Manufacturing methods of SiOx nanoparticles and active materials for Li-ion battery’s anode

B. Jang, J. Kim
Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER),

Keywords: evaporation and condensation, SiOx nanoparticles, Li-ion battery


New production technologies of anode materials for Li-ion battery; Cheap and highly-efficient process, Core materials for improving electrical vehicle’s performances such as lifetime and long driving distance even with lower price. New cost-effective manufacturing processes for SiOx nanoparticles and high performance-active material as a Li-ion battery’s anode; SiOx nanoparticles can be produced in normal pressure (1 atm) from cheap metal Si chunk in simple induction furnace. Key technologies lay on specially designed crucible in terms of thermodynamics as well as electromagnetic field theory. (Cheaper/Higher Performance) This technology can decrease production cost lower than half of the conventional ones without any degradation of the material’s performances. (Market Demanding) The SiOx-based anode material enable to improve the electrical vehicle’s performance such as longer driving distance with one charge as well as lower battery prices. (Technology Transferred) This technology was transferred to korean promising start-up, and proceed to commercialize the technology and product. Possible to transfer the technology to North America. Possible to produce/supply the LiB SiOx nanoparticle to North America. (Biz Opportunities) This Technology was transferred to a korean start-up, titled “Terra Technos”. Terra Technos will start the SiOx nanoparticle mass production within a year, and will supply to North America. (Target company for Tech Transfer) Any material producing companies that pursues new market opportunities on LiB material production.