Electrocatalytic CO2 Conversion for Seasonal Energy Storage

D.M. Weekes, C.P. Berlinguette
The University of British Columbia,

Keywords: solar fuels, carbon utilization, energy storage, electrolysis, catalysis, CO2 reduction


The grid-scale deployment of clean electricity requires highly efficient energy conversion and storage technologies. The electrocatalytic conversion of waste CO2 represents a compelling energy storage pathway because the carbon-based products can be deployed in major fuel and chemical markets. However, significant technological advances are required in order that an industrial-scale CO2 electrolyzer system may be realized. Our research program is taking a multidisciplinary approach to this challenge by targeting a number key objectives that seek to enhance the economic viability of a CO2 electrolysis system. Furthermore, we are implementing our systems in in-house designed flow cell architectures that are capable of reaching the high current densities and durabilities that are required by industry. This presentation will provide a perspective on the challenges faced to bring a CO2 electrolyzer to market.