SiOx nanoparticles for high capacity Li-ion battery's anode

B. Jang
Korea institute of energy research,

Keywords: SiOx, nanoparticles, Li-ion, battery


SiOx nanoparticles were synthesized by evaporation and condensation process. Induction melting of metal grade-Silicon(Si) and injection of Oxygen(O) gas on the Si melt in specially designed graphite crucible were key to obtain high quaility-SiOx nanoparticles. Full system including quenching SiOx vapor and collection of SiOx nanoparticles will be discribed. And, effects of process conditions on the microstructure of SiOx nanoparticle will be given. Finally, the evaluation of SiOx nanoparticles will be presented to get the optimum anode properties for Li-ion battery (LIB).