Catalytic Dehydrogenation Reactions of N-heterocycles Using Rh and Ru Nanoparticles

S.H. Hong
Seoul National University,

Keywords: dehydrogenation, rhodium, ruthenium, heterocycles


An extraordinary heterogeneous catalytic activity by Rh-and Ru-nanoparticles (NPs) was demonstrated for the dehydrogenation of a range of benzofused N-heterocycles without any external oxidant, base, and hydrogen acceptor. This versatile catalytic protocol provides atom-economical, environmentally benign, and practical entry to a wide range of industrially relevant N-heteroaromatic compounds in high yields, liberating gaseous H2 as the sole by-product. The reaction rates follow zero-order with respect to concentration of amine substrate and first-order for that of NP catalyst. Control studies revealed that the heterogeneous NP catalyst is indispensable to facilitate the title transformation. Operational simplicity, scalability and efficient recyclability of the air-stable catalyst in addition to broad substrate scope render the protocol highly advantageous.