Nanoporous thin film fabrication via magnetron sputtering and O2 plasma ashing process

S.H. Han, S.W. Jang, S. Hwang, S.H. Hwang
Korea Institute of Science and Technology,

Keywords: nanoporous thin film, catalyst, magnetron sputtering, oxygen plasma ashing


We report a new method of fabricating nanoporous catalytic thin films. In the first step, metal–carbon thin films were prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering, using various metallic targets (Au, Ag, Pt, Cu, Ni, Ti) as the metal sources and CH4 gas as the carbon source. The metal–carbon films were then oxidized by an oxygen plasma with a gas mixture of Ar and O2, and nanoporous metallic (Au, Ag, Pt) or metal–oxide (Cu, Ni, Ti) films were obtained by removing the carbon atoms from the metal–carbon thin films. Depending on the film composition, the calculated porosity varied from 50% to 90%.