Nanoclay-reinforced Nanocellulose Composite Films with Improved Heat resistance, Gas Barrier Performance, and Mechanical properties

J.H. Ryu, Y.G. Jeong
Chungnam national university,

Keywords: nanocellulose, nanoclay, thermal stability, mechanical property, gas barrier performance


Since nanocellulose (NC) has excellent strength, modulus, lightness, and thermal stability, it has been widely utilized for composites, electronics, sensors, papers, coatings, films, aerogels, health care, additives, etc. In this study, to attain NC films with enhanced physical properties, we have fabricated a series of NC-based composite films reinforced with nanoclay and have characterized their structural features, thermal stability, mechanical performance, and barrier property by using SEM, XRD, TGA, UTM, DMA, and gas permeability tests.