TechConnect World 2018

Personal & Home Care, Cosmetics, Foods & Agriculture

Join industry partners and applied research leadership accelerating the development and deployment of new material solutions into products and society.

Featured Speakers:

Krassimir VelikovJohan Pluyter
S. C. Johnson, US

Krassimir VelikovKrassimir Velikov
Unilever, Netherlands

Prithwiraj MaitraPrithwiraj Maitra
Johnson and Johnson, US

Anil PatriAnil Patri
Director, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Joel Wallecan Joel Wallecan
Physical Science Leader
Cargill, Belgium

Jo Anne ShatkinJo Anne Shatkin
Vireo Advisors, US

David SkuseDavid Skuse
FiberLean Technologies ltd, US
World L-S NiehWorld L-S Nieh
U.S. Forest Service

Peter Koenig Peter Koenig
Procter & Gamble, US

Ravi PillaiRavi Pillai
Symrise AG

Yanyun ZhaoYanyun Zhao
Oregon State University, US
Dalia YablonDalia Yablon
SurfaceChar LLC

2018 Speakers Include:

  • Anil Patri, Director, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Dalia Yablon, SurfaceChar LLC, US
  • Elke Scholten, WUR, Netherlands
  • Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
  • Jo Anne Shatkin, Vireo Advisors, US
  • Joel Wallecan , Cargill
  • Johan Pluyter, S. C. Johnson, US
  • Krassimir Velikov, Unilever, Netherlands
  • Peter Koenig, Procter & Gamble, US
  • Prithwiraj Maitra, Johnson and Johnson, US
  • Ravi Pillai, Symrise AG
  • Robert K. Prud'homme, Princeton University, US
  • Yanyun Zhao, Oregon State University

Sponsors & Partners
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