TechConnect World 2018

Printed & Flexible Electronics

Printed and Flexible Electronics

Symposium Co-Chairs

Mandakini KanungoMandakini Kanungo
Research and Technology
Corning, Inc.

Yiliang WuYiliang Wu
Principal Scientist
TE Connectivity

Key Speakers

Woo Soo Kim3D printed flexible sensor systems
Woo Soo Kim
Associate Professor, School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering, Simon Fraser University

Jun YangA Digital Additive Manufacturing Approach to Make Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
Jun Yang
Professor, Director of WIN 4.0, The University of Western Ontario, Canada

Ahmed BusnainaScalable printing of nanoelectronics and wireless sensors
Ahmed Busnaina
Director, Center for High-rate Nano manufacturing, Northeastern University

Yiliang WuDevelopment of silver nanoparticle inks for printed electronics
Yiliang Wu

Principal Scientist
TE Connectivity

Kirby (Ken-Hsuan) LiaoKirby (Ken-Hsuan) Liao
Technical Manager
DuPont Silicon Valley Technology Center


Symposium Sessions

Monday May 14

10:30Printed & Flexible Electronics
1:30Flexible Electronics

Tuesday May 15

10:30Printed Electronics
4:00Printed Electronics: Posters

Symposium Program

Monday May 14

10:30Printed & Flexible Electronics251 B
Session chair: Mandakini Kanungo, Corning, Inc., US; Yiliang Wu, TE Connectivity, US
10:30A Digital Additive Manufacturing Approach to Make Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) (invited presentation)
J. Yang, The University of Western Ontario, CA
10:55Printed Electronics in Consumer Electronics (invited presentation)
K. Liao, DuPont Silicon Valley Technology Center, US
11:20XTPL Approach to Print Submicron Conductive Lines on Dielectric Substrates
P. Kowalczewski, A. Wiatrowska, M. Dusza, M. Zięba, P. Cichoń, K. Fijak, F. Granek, XTPL SA, PL
11:40Low transmission loss flexible substrates using low Dk/Df polyimide adhesives
T. Tasaki, Arakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd., JP
12:00Electrical characteristics of individual FeNiCo-Au core-shell nanowires integrated into microelectrodes on plastic substrate
M. Beheshti, X. Geng, J. Choi, E. Podlaha-Murphy, S. Park, Louisiana State University, US
1:30Flexible Electronics251 B
Session chair: Yiliang Wu, TE Connectivity, US; Mandakini Kanungo, Corning, Inc., US
1:30Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing: Enabling Electronics Out of the Box (invited presentation)
P. Semenza, NextFlex, US
1:553D printed flexible sensor systems (invited presentation)
W.S. Kim, Simon Fraser University, CA
2:20Flexible Mid-IR photonic chip for real-time and label-free chemical sensing
P.T. Lin, Texas A&M University, US
2:40A Stretching/Bending-Insensitive Flexible Pressure Sensor with Carbon Nanotube-PDMS
R. Zhang, Stevens Institute of Technology, US
3:00Textile-enable Flexible and Foldable Lithium-ion Batteries
Z. Zheng, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK

Tuesday May 15

10:30Printed Electronics251 B
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc., US
10:30Electroninks: A Materials Centric Approach To Printed Electronics (invited presentation)
M. LeMieux, Electroninks Inc., US
10:55Development of silver nanoparticle inks for printed electronics (invited presentation)
Y. Wu, TE Connectivity, US
11:203D/4D-printed Smart Wireless Packages, Energy Harvesters, Sensors and Modules up to mmW for IoT, Smart Skins and Smart Cities Applications (invited presentation)
E.M. Tentzeris, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
11:45Printing of Nano and Microscale Electronics and Sensors on Flexible and Rigid Substrates (invited presentation)
A. Busnaina, Northeastern University, US
12:103D Micro-Extruded, Non-toxic Conductive Inks for Interconnection in Power Electronics Modules
H.M. Cronin, M. Arnold, K. Mak, Z. Stoeva, DZP Technologies Ltd., UK
4:00Printed Electronics: PostersExpo Hall
Design and fabrication of a highly bright flexible electroluminescent device
B. Choi, H.K. Ryu, and S.K. Lee, DGIST, KR
Enzyme-modified surface of Schottky-gated IGZO TFT for glucose sensing
J. Kaczmarski, M.A. Borysiewicz, A. Treichel, E. Kamińska, Institute of Electron Technology, PL
A Low-Cost Environmentally Friendly Approach to Create Tensilely Strained Ge Films on Si Substrates
Y.S. Li, J. Ngyuen, California State University, US
Ultra-Low Power (ULP) Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO)
A. Dhuria, Bliley Technologies, US
Nanopatterned Stamp Fabrication for Metal-Assisted Chemical Imprinting of Silicon
A. Sharstniou, S. Niauzorau, M. Gregory, B. Azeredo, ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY, US
Adaptive infrared-reflecting systems inspired by cephalopods
C. Xu, G.T. Stiubianu, A.A. Gorodetsky, University of California, Irvine, US

Printed and flexible electronics technologies will have a far reaching impact in a number of areas including flat-panel displays, OLEDs, sensors, batteries and distributed macroelectronic systems and architectures. Printed smart devices incorporating organic and printed circuits, sensors and energy sources will enable new approaches in logistics and consumer packaging. New flexible displays with exceptionally low energy consumption will be used anywhere and anytime.

The synergy between materials, device and manufacturing technologies will be the primary driver in pushing printed and flexible large-area electronics and optoelectronics into large-scale applications and will revolutionize the manufacturing process for electronic devices.

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