Magnetic negative stiffness damper for vibration suppression

S. Zhu
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
Hong Kong

Keywords: negative stiffness, vibration suppression, vibration isolation, magnetic


Magnetic negative stiffness damper (MNSD) is a novel type of passive vibration suppression devices based on magnetism (electromagnetism) principle. Although operates in a passive mode with no need for power, sensing and feedback units, MNSD can achieve vibration suppression/isolation performance comparable to those of active controllers by imitating the force-displacement relationships produced by active controllers. The proposed MNSD has a compact and simple design, symmetrical negative stiffness behavior integrated with eddy-current damping, and conveniently adjustable mechanical properties. The superior performance of MNSD for vibration mitigation was successfully illustrated in bridge stay cables, high-speed train suspensions, vehicle suspensions, vibration isolation examples, etc. Its passive operation mode, together with its compact size and simple design, makes MNSD a promising vibration suppression technique with high performance, cost-effectiveness, reliability and practicability. These appealing features of MNSD will facilitate the broad applications of MNSD in vibration suppression/isolations in a variety of civil, mechanical, and aerospace structures.