From cellulose microfibrils networks to hybrid biopolymers systems

K. Velikov
Unilever R&D Vlaardingen B.V.,

Keywords: cellulose, hybrid biopolymers


Cellulose microfibrils show great potential as a natural rheology modifier for texture and stability control in food products. The goal of this study is to understand how the structure and properties of cellulose microfibril (CMF) dispersions can be affected by the presence of other biopolymers - as would be found in food materials. Using a model system of bacterial CMFs, we study the behaviour of CMF – biopolymer mixtures in liquid and semisolid states. At different ratios of CMF and biopolymer, the composites are studies by rheology and microscopy techniques. Marked difference in the viscoelastic properties can be observed with the increase of CMF and biopolymer concentrations. At the micro and nanoscale, the presence of biopolymers can affect the distribution of CMF and their aggregation state.