety262 B
Session chair: Philip Demokritou, Harvard School of Public Health, US; Wendel Wohlleben, BASF SE, Germany
10:30The nanoGRAVUR grouping framework with 25 quantitative case studies (invited presentation)
W. Wohlleben, BASF SE, DE
10:50Canada’s Approach for Assessment of Nanomaterials in Commerce : Prioritization and Tools for Assessing Consumer Exposure
Y. Zhang, C. L. Lemieux, M. Zein Aghaij, D. Vladisavljevic, M. Hill, Health Canada, CA
11:10Advancing Sustainable Manufacturing of Carbon Nanomaterials and Devices through Life Cycle Assessment
W-S Shih, M.A. Chappell, A.J. Kennedy, Brewer Science Inc., US
11:30Global Regulatory Requirements: Overview of Nanomaterial Safety Testing
K.J. Ong, J.A. Shatkin, J.D. Ede, Vireo Advisors, CA
10:30Biomaterials262 C
Session chair: Thomas E. Twardowski, Twardowski Scientific, US
10:30Design of Smart Polymeric Nanomedicines (invited presentation)
J. Kopeček, J. Yang, University of Utah, US
10:55Rebirth of Bone Mineral in Biomedicine: From an Antibiotic Alternative to Targeted Anticancer Therapies (invited presentation)
V. Uskokovic, The University of Illinois at Chicago, US
11:20Amphiphilic Lipid-Substituted Cationic Polymers for Delivery of Gene Medicines (invited presentation)
H. Uludag, University of Alberta, CA
11:45Examination of the osteoconductive, antibiofilm & biomechanical properties of a PEEK-ZEOLITE composite biomaterial for intervertebral spine fusion surgery
S. Sankar, D.W. Johns, J.J. Crudden, Difusion Technology Inc., US
10:303D Printing Materials Innovation251 B
Session chair: Slade H Gardner, Big Metal Additive, Inc., US
10:30From Prototyping to Production: Rethinking Materials for Additive Manufacturing (invited presentation)
J. Rolland, Carbon, Inc, US
10:50The impact of the “4d-Rheoprinting” additive manufacturing technique on molecular orientation and thermal properties of polymeric parts
A. Duhduh, J.P. Coulter, Lehigh University, US
11:10Mechanical reliability of fused deposition modeled polymers and composites
O. Keles, E.H. Anderson, San Jose State University, US
11:303D-printed Optical Devices with Refractive Index Control for Microwave Applications
D. Isakov, Y. Wu, B. Allen, C.J. Stevens, P.S. Grant, University of Warwick, UK
10:30Technology Development Pathways: Continuing the Conversation254 B
Session chair: Lisa E. Friedersdorf, Director of the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, US
E. Polyakova, Graphene 3D Lab Inc, US
A. Zaretski, Grolltex Inc, US
A. Wang, Ocean NanoTech LLC, US
12:00Lunch (Available for purchase - Arena Plaza Food Trucks)Expo Hall
1:00Working with Primes258 B
Session chair: Bob Smith, DoD Navy, US
L. Kearney, Raytheon, US
M. McComas, BAE Systems, US
C. Owens, Lockheed Martin, US
1:20One-on-One Agency Meetings256
1:30Materials Characterization & Imaging II251 C
Session chair: Dalia Yablon, SurfaceChar, US; Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
1:30Nanoscale Characterization of Solar Cells by Conductive and Photoconductive Atomic Force Microscopy (invited presentation)
T-Q. Nguyen, University of California, Santa Barbara, US
1:55Quantitative measurement of active dopant density distribution in textured emitter of phosphorus-implanted monocrystalline silicon solar cell using scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy
K. Hirose, K. Tanahashi, H. Takato, Y. Cho, Tohoku University, JP
2:15Effect of filler size in a graphene-anthracene carbon-carbon composite
M. Singh, R. Vander Wal, Pennsylvania State University, US
2:35Spectroscopic Diagnostics And Material Characterization For Wave Liquefaction™ Processing Of Carbon Materials For The Production Of Value-Added Chemicals And Feedstocks
R. Vander Wal, A. Sengupta, E. Musselman, K. Zeller, G. Skoptsov, Penn State University, US
1:30Graphene Materials Applications259 A
Session chair: Elena Polyakova, Graphene 3D Lab, US; Anirudha V. Sumant, Argonne National Laboratory, US
1:30Macroscale Superlurbricity in Steel – DLC contacts using 2D materials
K.C. Mutyala, O. Eryilmaz, A. Erdemir, A.V. Sumant, Argonne National Laboratory, US
1:50Graphene-Metal Oxide based Nanocomposites for Supercapacitor Applications
D. Selvakumar, P. Nagaraju, R. Jayavel, ANNA University, IN
2:10Graphene based core–shell additives for increasing the thermal conductivity of epoxy nanocomposites
O. Eksik, S.F. Bartolucci, T. Gupta, H. Fard, T.B. Tasciuca, N. Koratkar, Istanbul Technical University, TR
2:30Graphene Materials Applications (invited presentation)
E. Polyakova, Graphene 3D Lab, Inc, US
2:50Graphene: A global Material in Need of Global Alliances (invited presentation)
Z. Cinker, National Graphene Association, US
1:30Supercapacitors259 B
Session chair: Imre Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy, US
1:30All-Solid-State Stretchable Supercapacitors using Polypyrrole-CNT Hybrid Partially Embedded in PDMS
R. Zhang, Stevens Institute of Technology, US
1:50Structural Supercapacitors Using PEG-Based Epoxy Resins as Polymer Electrolytes
G.E. Lindberg, C. Ciocanel, C.C. Browder, Northern Arizona University, US
2:10Asymmetric supercapacitor based on cobalt hydroxide carbonate/GF composite and a carbonized conductive polymer grafted with iron (C-FP)
M.T. Moureen, University of Pretoria, ZA
2:30Binary nickel-manganese hydroxide nanoflakes on ZnO nanowires prepared by pulse electrodeposition for high-performance supercapacitors
J-H Huang, Y-H Luo, W.P. Kang, National Tsing Hua University, TW
2:50Graphene Functionalized Mesoporous Mn and Ti Oxides for Supercapacitors
J. Houck, V. Amar, A. Shende, R. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, US
3:10CANCELED - Scalable Fabrication of All-Solid-State Supercapacitor Using Laser-Scribed Graphene
J. Liu, W. Liu, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou , Henan , China, CN
1:30Safety in Advanced Manufacturing - Profit Maker or Profit Taker: Panel Discussion254 A
Session chair: Sally Tinkle, IDA, US; Chuck Geraci, NIOSH, US; Michael Fancher, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, US
J. Meinhart, GE Aircraft, US
M. Ostraat, Aramco, US
P. Scheuer, Honeywell, US
J.A. Shatkin, Vireo Advisors, US
A. Patril, FDA, US
C. Geraci, NIOSH, US
S. Tinkle, STPI, US
M. Fancher, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, US
M. Hull, Virginia Tech/NanoSafe, Inc., US
1:30Nanoelectronics263 A
Session chair: Jenny Zhen Yu, California State Polytechnic University, US
1:30Recent Advances in Magnetic Domain Wall Based Devices: Outcomes from ITN-WALL
S.A. Nasseri, G. Durin, ISI Foundation, IT
1:50Controlling iron-based superconductivity with spin currents
2:10Direct visualization of nanoscale strain via Photo-induced Force Microscopy
S. Park, K. Park, D. Nowak, T. Albrecht, Molecular Vista, US
2:30A molecular dynamics study of the causes of defects at dielectric/substrate interface of Ge MOSFETs
A. Heydari, S.A. Sheikholeslam, C. Grecu, A. Ivanov, University of British Columbia, CA
2:50Novel doping process for advanced nanoelectronics based on solution processing
R.A. Puglisi, S. Caccamo, A. La Magna, CNR - IMM, IT
3:10Self-assembly via a quantum control tracking system
W. Kohn, Z. Zabinsky, A. Nerode, Veritone, US
1:30Biological Scaffolds262 C
Session chair: Hasan Uludag, University of Alberta, Canada; Thomas E. Twardowski, Twardowski Scientific, US
1:30Bioprinting is shaping the future of medicine (invited presentation)
S. Wadsworth, Aspect Biosystems Ltd., CA
1:55Surface Modification and Characterization of Polylactic Acid (PLA) 3D printed structures for Cell culture applications.
P. Pokharna, M. Ghantasala, E. Rozhkova, Western Michigan University, US
2:153D Printed Venous Valves, Biocompatibility and Functionality
B. Holmes, H. Asfour, P. Koti, N. Muselimyan, N. Sarvazyan, Nanochon LLC, George Washington University, US
2:35Hydrogel-based scaffolds for tissue engineering
S. Joshi, S.R. Singh, Alabama State University, US
2:55Functional Multi-layered Bio-scaffold by 3D printed and Electro spun biodegradable materials
H.W. Choi, Keimyung University, KR
3:15Nanoengineered Biomaterials for Cardiac Tissue Repair
K. Hosoyama, M. Ahumada, M. Ruel, E. Suuronen, E.I. Alarcon, University of Ottawa Heart Institute & University of Ottawa, CA
1:30Biosensors & MEMS252 A
Session chair: Martin E. Poitzsch, Aramco Research Center, William (Cy) Wilson, NASA, US
1:30Deep Learning-enabled Computational Imaging and Sensing (invited presentation)
A. Ozcan, University of California, Los Angeles, US
1:55Fully Transparent Field-Effect Biosensors
X. Du, G.S. Herman, Oregon State University, US
2:15Fast-reacting smart hydrogel-based sensor platform for biomedical applications
J. Koerner, C.F. Reiche, H-Y Leu, J. Magda, F. Solzbacher, University of Utah, US
2:35Urea Electrolysis as a Medical Devices Platform
G.G. Botte, Ohio University - Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research, US
2:55A novel co-resonantly coupled cantilever sensor platform
J. Koerner, University of Utah, US
3:15Analytical Modeling of Microfluidic Cantilever Sensor with Evaporating Ethanol
L. K. Marepalli, V. Sukhotskiy, I. V. A. K. Reddy, A. Verma and E. P. Furlani, University at Buffalo, US
3:35Silicon lens arrays for wafer level packaging of IR-sensors
A. Kulkarni, V. Stenchly, J. Quenzer, R. Dudde, Fraunhofer Institute Silicon Technology, DE
1:30Innovations in Additive Manufacturing251 B
Session chair: Slade H Gardner, Big Metal Additive, Inc., US
1:30Predicting Fiber Orientation and Elastic Properties in Short Fiber Polymer Composite Deposition for Large Scale Additive Manufacturing Processes (invited presentation)
B. Heller, Z. Wang, T. Russell, D.E. Smith, D.A. Jack, Baylor University, US
1:553D Print Part Performance Qualification and Effect of Defects
F. Abdi, AlphaSTAR Corporation, US
2:15High Degree-of-Freedom Deposition in Material Extrusion (invited presentation)
J.R. Kubalak, C.B. Williams, Virginia Tech, US
2:40Anisotropic tensile properties of NiTi fabricated with selective laser melting
S.E. Saghaian, N.Sh. Moghaddam, A. Amerinatanzi, H. Ibrahim, P. Li, G.P. Toker, M. Elahinia, H.E. Karaca, University of Kentucky, US
3:00Numerical Simulation of Extrusion Additive Manufacturing: Fused Deposition Modeling
A. Verma, V. Sukhotskiy, P. Vishnoi V. Amiri Roodan, and E.P. Furlani, University at Buffalo, US
3:30TechConnect Innovation Leaders Networking Reception - Poster Session II2nd Floor
3:30Materials Characterization & Imaging: Posters2nd Floor
Magnetometry Measurements of Nanomagnetic Materials
B.C. Dodrill, Lake Shore Cryotronics, US
Characterization of Polymer Nanocomposites with Thermal Analysis and Spectrum techniques
M.E. Mena Navarro, R.F. Estrada Guerrero, L.A. Torres González, R. Tinajero, L. Palafox, Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de Mexico, MX
Acid Electrolytes Effect on In-Situ Growth and Morphology of Polymer Nanowires in Microelectrode Devices
M. Mushfiq, M.M. Alam, InnoSense LLC, US
Effects of Ca doping on Grain and Grain Boundary Properties of ZnO-Zn2BiVO6-Co3O4 Ceramics using Dielectric Functions for Surge Arrestor
Y.W. Hong, M.J. Ha, J.H. Paik, J.H. Cho, Y.H. Jeong, J.S. Yun, W.I. Park, Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology, KR
Liquid-Metal-Jet and High-Resolution X-Ray Source Technology for Imaging
J. Hallstedt, A. Adibhatla, B. Hansson, O. Hemberg, G. Johansson, M. Otendal, P. Takman, T. Tuohimaa, Exillum Inc, US
3:30Graphene & 2D Materials: Posters2nd Floor
Multi-Current-Peak Negative Differential Resistance Device using Two-Dimensional Materials
K-H Kim, J-H Park, Sungkyunkwan University, KR
Artificial Optic-Neural Synaptic Device for Colored-Pattern Recognition
S. Seo, J-H Park, Sungkyunkwan University, KR
2D Materials for Microfiber Based Energy Storage Device for Smart Textile of the Future.
A.K. Roy, J.M. Razal, S. Seyedin, A.T. Harris, A.I. Minett, The University of Sydney, AU
Cost-Effective Production of Carbon Nanosheet from a Renewable Feedstock
M K. Opoku, G.W. Beall, Texas State University, US
Few Layer Spherical Graphene Structures as a High Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery Anode
T.M. Paronyan, Hexalayer, LLC, US
3:30Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications: Posters2nd Floor
Dendrigraft Poly-L-lysine (d-PLL) Coated Gold Nanoparticles in Water for siRNA Delivery to Prostate Cancer Cells
K. Rahme, G. Minassian, E. Ghanem, E. Souaid, J. Guo, C.M. O’Driscoll, J.D. Holmes, Notre Dame University-Louaize, LB
The biodegradable polymeric PLA-PEG nanoparticles is an efficient delivery system for a chlamydial M278 mucosal nanovaccine that provides protective systemic and mucosal antibody responses in mice
R. Verma, R. Sahu, S. Dixit, S.R. Singh, V.A. Dennis, Alabama State University, US
Uncoated negatively charged silver nanoparticles: speeding up the electrochemical synthesis and microbiological applications
L. Scotti, University of Chieti, IT
Manufacturing methods of SiOx nanoparticles and active materials for Li-ion battery’s anode
B. Jang, J. Kim, Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER), KR
Hydrophilic antibiotics encapsulated into nanoparticles for improved administration
K. Ristroph, P. Rummaneethorn, R. Prud'homme, Princeton University, US
New approach toward anti-cancer drug development: Curcumin nanoparticles encapsulated by 1-3/1-6 β-glucan from Vietnamese medicinal mushrooms
LM. Huong, Institute of natural products Chemistry, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, VN
3:30Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications: Posters II2nd Floor
Nanoclay-reinforced Nanocellulose Composite Films with Improved Heat resistance, Gas Barrier Performance, and Mechanical properties
J.H. Ryu, Y.G. Jeong, Chungnam national university, KR
Mesoporous Alumina Affinities for Metals as a Function of pH
R. Hepburn, Fujimi Corporation, US
Sound Attenuating Performance of Nanofibre Materials
G. Beckermann, Revolution Fibres, NZ
Effect of nanodispersed organoclay-copper nanoparticles hybrid on the structural and antibacterial properties of electrospun poly (vinyldene fluoride) nanofibers composites
M. Bambo, K. Sikhwivhilu, R. Krause, R. Moutloali, Mintek, ZA
Characterization of Drawn Electrospun Polyacrylonitrile Carbon Nanofiber Precursors
D. Brennan, K. Shirvani, V. Beachley, Rowan University, US
Deployment of Affordable Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coatings to Improve Efficiencies in Transportation
V. Borisov, P. Rudenko, A. Martonick, TriboTEX, US
Adsorption of Crystal Violet Dye from Aqueous Solution on Palm Kernel Shell Activated Carbon - Magnesium Oxide Composites Particles
G.B Adebayo, H.l Adegoke, F.A Adekola, W. Jamiu, O.O Omolade and A. Abiodun, University of Ilorin, NG
Rethinking seismic protection in areas of substandard construction
C. McGlynn, C. Zhu, Rowan University, US
An innovative partnership for the development of nanotechnology in a developing country
E. Posada, D. Mojica, Hatch Indisa, CO
Catalytic Oxidation of Volatile Organic Compounds
O. Padilla, J. Gallego, A. Santamaria, University of Antioquia, CO
The detection of arsenic using gold-based nano particles platted on screen printed carbon electrode interfaces
S. Vilakazi, Mintek, ZA
Bulk Metallic Glass through Shockwave Consolidation of Amorphous Powders
D. Nemir, TXL Group, Inc., US
3:30Energy Storage: Posters2nd Floor
Fabrication and Electrochemical Property of Hybrid Carbon Nanofibers Based on Polyimide Precursor and Manganese Dioxide
N.K. Han, Y.G. Jeong, Chungnam National University, KR
3D V2O5/graphene foam composite for electrochemical supercapacitor applications
N.M. Ndiaye, B.D. Ngom, N. Manyala, University of Pretoria, ZA
Synthesis of ternary NiCo-MnO2 nanocomposite and its application as a novel high energy supercapattery device
K. Oyedotun, University of Pretoria, ZA
Electrochemical analysis of nanoporous carbons derived from conductive polypryrole activation for supercapacitors
D. Momodu, B. Moyo, F. Oyedepo, A. Bello, J. Dangbegnon, N. Manyala, University of Pretoria, ZA
A.C. Conductivity and Electrical Modulus Studies of Li1.3Al0.3Ti1.7(PO4)3 Electrolyte Thin Films Grown by RF Magnetron Sputtering
K.H. Prasad, R. Arumugam, E.S. Srinadhu, N. Satyanarayana, Pondicherry University, IN
Identifying key applications for cost-effective deployment of energy storage systems in the Southeastern United States
B. Taube, P. Leufkens, C. Thompson, A. McQuilling, Southern Research, US
A.C. Conductivity and Electric Modulus Studies of LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2 Cathode Thin Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition Technique
K.H. Prasad, R. Arumugam, E.S. Srinadhu, N. Satyanarayana, Pondicherry University, IN
Real-time simulation and data analytics for grid-scale energy storage applications in the Southeast
B. Taube, R. Johnson, P. Leufkens, C. Thompson, A. McQuilling, Southern Research, US
Development of Li-rich Layered Cathode Nanomaterials for High Energy Li-ion Batteries
C. Tan, Aegis Technology, Inc, US
Elastic Spongy Graphene-Functionalized Silicon Anode for Li Ion Battery with Excellent Cycle Stability
C. Zhang, T.H. Kang, J-S. Yu, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST), KR
Graphene- Silisium-dioxide Nanocomposite Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries.
O. Eksik, R. Yavuz, N. Karatepe, İstanbul Technical University, TR
Electrochemical Characterization of Boron Doped Graphite as Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
H. Bakalcı, O. Eksik, R. Yavuz, N. Karatepe, Istanbul Technical University, TR
Development of an Efficient Compressor for Ocean Compressed Air Energy Storage
V.C. Patil, P. Acharya, P.I. Ro, North Carolina State University, US
Power Electronics Intensive Energy Management Solutions for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Energy Storage Systems
Z. Amjadi, University of South Alabama, US
Mass-loading effect of graphene foam (GF) on the electrochemical performance of nickel phosphate as an electrode for supercapacitor application
A.A. Mirghni, M.J. Madito, K.O. Oyedotun, T.M. Masikhwa, N.M. Ndiaye, N. Manyala, University of Pretoria, ZA
3:30Materials for Oil & Gas: Posters2nd Floor
Laser Carbon Interactions
R. Vander Wal, J. Abrahamson, Penn State University, US
Resolving the Nanoscale Chemical Composition of Source Rock using Hyperspectral Photo-Induced Force Microscopy
D. Nowak, K. Park, D. Jacobi, S.L. Eichmann, N. Burnham, Molecular Vista Inc, US
Transient Foaming Behavior of CO2-soluble, Viscoelastic Surfactant in Microfluidic Model, Sand Pack and Limestone Core
G. Ramadhan, Q. P. Nguyen, The University of Texas at Austin, US
Direct conversion of natural gas to a green alternative fuel to diesel for power generation
O. Marin-Flores, S. Ha, M.G. Norton, Washington State University, US
A New Device for On-Line Corrosion Under Insulation Inspection & Imaging
A. Balamesh, F.A. Abolaban, S. Abdul-Majid, King Abdulaziz University, SA
3:30Water Technologies: Posters2nd Floor
Bromate free disinfection by high voltage pulse
I-S Chang, Hoseo University, KR
Sustainable Water Softeners for Residential, Industrial, and Agricultural Applications
T. Vo, F. Freund, B. Stone, AkwaMag, PBC, US
Treatment of Cu (II) and Pb (II) ions-based effluent using Manganese oxide and Zeolite and their composite
H.I. Adegoke, F.A. Adekola, J.O. Balogun, University of Ilorin, NG
Preparation and physical characterization of Iron oxide nanoparticles and its application for Cr (VI) removal
T.M. Tamer, W.M. Abou-Taleb, G.D. Roston, M.S. Mohyeldin, A.M. Omer, E.F. Shehata, Alexandria University, EG
Integration of microfluidic chip with Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) assay for rapid quantification of Enterococcus Faecalis
M. Han, G. Kamalakshakurup, A.P. Lee, S. Jiang, University of California, Irvine, US
Development of a new solar desalination technology to facilitate early-stage growth of developing nations: Direct desalination of salt water using a sunlight-driven ion pump
W. White, C.D. Sanborn, E. Schwartz, L.A. Renna, S. Ardo, University of California Irvine, US
Modifications to permeable pavement structure to achieve improved heavy metal attenuation in stormwater runoff
U. Kuruppu, A. Rahman, A. Sathasivan, Western Sydney University, AU
Reactive Fe0 Composite for Groundwater Remediation
S.L. Foster, M. Abolhassani, A. Carpenter, C. Gause, L. F. Greenlee, CatalyzeH2O, LLC, US
3:30Advanced Manufacturing Innovation: Posters2nd Floor
Magnetic negative stiffness damper for vibration suppression
S. Zhu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
Apparent Tissue Modulus for Micro/Nano Pillar Arrays
A.A. Rajhi, J.P. Coulter, S.S. Jedlicka, Lehigh univeristy, US
Automated Manual Pull Post-drawing System for Continuous Nanofiber Formation
D. Jao, V. Beachley, Rowan University, US
Scoping Advanced Manufacturing: Implications for Occupational Safety and Health
C.A. Pomeroy-Carter, C.L. Geraci, S.S. Tinkle, IDA, US
Improvement in Processing Parameters of 2nd Generation PEEK-like Composites for Advanced Application
S.M. Deese, Naval Research Laboratory, US
Measuring Surface Energies of GaAs (100) and Si (100) by Three Liquid Contact Angle Analysis (3LCAA) for Heterogenous Nano-bonding
T.C. Diaz, C.E. Cornejo, M.E. Bertram, N. Herbots, A. Dhamdhere, W.L. Lee, B. Baker, R. Islam, Cactus Materials, Inc., US
3:30Environmental, Health & Safety of Nanomaterials: Posters2nd Floor
Cataphotolysis of Propanil in water using nanotechnology
Z. Yu, V. Wu, Z. Li, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, US
Effects of III-V Semiconductor Nanowires on Human Lung Cancer Cells
L. Abariute, C.N. Prinz, Lund University, SE
Removal Effect of Organic Impurity in Wastewater by using Chitosan Nanoparticles and Lactobacillus sp.
H.S. Yoon, I-J Kang, Gachon University, KR
Understanding behavior and dissolution kinetics of ingested ENMs in simulated digestive fluids
I.S. Sohal, Y. Cho, K. Conca, K. Kensil, K. O’Fallon, D. Bello, University of Massachusetts-Lowell, US
3:30Nanoelectronics: Posters2nd Floor
Discovering of Collagen-1’s Role in Producing Superconducting Current in Nanobiomimetic Superlattice Structured Organometallic Devices at Room Temperature Enabled Direct Quantitation of Sub pg/mL Collagen-1 by a Voltage and a Cyclic Voltammetry Method
E.T. Chen, J.T. Thornton, P.T. Kissinger, S-H. Duh, Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc., US
Development of “paper transistors” with new structure using carbon-nanotube-composite papers for aiming to construct logic circuits
R. Iijima, T. Oya, Yokohama National University, JP
Development of “fullerene composite paper” for aiming to fabricate electronic paper devices
T. Onishi, T. Oya, Yokohama National University, JP
The Multifunctional 3D Interposer Platform for HPC - Development, Measurements, Design Guidelines
G. Janczyk, T. Bieniek, Instytut Technologii Elektronowej, PL
European Activity for Smart Power Electronics and Power Discretes - The R3-PowerUP EU Project
T. Bieniek, G. Janczyk, Instytut Technologii Elektronowej, PL
3:30Biomaterials: Posters2nd Floor
Microwave-assisted synthesis of bioabsorbable nanoparticles to be used as reinforcement of PLGA in biomedical applications
G.J. Colmenares, M.E. Ramírez, I.C. Ortiz, L.M. Hoyos, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, CO
Electrospinning of collagen with nanocapsules of PLGA for delivery of paclitaxel in drug-eluting stents
L.M. Agudelo, J.A.C. Cornelio, L.F. Rodriguez, I.C. Ortiz, L.M. Hoyos, G.J. Colmenares, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, CO
Engineered nanofibers induces angiogenesis
S.Y. Yoo, Bio-IT Foundry Technology Institute, KR
A novel approach to prevent and treat cancer
Y. Karpe, Rowan University, US
Development of Coating Technology for Force-Feedback Application of Minimally Invasive Surgery
W-C Kuo, W. Wu, T. Chien, H. Hu, Y. Chong, National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, TW
Novel Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable 3D Printed Implants as a Drug Delivery System
S.I. Ranganathan, T.W.B. Kim, Rowan University, US
Polymerized Prodrugs of Bioenergy Molecules as Multifunctional Pharmaceutical Adjuvants in Drug Delivery and Cell-Survival Therapeutics
H. Cho, H. C. Kang, The Catholic University of Korea, KR
Novel Self-Patented Gold Nanoparticles for Antimicrobial Applications
J. Payne, R. Dakshinamurthy, Austin Peay State University, US
Hydrogel Films with CNT for biosensing applications
V. Paloma, C. Jorge, E. Rodolfo, Iberoamericana University, MX
Computation-assisted nanopore detection of uranyl ions
G.M Roozbahani, X. Chen, Y. Zhang, X. Guan, Illinois Institute of Technology, US
Nanoengineered Surface Modified Corneal Implants for
M. Ahumada, Z. Khatoon, E. Suuronen, I. Brunnete, M. Griffith, E.I. Alarcon, University of Ottawa Heart Institute & University of Ottawa, CA
Bioextraction technologies for bioplastic and biomass hydrolysates production
M.H.A. Ibrahim, E. Hall, Bioextrax AB, SE
The Effect of Density and Tether Length on the Cytotoxic and Antimcirobial Mechanisms of Surface-Tethered Peptide, Chrysophsin-1
L.D. Lozeau, T.E. Alexander, Z. Lipsky, T.A. Camesano, AMProtection LLC, US
Reflectin as a Material for Neural Stem Cell Growth
R. Kautz, L. Phan, J. Arulmoli, M.M. Pathak, L.A. Flanagan, F. Tombola, A.A. Gorodetsky, University of California, Irvine, US
3:30Drug & Gene Delivery: Posters2nd Floor
Modeling of polypeptide- and polymer-conjugated nanoparticles for drug delivery application
H.K. Lee, Dankook University, KR
Improved anti-tumor activity of a novel APE/Ref-1 inhibitor using a cyclic peptide as nano drug delivery system for melanoma therapy
R. Alhazmi, S. Darwish, S. Fong, K. Parang, S. Yang, Chapman University School of Pharmacy, US
Exacerbation of amyloid beta peptide and Tau protein in the cerebrospinal fluid following Traumatic Brain Injury at Hot Environment. Neuroproetction by TiO2 nanowired delivery of cerebrolysin with tau antibodies
H.S. Sharma, J.V. Lafuente, D.F. Muresanua, R.J. Castellani, M.A. Smith, A. Nozari, R. Patnaik, Z.R. Tian, A. Ozkizilcik, H. Mössler, A. Sharma, Uppsala University, Uppsala, SE
Co-administration of TiO2 nanowired cerebrolysin and alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone has superior neuroprotective effects on brain pathology following concussive head injury after sleep deprivation
A. Sharma, J.V. Lafuente, D.F. Muresanua, A. Nozari, R. Patnaik, Z.R. Tian, A. Ozkizilcik, H. Mössler, H.S. Sharma, Uppsala University, Uppsala, SE
Intraspinal administration of TiO2 nanowired cerebrolysin with mesenchymal stem cells has superior neuroprotective effects on cord pathology and functional outcome following a focal spinal cord trauma
L. Feng, A. Sharma, F. Niu, H. Huang, J.V. Lafuenta, D.F. Muresanu, A. Ozkizilcik, Z.R. Tian, H.S. Sharma, Bethune International Peace Hospital, CN
TiO2 nanowired delivery of cerebrolysin induces superior neuroprotection following exacerbation of blast brain injury pathophysiology in diabetes
D.F. Muresanu, A. Sharma, J.V. Lafuente, A. Nozari, R. Patnaik, A. Nozari, A. Ozkizilcik, Z.R. Tian, H. Mössler, H.S. Sharma, University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Iuliu Hatieganu", Cluj-Napoca, Romania, RO
Nanodelivery of Chinese traditional medicine extract of Gingko Biloba (EGb-761) induces superior neuroprotection following traumatic brain injury in heat stroke
A. Sharma, D.F. Muresanu, J.V. Lafuente, Z-Q Zhang, C. Li, R. Patnaik, Z.R. Tian, A. Ozikzilcik, H.S. Sharma, Uppsala University, Uppsala, SE
Impact of Docetaxel conjugated Nanodiamonds on Gene expression of Prostate Cancer (PC3) Cells
J.D. Cedeño Ortiz, S. Joshi, S.R. Singh, K. Vig, Alabama State University, US
CD44-Targeted Peptide-Colchicine Conjugates for Acute Gout Attacks
K.A. Zoghebi, K.A. Elsaid, K. Parang, Chapman University, US
Targeted Drug Delivery with Ultrasound: A Step Toward the Magic Bullet for Inaccessible Cancers
M. Marquez, L. Frolova, M. Tartis, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, US
Biologics Delivery by inverse Flash NanoPrecipitation: Scalable Routes to Highly Loaded Particles
C. Markwalter, R. Pagels, R. Prud'homme, Princeton University, US
Nanoparticle Formulations For Enhanced Bioavailability and Stability
Y. Zhang, K. Ristroph, J. Feng, S. McManus, R.K. Prud'homme, Princeton University, US
3:30Sensors: Posters2nd Floor
CMOS compatible gas sensor for selective detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
J. Hayon, Tel Aviv University, IL
Micro-Sized Power Controllers for Space
K. Frohling, Iris Technology, US
Mobile data collection system for next generation transportation systems management and operations
P. Bhavsar, N. Bouaynaya, Rowan University, US
Label-free Quantitative Sensing in Single Living Cell with Nano-cavity Antenna assisted Plasmonic Nanowire Endoscope
S. Kim, Y. Zhu, L. Apontti, R. Yan, University of California, Riverside, US
Reusable Biosensor for Detecting Diabetes by Microwave LC Resonator on Integrated Passive Design (IPD) Process
E.S. Kim, Z. Chuluunbaatar, C. Wang, Z. Yao, K.K. Adhikari, N.Y. Kim, Kwangwoon University, KR
High-Sensitivity and Low-Hysteresis Inter-digital Type Capacitive Humidity Sensor on Glass Substrate by Aerosol Deposited BaTiO3
E.S. Kim, Z.J. Wang, C. Wang, Z. Yao, J.G. Liang, N.Y. Kim, Kwangwoon University, KR
A Microfluidic Aspirator based Platform for Flow and Viscosity Sensing for Automated Tissue Culture Applications
J. Mcfall, T. Huang, D. Purcell, K. Haffey, S. Ghosh, A. Azad, P. Nath, Los Alamos National Lab, US
3:30MEMS & NEMS: Posters2nd Floor
An Effective Mobility Model for Tunneling Double-Gate MOSFET ( T-FinFET)
X. He, J. Pan, J. Liu, C. Li, G. Hu, G. Ma, J. He, M. Chan, SoC Key Laboratory, Peking University Shenzhen Institute and PKU-HKUST Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institution, CN
Hot Carrier Effect and Oxide Reliability of T-FinFET Devices
X. He, G. Hu, C. Li, Y. He, J. Liu, G. Ma, J. He, J. Pan, SoC Key Laboratory, Peking University Shenzhen Institute and PKU-HKUST Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institution, CN
3:303D Printing: Posters2nd Floor
Tolerances Consideration in 3D Printing
J. Williams, A. Wade, Frostburg State University, US
Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed PLA Specimens with Various Infill Shapes and Volumes
B. Subeshan, M.M. Rahman, E. Asmatulu, K. Arifa, Wichita State University, US
Development and property modification of composite metal for Material extrusion printed circuit
H.W. Dang, B.J. Koo, C.W. Lee, Y.S. Yang, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, KR
RF passive structures via low temperature direct ink writing of annealing-free composite alloy
B. Koo, H.W. Dang, Y.S. Yang, ETRI, KR
Development of high temperature low cost composite tooling molds via 3D printing
P. Cortes, M. Maravola, Youngstown State University, US
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