Christie Bell

Certified Licensing Professional(CLP)

Montana Department of Commerce

Christie Bell is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) providing expert guidance on high-technology development, transfer and commercialization, intellectual property protection and licensing, market intelligence research and strategic partnering with industry leaders. In her private consultation practice and for the Montana Department of Commerce, Christie specializes in assisting small businesses in winning SBIR grants and contracts from all federal SBIR funding agencies by offering technical assistance, proposal guidance, and review. Christie is uniquely qualified to support companies in leveraging their SBIR funding by identifying supplemental revenue streams, sharing competent grant management strategies, and recognizing critical next steps in achieving effective market entry and commercial success.  Christie’s highly customized one-on-one approach draws on her invaluable experience managing and consulting for the Montana Technology Innovation Partnership (MTIP) and Federal and State Partnership (FAST) grant programs, her strong business administration and project management background and comprehensive knowledge of the SBIR program, especially for the Department of Defense and the National Institutes of Health. Christie assists each unique client in navigating the complex process of transitioning break-through technology out of the lab and on to the national or global commercial stage.