Jason Dunn


Made in Space

Jason comes from a new breed of space explorers. He represents the next generation; the “Orphans of Atlantis” who through their youth realized that the space industry was changing right before their eyes, and that they have the power to build the future they want. Jason’s life goal is to help settle the space frontier. He adamantly holds the belief that Humanity cannot remain a one planet species for ever and strongly believes that by learning how to colonize space we will simultaneously solve many more of Humanity’s “Grand Challenges” here on Earth.

By training, Jason is a Rocket Scientist, but is really an entrepreneur at heart. In 2008 he founded Earthrise-Space, Inc. which spun off the Omega Envoy Project, the first and only student formed and led team competing in the Google Lunar X PRIZE. Two years later, after spending the summer of 2010 attending Singularity University studying how accelerating technological advancements will open new doors for the space industry, Jason founded Made in Space, Inc., a company which leverages 3D Printing technologies to enable in-space manufacturing. Today Jason resides in Mountain View, CA where he works as the Payload Projects Manager for Moon Express, Inc. as well as the Chief Technology Officer for Made in Space.