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TechConnect  Innovation Awards 2018

TechConnect is proud to announce the annual TechConnect Innovation Awards. The TechConnect Innovation Awards identify the top 15% of submitted technologies as ranked by the TechConnect Corporate & Investment Partner Committee. Innovation rankings are based on the potential positive impact the submitted technology will have on a specific industry sector. Innovations are submitted from global academic technology transfer offices, early-stage companies, small business innovative research (SBIR) awardees, and government and corporate research laboratories.

TechConnect 2018 Innovation Awardees

Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc.Nanobiomimetic Reagent-free sensing and energy storage
Almeria AnalyticsAugmented Reality System for Power Restoration Crews
AMProtection, LLCSurface-Tethered Antimicrobial Peptides
Argonne National LaboratoryPortable Ultrananocrystalline Diamond based Field Emission Electron Sources for Linear Accelerators
Bliley TechnologiesQuartz Microelectromechanical Systems (Q-MEMS) Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO)
BotFactoryBotFactory SV2 PCB Printer
Cactus Materials, Inc.A wearable IoT multi-sensors bio-processor platform based on a novel electrode and predictive data management systems
CondAlign ASElectric field structured anisotropic polymer films - technology, applications and markets
DiatomixA photo-catalytic air purifying technology
Ecellix Inc.Increased Capacity Retention of Silicon Anodes for Lithium Batteries
Ecovia Renewables Inc.Ecovia™ Biopolymers for Personal Care Products & Formulations
Fermi National Accelerator LaboratoryLongitudinally Joined Cavity
Fermi National Accelerator LaboratoryScalable, Low-Cost Electrospinning of Metal and Ceramic Nanofibers
Flora CoatingsEnvironmental Friendly Smart Coating with Endless Applications
Georgia Tech3D Printed Meta-material Tissue-Mimicking Phantoms
Georgia TechImproved Natural Sorbents for Toxic Substance Remediation
Georgia TechStretchable Electronic Materials and Devices
H Quest Vanguard, IncSubstrate-free graphene platelets directly from natural gas
Hexalayer, LLCAdvanced anode for rechargeable batteries
IBM ResearchLab Testing of Enhanced Oil Recovery Materials at Pore Scale
Incendium Technologies LLCUltra-high Performance Thermal Interface Materials for Electronic Cooling
INFINGENTNano-engineered silica: A non-halogenated flame retardant additive
Inhibit CoatingsNovel Antimicrobial Coatings
Iowa State University Research FoundationAutonomously self-healing and self-strengthening polymer-metal composites
Iowa State University Research FoundationRapid enrichment of Viable Bacteria Using Magnetic Ionic Liquids for PCR Amplification and Culture-Based Diagnostics
Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER)Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis using KIER SponCat Technology for Flexible Production of Liquid Fuels and Chemicals from Syngas
Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER)Photochromic Device a.k.a. The Chameleon Glass(tentative name), Color Changing Window
Military WrapsNanoVinyl Camouflage System
Molecule Works Inc.ThinMet membranes for energy efficiency and environmental emission control
Monash UniversitySmart surface coatings material and process
MultiMechanicsTRUE Multiscale Technology for Modeling and Simulation of Advanced Materials
Nama Development LLCIsomax
Naval Research LaboratorySelf-Decontaminating Filter Medium or Materials
Novarials CorporationUltrahigh safety battery separator
Ohio University - Center for Electrochemical Engineering ResearchUrea Electrolysis as a Medical Devices Platform
Oregon State UniversityContact Lens with Transparent Biosensor Array
Oregon State UniversityGenetic incorporation of tetrazine amino acids and use in bioorthogonal ligations
REhnu Inc.Beyond Silicon Panels: Reducing the Cost of PV Generation at Utility Scale
Rowan University3D Printing Embedded Nanofibers with an Automated On-the-fly Manual Pull Post-drawing System
Rowan UniversityAutomated-Track Electrospinning
Royal Melbourne Institute of TechnologyA transparent, stretchable, wearable sensor
Royal Melbourne Institute of TechnologyNebulisation Platform Technology
Sandia National LaboratoriesMicrogrid Design Toolkit (MDT)
SE3D, INCBioprinting technology, training and design solutions provider
Sirab TechnologiesLane Keeping and Platooning for automated road transportation
Somatic LabsThe Zorb Platform: Enabling tactile communication
Stanford Office of Technology LicensingBioprinting of Hybrid Tissue Engineering Constructs
Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing3D Printed Optics with Nanometer Scale Surface Roughness
Sungkyunkwan University Research & Business FoundationLow Cost - High Corrosion Resistance Aluminum Heat Exchanger Implemented by Nano Particle Dispersion Control
Sungkyunkwan University Research & Business FoundationSelectively reduced titanium dioxide(Blue TiO2) photocatalyst having visible light sensitivity.
Texas Tech UniversityA Multipurpose Microfluidic Device for Recording Lifespan and Conducting Aging Investigations in Nematodes
Texas Tech UniversityMicrodevice for Cell Separation Based on Activation Phenotype
Texas Tech UniversityUltrahigh-rate supercapacitors with large capacitance based on edge oriented graphene coated carbonized cellulous paper as flexible freestanding electrodes
The Australian National UniversityA highly efficient, titanium dioxide based, visible light photocatalyst
The Australian National UniversityBio-inspired catalyst for electrolytic hydrogen production
The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityComposite multilayers capacitors with colossal permittivity for electronics and energy storage applications
The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityDevelop a low cost flame retardant treatment for cotton with co-catalyst system
The University of AdelaideMethods and products for reducing adhesions post surgery
The University of Hong KongOmniphobic porous membrane and methods for preparing the same
The University of Hong KongSuper Steel - A method for the fabrication of a super-strong and ductile multi-phase steel
The University of MelbourneA method to Initiate Radical Polymerisations Without Exogenous Initiators
UCLA Technology Development GroupNovel Polymers for Polymer Solar Cells, Transistors, and Sensors
UCLA Technology Development GroupPolyProtek: Platform for Delivering and Stabilizing Therapeutic Biologics, Vaccines, and Industrial Enzymes
UnivalorGreen chemicals derived from sugars for the production of bioplastics
UnivalorNatural based coating for food packaging
UnivalorRoom temperature 3D printing metallic material
University of AdelaideNovel formulation for treatment of bacterial biofilms
University of AdelaidePhoto-Catalytic Conversion of CO2 to Hydrocarbon
University of California, Riverside - Office of Technology PartnershipsGraphene-enhanced Thermal Interface Materials for Electronic Heat Removal
University of California, Riverside - Office of Technology PartnershipsSteam Hydrogasification Reaction for Renewable Natural Gas Production
University of California, Santa Barbara(SMaLL): A Process for Rapid, Continuous 3D Printing and Long-Range Selective Curing
University of California, Santa BarbaraAccurate & Enhanced 3D Imaging Through Walls Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
University of Central Florida Office of Research & CommercializationMagnesium-Based Metal Composite
University of MichiganPortable instant test kit for detection of lead paint
University of MinnesotaTransparent Conducting Oxide Film – Indium Tin Oxide Alternative
University of Minnesota – Office for Technology CommercializationParticulate Absorbent Used to Lower Energy and Capital Requirements in Ammonia Production
University of Minnesota – Office for Technology CommercializationVersatile Biocatalyst Technology for Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food Ingredient Synthesis
Uppsala UniversityCo-administration of nanowired cerebrolysin with antibodies to nNOS and mesenchymal stem cells attenuated pathophysiology of spinal cord injury and behavioral dysfunction
VAST Power Systems, Inc.VAST Cycle Turbines and Combined Heat and Power systems
Washington State UniversityAn innovative 3D tissue matrix scaffold system for tumor modeling
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