Palladium Graphene Nanocatalysts Synthesized via Electrostatic Adsorption-Microwave Irradiation for Enhanced Cross-Coupling Activity

S.E. Gilliland III, G.S. Seuser, Y. Yang, J.R. Regalbuto, D.A. Chen, B.F. Gupton
Virginia Commonwealth University,
United States

Keywords: graphene, catalyst, palladium, cross-coupling, microwave irradiation, Suzuki, electorstatic adsorption, nanoparticle, heterogeneous catalysis


Graphene based catalyst support materials have been heavily researched for their great potential in improving catalytic activity. Cost and production limitations have impeded the commercialization of graphene based materials even though they have been demonstrated to enhance the catalytic performance with respect to Suzuki reactions. Graphene nanoplatelet supports are significantly more cost-effective (<1/g) and are available in commercially relevant quantities.