What do we know about the safety of cellulose nanomaterials: Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Roadmap, knowledgebase and uncertainties

J.A. Shatkin
Vireo Advisors LLC,
United States

Keywords: nanomaterial safety, commercialization, EHS roadmap, knowledgebase


Although cellulosic materials have been safely used in many industries for decades, current regulatory frameworks and customer supply chains demand safety demonstrations for the novel forms now entering commerce with nanoscale properties. The requirements to demonstrate safety vary by geography, product category, and life cycle stage. This talk will discuss the status of cellulose nanomaterials in terms of demonstrating safety according to requirements by type of application category, including worker safety, consumer products, environmental aspects, and food/packaging. A 2013 Environmental Health and Safety Roadmap established priorities for safety demonstration; the progress toward these objectives will be highlighted. Considerations related to the use of cellulose nanomaterials in composites and downstream products will be highlighted.