Commercial-ready large scale manufacturing of light-weight aluminum matrix nanocomposite

Y. Zhang
Gamma Alloys LLC,
United States

Keywords: aluminum matrix nanocomposite, high temperature advanced materials


Light-weight aluminum matrix nanocomposite (AMnC) exhibits superior strength and stiffness compared to its alloyed counterpart, especially at elevated temperatures, which makes this material an ideal candidate for high temperature applications in automobile, aerospace and energy industries. However, the use of AMnC is limited due to its prohibitively high cost in scale-up production. In 2008, a path to commercialize AMnC was laid out by Gamma Alloys LLC. A unique powder metallurgy approach was used to synthesize alumina nanoparticle reinforced AMnC in a cost-effective way. A uniform distribution of spherical alumina nanoparticles was achieved in the matrix using a patented aluminum powder decoration technique. This technique is compatible with all aluminum alloy systems and thus customizable based on customer’s needs. Today, Gamma Alloys’ materials have found numerous applications from structural parts of automotive engines, to military helicopter transmissions and cleats for athletic running shoes.