Bulk Metallic Glass through Shockwave Consolidation of Amorphous Powders

D. Nemir
TXL Group, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: metallic glass, bulk, bmg, shockwave, consolidation, amorphous metals


Amorphous metals have an advantage over the crystalline form in that they have high hardness and high elastic energy. However, the need to prevent crystallization has constrained both the material choices and the application space. Under AFRL SBIR Phase 1 support, shockwave consolidation is being developed as a means to densify commercially available SAM2X5 amorphous powders into bulk metallic glass (BMG) rods and tubes, establishing this technique as a viable method for producing bulk material from amorphous powder precursors without grain growth. This opens the door for the use of mechanical alloying as a means to produce amorphous powders for BMG applications without the status quo constraint of having to choose material sets that will crystallize slowly upon cooling.