TechConnect World 2017
National SBIR/STTR Conference National Innovation Summit & Showcase Nanotech 2017

TechConnect World 2017 Program - Tuesday May 16

8:15Joint SBIR/STTR-TechConnect World KeynotesPotomac A
Session chair: John Williams, SBA, US
8:15C. Moran, Lockheed Martin Ventures, US
8:30J. Williams, Small Business Adminstration (SBA), US
9:00L. McMahon, Small Business Adminstration (SBA), US
9:15Fireside Chat: Furthering the Role of Women as Leaders in High TechPotomac A
J. Uzzell, General Electric, US
H. Parthasarathy, Breakout Labs, US
J. Muir, University of Florida, US
J. Shieh, Small Business Adminstration (SBA), US
8:30Student Leaders Conference Panel DiscussionPotomac 4
Session chair: Amirah Mathin, University of Central Florida & BlackMINE Technologies, US
A. Behr, Panasonic Electronic Materials Division, US
S. Brenner, SUNY Polytechnic, US
B.A. Cola, Carbice Nanotechnologies, Inc., US
T.L. Albers, Rapid Prototype and Manufacturing, LLC, US
10:00Coffee BreakPotomac Registration Hall
10:30SBIR/STTR Agency One-on-One MeetingsPotomac C
10:30SBIR 101: The BasicsNational Harbor 4
Session chair: John Williams, SBA, US
10:30Leaving the SBIR Nest- How to Leverage SBIR FundingNational Harbor 5
Session chair: Jennifer Shieh, SBA, US
A. Lacaze, Robotics Research, US
T. Wavering, University of Oklahoma Innovation Hub, US
E. Cave, Opus 12, US
11:40R&D for a Public Purpose - The Granting AgenciesNational Harbor 4
Session chair: Becky Aistrup, BBC Entrepreneurial Training, US
R. Melnick, USDA, US
C. O'Gwin, DOE, US
R. Shuman, NSF, US
11:40Engaging Innovation EcosystemsNational Harbor 5
Session chair: Julie Lenzer, UM Ventures, US
M. Waite, Village Capital, US
P. Weilerstein, Venture Well, US
M. Stevens, SBA, US
T. Kaarsberg, Department of Energy, US
10:30Photonics SensorsNational Harbor 2
Session chair: Radislav A. Potyrailo, GE Global Research, US
10:30Photonic Crystal Fiber Based Refractive Index Sensor, vol. 3: pp. 203-206
K. Nazeri, V. Ahsani, F. Ahmed, P.C. Lee, M.B.G. Jun, Purdue University, US
10:50Cyber-Physical Magnetic Field Sensors, vol. 3: pp. 215-218
V. Kravljaca and S.E. Lyshevsk, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
11:10Integrated Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Sensors for Process Monitoring, vol. 4: pp. 214-217
X. Zhang, O. Rabin, K. Zhang, R.M. Briber, H. von Bredow, C. Metting, G. Atanasoff, University of Maryland, US
11:30Optical Fiber-Top Microcavity Sensor for CO2 Detection, vol. 3: pp. 235-238
J. Wu, M-J Yin, K. Taeuber, A. Dani, R. Guterman, J. Yuan, A.P. Zhang, H-Y Tam, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
11:50Comparative Study of Gold Nanoantennas for the Plasmonic-Enhanced Single Molecular Fluorescence and the Application as Biosensor in Single-Molecule Level
M. Peng, C. Niu, J. Ouyang, Beijing Normal University, CN
12:10Distributed Monitoring of Soil and Groundwater during In-Situ Thermal Remediation Using Fiber Optic Sensors, vol. 3: pp. 258-260
H. Alemohammad, A. Azhari, R. Liang, AOMS Technologies Inc., CA
10:30Industrial Waste Water TreatmentPotomac 1
Session chair: Armin Völkel, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC); YuanQiao Rao, The Dow Chemical Company, US
10:30Biomolecular Materials for the Removal of Heavy Metals and Organic Contaminants from Water (invited presentation)
M. Francis, University of California, Berkeley, US
10:55Advanced Water Remediation Technologies: Toxic Metal Capture to Organic Pollutant Degradation (invited presentation)
D. Bhattacharyya, University of Kentucky, US
11:20Electroflox® Pilot plant for primary wastewater treatment of leachate, vol. 2: pp. 243-246
N. Marriaga-Cabrales, F. Machuca-Martinez, D. Donneys-Victoria, C.E. Alvarez-Pugliese, UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE, CO
11:40Energy Generation from Carbonaceous and Nitrogenous Pollutants via Ammonium, Methane, and Carbon Dioxide Reformation, vol. 2: pp. 261-264
P-H Lee, M. Ni, L. Xu, F. Dong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
12:00Development of alumina/iron oxide nanocomposites as adsorbents for arsenic and fluoride removal from aqueous solutions: Process Optimization, vol. 2: pp. 231-234
T.C. Prathna, S. Kumar Sharma, M. Kennedy, UNESCO-IHE, NL
10:30Micro & Bio FluidicsPotomac 2
Session chair: Edward Furlani, University at Buffalo (SUNY), US; Kwang W. Oh, University at Buffalo (SUNY), US
10:30Next generation microfluidic cell stretcher for breast cancer mechanotyping (invited presentation)
Y. Deng, A.J. Chung, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
10:55On the use of polymeric additives to promote plasma separation from whole blood in open microchannels, vol. 3: pp. 138-141
E. Lee, J. Berthier, P. Laurent, F. Navarro, M. Cubizolles, CEA, FR
11:15Microfluidic 3D Capillary Network Test Phantom for Subdermal Vascular Imaging
P. Schneider, B. Bosinski, A. Trimper, K.W. Oh, University at Buffalo's Sensors & MicroActuators Learning Lab (SMALL), US
11:35PuLMo: Towards a User Defined Integrated and Configurable Human Lung Micro-Physiological System
P. Nath, J-H Huang, A. Arefin, J.F. Harris, K. Balatsky, Y. Shou, D. Platts, H. Sandin, S. Iyer, R. Iyer, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
11:55Real-time bacterial capture and sorting using dielectrophoresis and electroosmosis, vol. 3: pp. 189-191
S.X. Simon, H. Markewich, E. Mallick, M. Weber, Fluid-Screen, Inc., US
10:30BioprintingPotomac 3
Session chair: Thomas E. Twardowski, Integra Life Sciences Corporation, US; Slade H Gardner, Big Metal Additive, Inc., US
10:303D Printing in Medicine: Current Applications and Future Prospects (invited presentation)
M. Guvendiren, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), US
10:553D Bioprinting of Living Tissues (invited presentation)
I.T. Ozbolat, The Pennsylvania State University, US
11:20Additive “4D” Rheoprinting for the Manufacture of Enhanced Biomaterial Products, vol. 4: pp. 149-152
A. Duhduh, I.H. Jaafar, J.P. Coulter, Lehigh University, US
11:40Functionality and degradation of 3D-printed polymeric scaffolds for mandibular reconstruction and vascularized bone tissue repair, vol. 3: pp. 16-19
K.V. Bulusu, B. Holmes, P. Paulson, L.G. Zhang, M.W. Plesniak, The George Washington University, US
12:00Testing of a 3D printed, nanostructured osteochondral implant for knee repair in a small animal model, vol. 3: pp. 28-31
B. Holmes, C-Y Kuo, N. Arumugasaamy, N. Gandhi, C. Rossi, J.P. Fisher, L. Zhang, M. Oetgen, Nanochon, Children's National Medical Center, US
10:30EHS Implementation and RegulationNational Harbor 7
Session chair: Philip Demokritou, Harvard School of Public Health, US
10:30Supporting nanomaterial use and development - with safety in mind (invited presentation)
V. Stone, Heriot-Watt University, UK
10:55Nanoparticle Release from Nanotechnology-enabled Clothing Products (invited presentation)
G. Mainelis, L. Calderon, L. Yang, and K.B. Lee, Rutgers University, US
11:20An overview of global safety activities on cellulose nanomaterials
K.J. Ong, J.A. Shatkin, J.D. Ede, Vireo Advisors, LLC, CA
11:40Nanomaterials in Food and Food Contact Substances - Hazards, Risks and Regulation, vol. 1: pp. 314-316
J. Cohen, Gradient, US
12:00Nanotechnology Regulation Implementation in Industry, vol. 1: pp. 310-313
A.A. Taylor, E.L. Freeman, Exponent, Inc., US
12:20Health and Safety Screening of Advanced Materials: A User Interface for Test Design Selection and Documentation, vol. 1: pp. 329-332
A.J. Kennedy, J. Brame, M. Wood, T. Rycroft, A. Poda, S. Diamond, M. Chappell, W-S Shih, V. Panchal, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, US
10:30Nanoparticles for Imaging & DiagnosticsChesapeake 10-12
Session chair: Shanta Dhar, University of Miami, US; Dalia Yablon, SurfaceChar LLC, US
10:30Nanoparticle Imaging Probes for Molecular Imaging with Computed Tomography (invited presentation)
R. Roeder, University of Notre Dame, US
10:55Self-therapeutic Nanoparticles for Atherosclerosis (invited presentation)
S. Dhar, University of Miami, US
11:20Novel fluorescent nanoparticles for ultrasensitive identification of nucleic acids by optical methods, vol. 3: pp. 118-121
M. Westergaard Mulberg, M. Taskova, A. Okholm, J. Kjems, K. Astakhova, University of Southern Denmark, DK
11:40Non–enzymatic electrochemical sensing platforms using –cyclodextrin and multi–walled carbon nanotubes for selective detection of uric acid
M.B. Wayu, M.A. Schwarzmann, S.D. Gillespie, M.C. Leopold, University of Richmond, US
12:00Pore Size and its Effect on Molybdenum Retention in Mesoporous Alumina, vol. 1: pp. 110-113
R. Hepburn, S. Tsubota, Fujimi Corporation, US
10:30Carbon Nanostructure Enabled ApplicationsChesapeake 6
Session chair: Jeffrey Fagan, NIST, US
10:30The Fabrication and Characterization of Nanocarbon Foam as Novel Wick Material for Thermal Management of Electronics, vol. 1: pp. 52-55
J. Li, J. Xie, M. Zhang, Florida State University, US
10:50Quantum Modeling of Doped Carbon Nanotubes for High Ampacity Conductor Design, vol. 4: pp. 15-18
Y. Li, E. Fahrenthold, University of Texas at Austin, US
11:10Toward Engineering Fluorescent nanodiamonds, vol. 1: pp. 72-75
T. Zapata, N. Bennett, P. Hemmer, Y. Fei, V. Struzhkin, F. Jelezko, Texas A&M University, US
11:30Laser Annealing Nanoscale Carbons: Material Transformations, vol. 1: pp. 67-68
R. Vander Wal, J. Abrahamson, C. Gaddam, Penn State University, US
10:30Building Integrated SolarPotomac 6
Session chair: Jan Kosny, Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems CSE, US
10:30Building Integrated Solar – Pathways to Ubiquitous Power Generation (invited presentation)
C. Hoepfner, Fraunhofer CSE, US
10:55Solar battery program in Austria - innovative solutions for increasing solar coverage, vol. 2: pp. 78-81
C. Egger, OO Energiesparverband, AT
11:15Semi-transparent, Wavelength-selective Polymer Solar Cells for Greenhouse Integration. (invited presentation)
H. Ade, B.T. O’Connor, H. Sedoroff, W. You, North Carolina State University, US
11:40Infield output of a new solar-thermal façade with increased architectural acceptance, vol. 2: pp. 62-65
I. Visa, M. Moldovan, M. Comsit, A. Duta, Transilvania University of Brasov, RO
12:00Efficient Semitransparent Perovskite Solar Cells with Graphene Electrodes
P. You, Z. Liu, Q. Tai, S. Liu, F. Yan, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
10:30Nanoparticle Drug Delivery and Nucleic AcidsChesapeake 8-9
Session chair: Steven Zullo, NIBIB/NIH, US; Thomas Anchordoquy, University of Colorado, US
10:30Robust in vivo gene editing in mouse hepatocytes with systemic lipid nanoparticle delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 components (invited presentation)
K. Wood, Intellia Therapeutics, US
10:55Programmable Formation of Quantum Dot Lattices with Applications in Biosensing and conditional RNAi Activation
K. Afonin, M. Jones, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, US
11:15Role of microRNA-205 in Gemcitabine Resistant Pancreatic Cancer
R.I. Mahato, A.K. Chaudhary, G. Mondal, V. Kumar, K. Kattel, D. Chitkara, A. Mittal, University of Nebraska Medical Center, US
11:35Continuous Production of Polymer Coated Drug Crystals, Particles and Nanoparticles by Hollow Fiber Membrane-based Cooling Crystallization and Anti-solvent Crystallization, vol. 3: pp. 52-55
K. Sirkar, D. Chen, D. Singh, C. Jin, R. Pfeffer, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US
10:30Energy Storage InnovationsNational Harbor 3
Session chair: Vincent Sprenkle, PNNL, US
10:30Inorganic Separators towards Low-Cost Flow Batteries
G.M. Newbloom, L.D. Pozzo, Ionic Windows LLC, US
10:50Quantifying Mass Transfer Rates in Redox Flow Batteries
J.D. Milshtein, K. Tenny, J. Barton, J. Drake, R.M. Darling, F.R. Brushett, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
11:10Low cost and reliable sodium-metal halide (Na-MH) batteries for stationary energy storage application, vol. 2: pp. 122-125
G. Li, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
11:30Mass Production and Application of Electrospun Polyimide Porous Membranes for Li-Ion Battery, vol. 2: pp. 134-135
X. Wang, L. Chen, H. Hou, Jiangxi Normal University, CN
11:50Scale-up synthesis technique of incommensurate graphene foam
T.M. Paronyan, University of Louisville, US
10:30Materials Informatics & Design InnovationNational Harbor 8
Session chair: Jan-Steffen Niehaus, CAN Center for Applied Nanotechnology, Germany
10:30Enabling High-Dimensional Embedded Multi-Functional Systems Design (invited presentation)
R. Barto, Lockheed Martin, US
10:55Rapid Design, Development and Deployment of Materials for Extreme Environments, vol. 1: pp. 367-370
R. Conrad, D. Mollot, U.S. Department of Energy, US
11:15Thousand-fold speedup of discrete-particle-based computer-aided reactor design and scale-up, vol. 1: pp. 363-366
L. Lu, S. Benyahia, National Energy Technology Laboratory, US
11:35The coming revolution in materials informatics and artificial intelligence, vol. 4: pp. 1-4
D. Ramsey, G. Mulholland, Citrine Informatics, US
11:55AMO Roll-to-roll Advanced Materials Manufacturing Laboratory Consortium
C. Daniel, D. Wood, M. Ulsh, G. Krumdick, R. Prasher, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US
10:30Sustainability & Efficiency InnovationPotomac 5
Session chair: Lei Zuo, Virginia Tech, US; Fiona Case, NSTI, US
10:30Glimpses of Ingersoll Rand's Sustainability-Driven Portfolio and Its Enablers (invited presentation)
V. Patnaik, Ingersoll Rand, US
10:55Flexible Sheet-type Thermoelectric Generators for Energy Harvesting, vol. 2: pp. 320-323
T. Muto, K. Kato, W. Morita, Lintec Corporation, JP
11:15Syngas formation by Microwave-Induced on Spent Platinum Catalyst
C.K. Hsu, C.L. Lee, C.J.G. Jou, Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, TW
11:35An Integrated Solution to Zero Waste, vol. 2: pp. 324-327
R. White, Sierra Energy, US
11:55Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Research and Development Leading to Cost-Competitive Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) Based Jet Fuel Production, vol. 2: pp. 227-230
D. Archer, U.S. DOE, US
12:15Monolithic Integration of Pixelated LEDs for Lighting and Microdisplay Applications
J. Xu, Penn State University, US
10:30Anti-adhesion & Surface ApplicationsNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Kock-Yee Law, Research and Innovative Solutions, US
10:30Antiadhesive Antithrombotic and Antimicrobial Coatings for Implants and Devices (invited presentation)
J.N. Kizhakkedathu, University of British Columbia, CA
10:55Use of Inert CVD Coating for Protein, Corrosion, and Moisture Resistance in Bioanalysis Applications, vol. 1: pp. 286-290
L. Patterson, SilcoTek Corporation, US
11:15Thin Ceramic Coatings and Their Suitability Towards Scale Reduction in Heat Exchangers, vol. 1: pp. 274-278
O. Santos, M. Nilsson, A.H. Jensen, A.B. Christiensen,, Alfa Laval AB, SE
11:35The Sensitive Element of Cholesterol Optical Sensor
M. Vistak, V. Dmytrach, Z. Mykytyuk, V. Petryshak, L. Kobylinska, Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, UA
11:55Functionalization of carbon nanotube carpets for wettability tailoring
LM. He, A. Karumuri and S.M. Mukhopadhyay, Wright State University, US
10:30Food Materials & Innovations IPotomac 4
Session chair: Krassimir Velikov, Unilever, Netherlands
10:30Future food structuring technologies at micro- and nanoscale (invited presentation)
K. Velikov, Unilever, NL
10:55Modulating structure for functionality in food products (invited presentation)
M. Leser, Nestle Research Center, CH
11:20How micro technology can be used in the design of food products (invited presentation)
K. Schroën, Wageningen University, NL
11:45The freeze-thaw stability and chain length distribution of potato starch modified by amylomaltase from Thermus Thermophilus
H-T. Lin, T-H.D. Ho, A-I. Yeh, National Taiwan University, TW
12:05Modelling sugar (replacer) crystal dissolution in complex matrices
R. van der Sman, G. Frissen, Wageningen University & Research, NL
10:30Electronics Innovation Spotlights: Panasonic, LG, EnergizerNational Harbor 12
Session chair: Saeed Bagheri, University of Waterloo, CA
10:30Panasonic: Innovation Spotlights
I. Nydick, Panasonic, US
10:45LG: Innovation Spotlights
K. Patel, LG, US
11:00Energizer: Innovation Spotlight
E. Riley, Energizer, US
11:15Distributed multi-parameter fiber optic sensor for harsh environment sensing
H. Alemohammad, AOMS Technologies Inc., CA
11:22Electric Field Imaging System
D. Beals, NASA Langley Research Center, US
11:29Pristine Low-Cost Large-Area Graphene Sheets
G. Botte, Ohio University - Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research, US
11:36Electric Current and Magnetic Field Imaging System
C. Smith, Texas Tech University, US
11:43Graphene research and innovation
K. Hjelt, Chalmers Industrial Technology, SE
11:50Direct method to grow single and multilayer graphene on insulting substrate at wafer-scale in 1 min
A. Sumant, Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory, US
11:57Panasonic, LG, Energizer: Q&A
10:30Aerospace/Defense Innovation Spotlights: Aerojet, Sikorsky/Lockheed MartinNational Harbor 13
Session chair: Joe Bryan, US Navy (former), US
10:30Aerojet: Innovation Spotlights
B. Green, Aerojet, US
10:45Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin: Innovation Spotlights
J. Hartman, Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin, US
11:00Fourth Generation Situation Awareness
S. Fernandez, Almeria Analytics, US
11:07Radioisotope Battery and Portable Nuclear Power for Space, Military, and Remote Applications
I. Hamilton, Atlas Energy Systems, LLC, US
11:14Small fuel cell system with hydrogen cartridge
R. Botalla-Gambetta, CEA Tech, FR
11:21Small Satellite Chemical Propulsion System
R. McDevitt, GreenScale Technologies, US
11:28mini Low Cost Control Electronics
K. Frohling, Iris Technology, US
11:35Unique Chip Identification Using the Material Properties of Semiconductor Substrates
D. Ewing, Kansas City National Security Campus, US
11:42Aerojet, Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin: Q&A
12:00Expo Hall: Ice Cream & Coffee Social (lunch not provided)Expo Hall D & E
1:20SBIR/STTR Agency One-on-One MeetingsPotomac C
1:25Show Me the Money - The Contracting AgenciesNational Harbor 4
Session chair: Jim Greenwood, Greenwood Consulting Group, Inc., US
M. Wong, DOT, US
J. Gustetic, NASA, US
D. Lang, DHS, US
D. Shahady, US Air Force, US
1:25Accepting Government Funding - Setting up an Auditing System, Accounting, & Avoiding Fraud, Waste, & AbuseNational Harbor 5
Session chair: Ed Jameson, Jameson & Company LLC, US
S. Kobus, DCAA, US
D. Kim, Kim & Baum, LLP, US
H. Virkar, NIH, US
D. Milstead, NIH, US
2:15Innovating in Education Technology - Opportunities and Priorities Across SBIR AgenciesNational Harbor 4
Session chair: Ed Metz, Dept of Education, US
S. Dockum, USDA, US
T. Beck, NIH, US
C. Vinopol, IDRT, US
2:15Patenting High Tech: Domestic & GlobalNational Harbor 5
Session chair: Elizabeth Dougherty, USPTO, US
D. Metzger, Attorney (Ret), US
A. Mousa, Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc., US
E. Blatt, Figg, Ernst & Manbeck, P.C., US
3:05Prime Time - Partnering with DoD ContractorsNational Harbor 5
Session chair: Doug Deason, MDA, US
C. Owens, Lockheed Martin, US
A. Carroll, Raytheon, US
M. McComas, BAE Systems, US
J. Cassady, Aerojet, US
3:05Seed Funding Health TechnologiesNational Harbor 4
Session chair: Matt Portnoy, NIH, US
J. Soriano Molla, NSF, US
L. Pollack, DoD, US
S. Hu, DoD, US
K. Woodman, NASA, US
S. Dockum, USDA, US
3:50Phase 3 Opportunities in the DoD National Harbor 4
Session chair: John Williams, SBA, US
D. McNamara, PEO Acquisitions, US
E. Purdy, RIF, US
D. Deason, MDA, US
3:50Recent Winners - If I Only Knew Then, What I Know NowNational Harbor 5
C. Teolis, TRX Systems, US
E. Bigelow, Diagnostic Biochips, US
A. Martin, Accelevir Diagnostics, US
1:30Materials Innovation Spotlights: Henkel, SABICNational Harbor 12
Session chair: Purnesh Seegopaul, Pangaea Ventures, US
1:30Henkel: Innovation Spotlights
P. Bavaj, Henkel, DE
1:45SABIC: Innovation Spotlights
J. Amaresekera, SABIC, US
2:00Improving Bulk copper Mechanical Properties with Nanoparticles
L. Loev, Ariel Scientific Innovations, Ltd., IL
2:07MagnaShield Durable Sealcoat for Magnesium Alloys
D. Battocchi, Elinor Specialty Coatings, US
2:14Membranes for Harsh Environments
G. Newbloom, Membrion, Inc. (formerly Ionic Windows LLC), US
2:21xPAO Functional Polyolefins
J. Reeds, Precision Polyolefins, LLC, US
2:283D printing conductive ink
A. Some, univalor, CA
2:35Henkel, SABIC: Q&A
1:30Federal & Venture Investments: SOCOM, Saint GobainNational Harbor 13
Session chair: Patricia Ansems-Bancroft, Dow, US
1:30SOCOM: Innovation Spotlights
T. Piazza, SOCOM, US
1:45Saint Gobain: Innovation Spotlights
L. Lesker, Saint Gobain, US
2:00Recyclable Thermoset Chemistry for Economical Recycling of Wind Turbine Blades
B. Liang, Adesso Advanced Materials Inc., US
2:07Hands free bio-sensor
Z. Zalevsky, ContinUse Biometrics, IL
2:14Rapid bacterial capture for filtration and identification
X. Simon, Fluid-Screen, Inc, US
2:21Systematic Expert Risk Assessment for Suicide™ (SERAS™)
W. Cats-Baril, WISER Systems, LLC, US
2:28A Device and A Method to Estimate the Tension of Torque-Shear High Strength Bolts
H.S. Nah, KEPCO (Research Institute), KR
2:35SOCOM, Saint Gobain: Q&A
1:30EPA P3 Spotlight: Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovative ThinkersChesapeake 10-12
Session chair: April Richards, EPA, US
B.L. Ramakrishna, NAE, US
D. Tull, ASEE, US
L. Zuo, Virginia Tech, US
Z. Maisel, Cornell University, US
B. Febos, Appalachian State University, US
J. Noto, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, US
3:00Materials Innovation Spotlights: Eastman, HuntsmanNational Harbor 12
Session chair: Neil Cameron, Emerald Technology Ventures, CA
3:00Eastman: Innovation Spotlights
B. Boyd, Eastman, US
3:15Huntsman: Innovation Spotlights
D. Hatrick, Huntsman, US
3:30Asymmetric Flow Field Flow Fractionation, AF4
S. Hansson, SOLVE R&C, SE
3:37Underwater adhesives
K. Ahn, University of California, Santa Barbara, US
3:44Organic Blue Light Emitting Compounds
L. Besemann, University of Minnesota – Office for Technology Commercialization, US
3:51High―Efficiency Inorganic―Organic Hybrid Solar Cells and Method for Fabricating the Same
S. Seok, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, KR
3:58Eastman Huntsman: Q&A
3:00DOE Lab Innovations for Industry: Spotlight SessionNational Harbor 13
Session chair: Brent Segal, Lockheed Martin, US
3:00Lockheed Martin: Opening Remarks
B. Segal, Lockheed Martin, US
3:10User Interface for a Tele-Operated Robotic Hand System
M Lynch, Department of Energy, US
3:17A Method and Device for Secure, High-density Tritium Bonded with Carbon
M Lynch, Department of Energy, US
3:24Energetic Materials for Sensitive Data Security
M. Kaczor, Idaho National Laboratory, US
3:31Solid State Li-ion Battery IP Bundle
S. Li, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, US
3:38PEM Fuel Cell Bundle (multi-lab IP bundle - LabBridge IP Bundling Program)
A. Sen, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US
3:45In-Situ Production of Radionuclide Molybdenum 99
C. Gentile, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, US
3:52Boron Based Special Materials
D. Weisenberger, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, US
1:30Chemical & Physical SensorsNational Harbor 2
Session chair: William (Cy) Wilson, NASA Langley Research Center,US; Dalia Yablon, SurfaceChar LLC, US
1:30Sensing Opportunities for NASA Aerospace Missions (invited presentation)
W. Wilson, NASA Langley Research Center, US
1:55Self-Sustained Infrared Temperature Sensor Arrays, vol. 3: pp. 199-202
R. Mittmann Reis and S.E. Lyshevsk, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
2:15Evaluation of In2O3 prepared by the delayed ignition combustion process as a gas sensor, vol. 3: pp. 219-222
K. Lionti, A. Fasoli, L. Sundberg, F. Ceccarelli, R.D. Miller, L. Bozano, IBM Research - Almaden, US
2:35A New Gas/Supercritical Fluid (SCF) Diffusivity and Solubility Measurement Method for CO2 Saturated Polymer Systems Using Optical Transmission Property, vol. 3: pp. 207-210
S.X. Yao, J. Lee, J.K. Lee, M.B.G. Jun, P.C. Lee, University of Vermont, US
2:55Zinc Oxide optical and chemical sensors fabricated by Ink Jet printing and drop casting, vol. 3: pp. 211-214
D.J. Ewing, M. Casper, A. Stramel, B. Morick, B. Cook, J. Wu, The Department of Energy's Kansas City National Security Campus, US
3:15Alcohol conent measuring system based in interstitial fluid extraction and SAW sensors, vol. 3: pp. 283-286
A. Gnadinger, P. Gnadinger, COGNA Scientific LLC, US
3:35Sensing Solution for Airborne Carbon Nanotube Exposure in Workplaces Based on Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, vol. 3: pp. 275-278
R. Bieri, J. Borek-Donten, B. Celikkol Zijlstra, S. Cattaneo, T. Bürgi, Stat Peel, CH
3:55Tunable Conductive Nanomesh-based Pressure Sensors with High Sensitivity and Wide Operation Range for Wearable Health Monitoring Applications
H. Chang, S. Kim, S. Jin, S-W Lee, K-Y Lee, H. Yi, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, KR
1:30Membranes for Water TreatmentPotomac 1
Session chair: YuanQiao Rao, The Dow Chemical Company, US
1:30Prevention of scale formation by optimization of reverse osmosis membranes, elements, and systems (invited presentation)
S. Jons, Dow Water & Process Solutions, US
1:55Biomimetic and Bioinspired Membranes for Energy and Environmental Applications (invited presentation)
M. Kumar, The Pennsylvania State University, US
2:20Hollow Fiber Thin Film Composite Membranes for Osmotic Processes: From Membranes to Modules
J. Ren, J.R. McCutcheon, University of Connecticut, US
2:40High Selectivity, Low Energy Ultra Filtration Spirals
M. Grzelakowski, Applied Biomimetic Inc., US
3:00Effect of polymer ratio on nZVI loading onto electrospun nanofiber mat for mitigating groundwater contaminants, vol. 2: pp. 265-268
J. Ren, L.D. Tijing, H.K. Shon, University of Technology Sydney, AU
1:30Microfluidic Cell & Particle ManipulationPotomac 2
Session chair: Edward Furlani, University at Buffalo (SUNY), US; Kwang W. Oh, University at Buffalo (SUNY), US
1:30Droplet microfluidics: amphiphilic nanoparticles as droplet stabilizers for high-fidelity and ultrahigh-throughput droplet assays (invited presentation)
S.K.Y. Tang, Stanford University, US
1:55Enhanced Cell Manipulation and Detection Via Magnetic Beads on a Digital Microfluidic Device (invited presentation)
R.B. Fair, L.J. Chen, Duke University, US
2:20Silicone Replication of Nanofluidic Devices for Analytical Separation of Biological Nanoparticles
S. Stavis, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
2:40CFD analysis of particle magnetophoresis in multiphase continuous-flow bioseparators, vol. 3: pp. 170-173
J. Gómez-Pastora, I.H. Karampelas, E. Bringas, E.P. Furlani, I. Ortiz, University of Cantabria, ES
3:00Deterministic Lateral Displacement (DLD): Finite element modeling and experimental validation for particle trajectory and separation, vol. 3: pp. 142-145
E. Pariset, J. Berthier, F. Révol-Cavalier, C. Pudda, D. Gosselin, F. Navarro, B. Icard, V. Agache, CEA Leti, FR
3:20Numerical Analysis of Acoustophoretic Discrete Particle Focusing in Microchannels, vol. 3: pp. 174-177
I.H. Karampelas, J. Gómez-Pastora, M.J. Cowan, E. Bringas, I. Ortiz, E.P. Furlani, Flow Science Inc, US
3:40Numerical Investigation Of Rigid Microparticles Dynamics: Aggregation And Clogging Phenomena In Microfluidics By Discrete Element Method (DEM) And CFD Coupling, vol. 3: pp. 166-169
K. Shahzad, W. Van Aeken, V.K. Kamyab, M. Mottaghi, S. Kuhn, KU Leuven, BE
1:302-D Materials Synthesis & ApplicationsChesapeake 6
Session chair: Anirudha Sumant, Argonne National Labs, US
1:30Next Generation Coatings Based on Atomically Thin Materials (invited presentation)
M. Terrones, The Pennsylvania State University, US
1:55From Self-assembled Brominated Diphenylacetylene Molecules to On-surface Organic Nanowires, vol. 1: pp. 76-78
F. Sedona, M.M. Seyyed Fakhrabadi, M. Sambi, Università Degli Studi di Padova, IT
2:15Mass Production of Graphene and Magnetic Nanoparticle in Arc Discharge Plasma and their Potential Biological Applications, vol. 1: pp. 79-82
X. Fang, The George Washington University, US
2:35Two-Dimensional Nanoporous Silicates and Their Potential Applications, vol. 1: pp. 83-86
J.Q. Zhong, J. Kestell, N. Akter, T. Kim, M. Wang, D. Lu, I. Galuskina, D.J. Stacchiola, J.A. Boscoboinik, Brookhaven National Laboratory, US
2:55Optical Signatures of Structural Polymorphism in MoTe2 and Mo1-xWxTe2 Alloys
P.M. Vora, R. Beams, S.M. Oliver, S. Krylyuk, A.K. Singh, I. Kalish, A. Bruma, F. Tavazza, J. Joshi, I.R. Stone, S.J. Stranick, A.V. Davydov, George Mason University, US
1:30Composite MaterialsNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Wolfgang S. Bacsa, University of Toulouse, France
1:30Interface engineering to optimize composite properties (invited presentation)
W. Haseltine, Solvay, US
1:55Elucidating the effect of surface functionalization on the mechanical properties of carbon fiber reinforced polymer
B. Demir, T.R. Walsh, Deakin University, AU
2:15In-situ Monitoring of Fiber Reinforced Composites Subjected to Different Forms of Mechanical Loading via Embedded Aligned CNT Sheets
K. Aly, A. Li, P. Bradford, North Carolina State University, US
2:35The Benefits of SWCNTs for Design of Conductive and reinforced plastics
E. Ilin, A. Bezrodniy, M. Predtechenskiy, OCSiAl, LU
2:55Effect of CNT Morphology and Alignment on the Interfacial and the Elastic Properties of Nanocomposites, vol. 1: pp. 212-215
A.R. Alian, S.A. Meguid, University of Toronto, CA
3:15Kinetics study of carbon nanotube alignment under shear force via real-time polarized Raman spectroscopy, vol. 1: pp. 69-71
Y. He, A.I. Taub, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, US
3:35Electrical characteristics of cement composites incorporating CNT and carbon fibers
G.M. Kim, S.M. Park, G.U. Ryu, H.K. Lee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KR
3:55Exploring the Interface: Improving the Mechanical Properties of Silicon Nitride Fibre - Polymer Composites, vol. 1: pp. 196-199
M. Hayward, J. Johnston, T. Dougherty, K. deSilva, Victoria University of Wellington, Nuenz Limited, NZ and NZ Product Accelerator, NZ
1:30Characterizing Materials In SituNational Harbor 7
Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
1:30Hybrid transmission electron microscope: An integrated platform for in situ imaging and spectroscopies (invited presentation)
C. Wang, W-C Yang, R. Sharma, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
1:55Nanofluidic Liquid Cell with Integrated Electrokinetic Pump for In Situ TEM
C.H. Ray, B.R. Ilic, R. Sharma, G. Holland, V. Aksyuk, S.M. Stavis, J.A. Liddle, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
2:15In situ TEM/STEM of the Coarsening of Nanoporous Gold, vol. 1: pp. 9-12
A.A. El-Zoka, J. Howe, R.C. Newman, D. Perovic, University of Toronto, CA
2:35Probing Nanoscale Composites, Interfaces, and Damage Gradients with In-Situ and Ex-Situ Multiscale Mechanical Methodologies, vol. 1: pp. 29-31
N.A. Mara, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
2:55In situ X-ray scattering studies of nanomaterials for energy (invited presentation)
B. Lee, Argonne National Laboratory, US
3:20In situ Rheology with Small Angle x-ray Scattering and x-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
X-M Lin, J. Lee, Z. Jiang, J. Wang, A.R. Sandy, S. Narayanan, Argonne National Laboratory, US
3:40In-situ Investigation of Metal Corrosion and Corrosion-Resistant Coatings by Micro-Beam X-ray Spectroscopy and Electron Microscopy
K. Chen-Wiegart, M. Ge, G. Williams, E. Nazaretsky, Y. Chu, J. Thieme, K. Kisslinger, E.A. Stach, H. Jiang, K. Foster, D. Vonk, KW. Chou, S. Petrash, Henkel Corporation, US
1:30Solar Technologies & MaterialsPotomac 6
Session chair: Christian Hoepfner, Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems, US
1:30Solar Energy Technology at ARPA-E (invited presentation)
J. Zahler, U.S. Department of Energy, US
1:55Next Generation Photovoltaic Devices Leveraging Restricted Angular Emissions, vol. 2: pp. 33-36
R.E. Welser, A.K. Sood, N.K. Dhar, Magnolia Optical Technologies, Inc., US
2:20Nanoscale charge transport properties of perovskite solar cells with WSe2 flakes as protective layer for stable performance, vol. 2: pp. 37-40
N. Adhikari, A. Bandyopadhyay, A.B. Kaul, The University of Texas, US
2:40Nanocomposite Coatings for high-stability Perovskite Solar Cells
J. Dagdelen, K. Zhu, Z. Ma, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US
3:00Harvesting light energy with optical rectennas, vol. 2: pp. 45-48
C. Reynaud, D. Duché, U. Palanchoke, F-X. Dang, L. Patrone, J. Le Rouzo, L. Escoubas, C. Gourgon, A. Charaï, C. Alfonso, O. Margeat, J. Ackermann, S. Balaban, J-J. Simon, Aix Marseille University, FR
3:20Performances Enhancement of Thin Si Film Photovoltaic (PV) Devices by incorporating Ag Nanoparticles (Ag NPs)
P. Yu, P.S. Pokam, T. Pingault, J-P. Blondeau, E. Ntsoenzok, C. Andreazza, J. Roussel, P. Dutheil, A-L. Thomann, A. Caillard, E. Mustapha, J. Meot, E. Millon, P. Andreazza, CNRS CEMHTI, FR
1:30Imaging & Drug Delivery, TheranosticsChesapeake 8-9
Session chair: Steven Zullo, NIBIB/NIH, US; Thomas Anchordoquy, University of Colorado, US
1:30Propagation of Cell Death Programs in Cancer Using Targeted Ultrasmall Silica Nanoparticles (invited presentation)
S.E. Kim, L. Zhang, K.M.M. Riegman, F. Chen, S. Monette, T. Quinn, U. Wiesner, M. Overholtzer, and M.S. Bradbury, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, US
1:55Echogenic Nanobubbles: New opportunities for ultrasound-enhanced drug delivery for cancer therapy (invited presentation)
A. Exner, Case Western Reserve University, US
2:20Modulation of Doxorubicin Toxicity Through Nanoparticle-assisted Cellular Delivery
A. Sangtani, E. Petryayeva, M. Wu, K. Susumu, E. Oh, A.L. Huston, G. Lasarte-Aragonés, I.L. Medintz, W.R. Algar, J.B. Delehanty, US Naval Research Laboratory, US
2:40Amphiphile Self-Assembly Theranostic Materials for Drug Delivery and Medical Imaging
C.J. Drummond, X. Mulet, C.E. Conn, C. Fong, M. Moghaddam, S.M. Sagnella, X.J. Gong, J. Zhai, RMIT University, AU
3:00Nano-magnetically targeted drug delivery system for treating Atrial Fibrillation (AF), vol. 3: pp. 64-66
A. Harel, NanoMed Targeting Systems Inc., US
3:20Drug and Gene Delivery Programs at the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (invited presentation)
D. Rampulla, US National Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), US
1:30Nanomaterials for CatalysisNational Harbor 8
Session chair: Philippe Serp, Institute National Polytechnique de Toulouse, France
1:30Catalysis by Gold (invited presentation)
G. Hutchings, Cardiff Catalysis Institute, UK
1:55Organometalic nanoparticles in catalysis: tuning selectivities and taking profit of both their physical and chemical properties (invited presentation)
B. Chaudret, Toulouse University, FR
2:20Mechanical alloying for green catalyst synthesis, vol. 2: pp. 29-32
S. Pithakratanayothin, R. Tongsri, T. Chaisuwan, S. Wongkasemjit, Chulalongkorn University, TH
2:40A Combined Photoelectrochemical and Theoretical Study to Understand Adsorption Properties of Organic Molecules on TiO2 Surfaces, vol. 2: pp. 13-16
T. Sun, Yunnan University, CN
3:00Raney Nickel Catalyst - A Molecular Modeling Study, vol. 2: pp. 21-24
S. Schweizer, R. Chaudret, T. Spyriouni, J.J. Low, L. Subramanian, Scienomics, US
1:30Energy Storage Implementation & Panel DiscussionNational Harbor 3
Session chair: Cy Fujimoto, Sandia, US
1:30Energy management strategies for Industrial facilities in the U.S., vol. 2: pp. 70-73
A. Halbe, D. Yeaman, M+W Group, US
1:50Southern Research Energy Storage Research Center, vol. 2: pp. 74-77
B. Taube, E. Ringler, T. Hansen, Southern Research, US
2:10Energy Storage Implementation: Panel Discussion
I. Gyuk, US Department of Energy, US
A. Bianco, E.ON Climate & Renewables North America, US
K. Pinkwart, Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, DE
E. Kendrick, University of Warwick, UK
1:30Safety & Innovation as Partners for Success in Advanced Manufacturing: Panel DiscussionChesapeake 5
Session chair: Chuck Geraci, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; Sally Tinkle, IDA/Science and Technology Policy Institute; Sara Brenner, SUNY Poly, US
J. Howard, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, US
P. Scheuer, Honeywell- F&MT, US
R. Martella, General Electric, US
T.L. Albers, Rapid Prototype and Manufacturing (rp+m), US
K. Nelson, VP Nanocellulose Technology, US
M. Tuominen, Director, National Nanomanufacturing Network, US
M. Fancher, SUNY Poly, US
T. Diamond, SUNY Colleges of Nanoscale Science & Engineering, US
1:30BiomaterialsPotomac 3
Session chair: Thomas E. Twardowski, Integra Life Sciences Corporation, US
1:30Site Click: Controlled Modification of Native Antibodies Using Copper-Free Click Chemistry (invited presentation)
S. Corry, Thermo Fisher Scientific, US
1:55Click Chemistry: An Enabling Tool for Biomaterial Foundries (invited presentation)
D. Alge, Texas A&M University, US
2:20Biogelx: Designer Gels for Cell Culture, vol. 3: pp. 24-27
E. Lopez-Bernardo, E. Irvine, R. Ulijn, D. Lightbody, Biogelx, US
2:40nano-oxygen carrier for machine perfusion organ storage, vol. 1: pp. 153-155
G. Srinivas, TDA Research Inc., US
3:00Epigenetic modifications affect the radiosensitivity of three dimensional cultured carcinoma cells
B. Hu, D. Pan, G. Xue, Y. Chen, Y. Du, Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
1:30Food Materials & Innovations IIPotomac 4
Session chair: Krassimir Velikov, Unilever, Netherlands
1:30Coalescence and Arrested Coalescence: Some Microscopic Observations and Practical Behavior Relevant to the Design of Ice Cream and Whipped Toppings (invited presentation)
R. Hartel, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US
1:55Nanoscale Engineering of the Structure and Functionality of Fat and Oleogel Systems (invited presentation)
A.G. Marangoni, N.C. Acevedo, M.F. Peryonel, D.A. Pink, University of Guelph, CA
2:20Organic Solvent Nanofiltration Membranes to Separate and Purify Fatty Acids, vol. 3: pp. 4-7
N.B. Bowden, University of Iowa, US
2:40Rapid authentication of edible oils by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry, vol. 3: pp. 1-3
T-T Ng, P-K So, B. Zheng, Z. Yao, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
1:30Materials for Flexible ElectronicsPotomac 5
Session chair: Mandakini Kanungo, Corning, Inc., US
1:30Beyond Flexible - Next Generation Materials Enable Conformable Electronics (invited presentation)
A. Behr, Panasonic, US
1:55Solution-based Synthesis of 2D Layered Materials for Flexible and Printed Electronics Applications (invited presentation)
A.B. Kaul, University of Texas at El Paso, US
2:20Materials measurements for flexible and printed electronics (invited presentation)
D. Gundlach, NIST, US
2:45Direct imprinting of liquid silicon, vol. 4: pp. 174-177
T. Masuda, T. Shimoda, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, JP
3:05New Paradigms on Materials Synthesis and Additive Manufacturing of Flexible Electronics for Energy Applications, vol. 4: pp. 178-181
M.A. Torres Arango, K.A. Sierros, West Virginia University, US
3:25Silk biocomposites as flexible and biodegradable electrochemical sensors, vol. 4: pp. 190-193
R.K. Pal, V.K. Yadavalli, Virginia Commonwealth University, US
3:45Green strategies for the development of printable polymer based piezoresistive sensors
J. Oliveira, Universidade do Minho, PT
3:00Student Investigators & EntrepreneursNational Harbor 10
Session chair: Brandon Carpenter, University of Central Florida & Feynman Nano LLC, US
C. Chou, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, US
B. Cook, Kent State University, US
A. Mathin, A. Khater, University of Central Florida, US
4:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase & Networking Reception (4:00 - 6:00) - Poster Session IExpo Hall D & E
Water Technologies: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Desalinating Ocean Water With Recyclable Inorganic Materials
C. Muniz, Oregon State Universisty, US
Resilient water treatment technologies and challenges for the removal of emerging contaminants - Perfluorinated compounds, vol. 2: pp. 239-242
T.S. Singh, R. Singh, University of Virginia, US
Electrocapacitive Desalination of Brackish Water Using Biochars, vol. 2: pp. 251-252
R. Vander Wal, A. Sengupta, R. Rajagopalan, Penn State University, US
Advanced Photothermal Nanomaterials for Desalination Applications
G. Zhang, S. Davis, N. Kevlich, Z. Zhou, Luna Innovations Inc., US
Metals disinfection of E. coli in synthetic groundwater and effects of varying water chemistry, vol. 2: pp. 257-260
J.N. Edokpayi, R. Singh, J.O. Odiyo, J.A. Smith, University of Venda, ZA
Preparation of amine-rich aerogel derived from graphene oxide and polyethylenimine for the adsorption of Cr(VI) in aqueous medium
D.K. Singh, S. Mohan, V. Kumar, S.H. Hasan, IIT(BHU), IN
Photonics Devices & Systems: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Temperature dependent photoluminescence quenching and magneto-optical studies of GaP-InP lateral nanowires
Y. Kim, J.D. Song, Y.H.S. Hin, D. Nakamura, Y.H. Matsuda, S. Takeyama, Tohoku University, KR
Indium Nitride Nanowire Growth by Chemical Vapor Deposition and Electrical Characterization, vol. 4: pp. 198-201
K. Teker, O. Moussa, Y.A. Ali, J. Otto, Istanbul Sehir University, TR
The photonic crystal laser based on the silica opal structure with dye doped photoresist
C-T. Kuo, National Sun Yat-sen University, TW
Micro & Bio Fluidics: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Two-Dimensional Analysis of the Enhanced Magnetic Bioseparation in Microfluidic Systems, vol. 3: pp. 150-153
Z. Shi, J. Sun, S. Jia, P. Zhang, Xi'an Jiaotong University, CN
Arrayed, Membrane-free, Microfluidic Valves and Driver Technology for Complex Flow Management
J. McFall, T. Huang, A. Pawar, P. Nath, Los Alamos National Lab, US
Design and development of Microfluidic Platform for Water Analysis, vol. 3: pp. 154-157
S. Grover, A. Deshpande, T. Ravindran, J.N. Krishnan, BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus, IN
On the use of Zisman’s function for the determination of the velocity of spontaneous capillary microflows, vol. 3: pp. 162-165
J. Berthier, Jing Lee, D. Gosselin, F. Navarro, E. Berthier, A. Theberge, CEA-Leti, FR
CFD analysis of facilitated transport in microextraction processes
A. Basauri, J. Gómez-Pastora, M. Fallanza, E. Bringas, I. Ortiz, University of Cantabria, ES
Absorption Study of a Millimeter Sized Droplet over Nylon Powder Substrate
A. Avhad, H. Tan, Washington State University, US
Laser-Induced Motion of a Nanofluid in a Micro-channel, vol. 3: pp. 186-188
P.X. Tran, P. Wang, National Energy Technology Lab, US
LIF based fluorescent immunosensor using AP-SNs and QDs for quantitation of IgG anti Toxocara canis in human serum samples, vol. 3: pp. 192-194
G.A. Messina, P.R. Aranda, S.V. Pereira, F.A. Bertolino, J. Raba, INQUISAL, National University of San Luis, CONICET, AR
Self-Assembled Polystyrene Nanospheres for Plasmonic Enhancement in Biosensor Applications, vol. 3: pp. 195-198
K. Smith, C. Norville, M. Windham, J.M. Dawson, West Virginia University, US
An All-in-One Nanomechanical Bio-nanofluidic System for Possible Applications as Sensor and Actuator in Precise Drug Delivery, vol. 4: pp. 104-107
M.M.S. Fakhrabadi, Università Degli Studi di Padova, IT
The Development of an Optofluidic Evanescent Field Sample Trapping and Loading Solution for Time Resolved Protein Crystallography Experiments, vol. 4: pp. 108-111
A.J. Diaz, P. Docker, M.R. Sparkes, J. Kay, D. Stuart, J. Beale D. Axford, W. O'Neil, B. Cordovez, Diamond light Source, UK
An investigation into methodologies for the modification of contact angle for MX crystallography, vol. 4: pp. 116-119
C. Burton, M. Prince, P. Topham, P. Docker D. Axford, A. Orville G. Evans, J. Kay, D. Stuart, Aston University, UK
3D Printing: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Viscosity Modeling of Silicone Rubber for 3D Printing of Medical Implants
J. Stieghorst, T. Doll, Hannover Medical School, DE
Pixel Sweeping Technology enabling 3D Printing of Large-Scale Objects with Delicate Details, vol. 4: pp. 160-162
R. He, W. Shi, Y. Liu, Lehigh University, US
Anisotropic mechanical performance of 3D printed polymers, vol. 4: pp. 170-173
A. Sebert, J. Nelson, G. Bertacco, 3D Matter, US
UAM Printing for Rocket Engine Combustion Chambers, vol. 4: pp. 163-165
P. Bahn, TGV Rockets, US
UAM Manufacturing of rocket engines
P. Bahn, TGV Rockets Inc, US
Environmental Health & Safety of Nanomaterials: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Growing Your 21st Century Advanced Manufacturing Business Responsibly
C. Geraci, L. Hodson, A. Eastlkae, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, US
Developing a rapid screening method for direct visualization of nanoparticles captured on filter media during occupational exposure assessments, vol. 1: pp. 333-336
N.M. Neu-Baker, A.C. Eastlake, S.A. Brenner, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Colleges of Nanoscale Science & Engineering (CNSE), US
A Fluorescent Assay to Quantitatively Evaluate Carbon Nanotube Contaminants
Y. Xu, Luna Innovations Inc, US
Type of chemical reaction from cinnamaldehyde using nickel-tin intermetallics under mild conditions, vol. 1: pp. 348-351
A. Noomnual, S. Pithakratanayothin, T. Chaisuwan, S. Wongkasemjit, Chulalongkorn University, TH
Optimal conditions to immobilize Trichoderma reesei on mesoporous ceria-zirconia support, vol. 1: pp. 352-354
K. Sayamnikorn, T. Komolvanich, T. Chaisuwan, A. Luengnaruemitchai, S. Wongkasemjit, Chulalongkorn University, TH
Neuroactive Carbon Dots: Perspective Neurotheranostic Agents and Harmful Environmental Pollutant, vol. 1: pp. 337-340
T. Borisova, M. Dekaliuk, N. Pozdnyakova, A. Pastukhov, M. Dudarenko, M. Galkin, A. Borysov, S.G. Vari, A.P. Demchenko, Palladin Institiute of Biochemistry NAS of Ukraine, UA
Protecting the nanotechnology workforce: a new protocol for characterization of filter-captured nanomaterials from occupational exposure assessments, vol. 1: pp. 302-305
N. Neu-Baker, D. Smith, A. Segrave, J. Beach, I. Zurbenko, K. Dunn, S. Brenner, SUNY Polytechnic Institute Colleges of Nanoscale Science & Engineering, US
Characterization of Nanosilica Release from a Weathered Nanosilica/Polyurethane Coating, vol. 1: pp. 355-358
H-C Hsueh, C-Y Lu, S-R Huang, Y-L Cheng, D. Jacobs, S.A. Rabb, L.L. Yu, T. Nguyen, L. Sung, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Transformations of colloidal silver dietary supplements in a simulated GI tract: A key step towards determining safety and efficacy profiles
R.I. MacCuspie, K.E. Marchionda, N. Patel, Natural Immunogenics Corp, US
Use of Aerosol Dilution to Improve Characterization of ZnO Nanoparticles by Single Particle Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
J. Liu, V.A. Hackley, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Cancer Nanotechnology: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Gold Nanoparticles Reduce Inflammation in Cerebral Microvessels of Septic Mice, But Do Not Alter Tumor Progression in Glioblastoma-Induced Mice
S. Rodrigues, R. Silva, L. Fernandes, D. Di Bella, L. Colli, E. Akamine, M. Carvalho, University of Sao Paulo, BR
Modular Nanoparticle Probes for Personalized in Vitro and in Vivo Imaging of Cancer Cell Populations, vol. 3: pp. 122-125
P.D. Nallathamby, K. Cowden-Dahl, R.K. Roeder, University of Notre Dame, US
Enhancement of anticancer action of traditional (doxorubicin and cisplatin) and experimental (landomycin A) drugs by their delivery in vivo with novel C60-fullerene-based nanocarriers possessing innate ROS-modulating activity, vol. 3: pp. 130-133
R. Panchuk, S. Prylutska, N. Skorokhyd, L. Lehka, L. Skivka, V. Hurmach, M. Evstigneev, J. Piosik, W. Berger, Yu. Prylutskyy, P. Scharff, R. Stoika, S. Vari, Institute of Cell Biology NAS of Ukraine, UA
Stimuli-sensitive Theranostic for Targeted Imaging-Guided Drug Delivery
Y. Haik, Hamad bin Khalifa University, QA
Microfluidics Manufacture of Verteporfin Loaded Liposomes Composed of Natural and Synthetic Lipids Using a Scalable Microfludic Platform
A. Thomas, A. Brown, S.M. Garg, K. Ou, J. Singh, S. Chang, M. Ma, S. Sidhu, B. Versteeg, M. Assadian, A. Armstead, G. Heuck, S. Ip, T.J. Leaver, A.W. Wild, R. Lockard, R.J. Taylor, E.C. Ramsay, Precision NanoSystems Inc., CA
Diagnostics & Bioimaging: PostersExpo Hall D & E
An Acoustically Equivalent Test Phantom Arm for Ultrasonic Imaging and Sensing
P. Schneider, B. Bosinski, A. Trimper, K.W. Oh, University at Buffalo's Sensors & MicroActuators Learning Lab (SMALL), US
Rapid Bacteria Isolation and Collection for Infection Diagnostics without Culture
Y. Xu, J. Struss, T. Ferguson, D.T. Hung, Z. Zhou, Luna Innovations Inc., US
Amplification-free liquid biopsy by fluorescence approach, vol. 3: pp. 106-109
J. Uhd, M. Taskova, A. Okholm, K. Astakhova, University of Southern Denmark, DK
Developing an approach to identify silver-responsive gene: in silico analysis by Connection up- and down-regulation expression analysis of microarrays (CU-DREAM)
A.W.K. Sooklert, D. Jindatip, N.W.S. Cherdchom, A. Sereemaspun, Chulalongkorn University, TH
Graphene & 2D-Materials: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Structure determination of silicene nanoribbons on Ag(110), vol. 1: pp. 87-90
P. Espeter, C. Keutner, N.F. Kleimeier, P. Roese, K. Shamout, G. Wenzel, U. Berges, H. Zacharias, C. Westphal, TU Dortmund, DE
Oligomeric aminoborane precursors for the chemical vapour deposition growth of few-layer hexagonal boron nitride
X. Wang, University of Oxford, UK
Gallium Selenide: A Novel Optoelectronic 2D Material
N. Briggs, J. Robinson, Pennsylvania State University, US
Engineered Graphenes & Graphene-enabled Products for Electronics Assembly
N.K. Chaki, B. Das, S. Devarajan, S. Sarkar, R. Raut and B. Singh, Alpha Assembly Solutions, IN
Controlling Growth and Excited State Dynamics of Monolayer MoS 2 via Substrate Engineering
K. Zhang,, The Pennsylvania State University, US
Low temperature/low cost deposition of 2D materials on metals and conducting glass for protective, and energy conversion applications
F. Zhang, Y. Lei and M. Terrones, Pennsylvania State University, US
Graphitic Carbon Nitride Thin Film: Suitability of Device Applications
P.C. Patra and Y.N. Mohapatra, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, IN
Sustainability Innovations: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Effect of Cellulosic Feedstock and Formulations on the CNC Production Yields
C. Danumah, B. Ahvazi, InnoTech Alberta, CA
Study of High-Strength Concrete Reinforced with Bamboo Fibers, vol. 2: pp. 301-304
H. Soto, R. Marrero, F. Benítez, C. Medina, O.M. Suárez, University of Puerto Rico, PR
Performance of BIPV/T System at a Test Bed
H-S Nah, S-Y Lee, Korea Electric Power Corporation, Research Institute, KR
Solar Technologies & Materials: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Fabrication and Characterization of TiO2 /ZnO Nanofibers from PVAc Electrospun Microfiber for Renewable Energy Application, vol. 2: pp. 53-57
S.M. Camargo Silva, E. Muñoz-Prieto, E. Gomez-Pachon, R. Vera-Graziano, Universidad Pedagogica y Tecnológica de colombia and Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, UNAM, CO
Evaluation of factory infrastructure for next-generation PV manufacturing, vol. 2: pp. 58-61
A. Halbe, D. Yeaman, M+W Group, US
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Energy Storage: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Efficiency Improvement Techniques for Liquid Piston based Ocean Compressed Air Energy Storage, vol. 2: pp. 136-139
V.C. Patil, North Carolina State University, US
Piezoelectric-Based Vibration Energy Harvester, vol. 2: pp. 82-85
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MEMS & NEMS: PostersExpo Hall D & E
A new humidity sensor based on the effect of water content on a capacitive MEMS oscillator’s thermo-electrical characteristics, vol. 4: pp. 76-79
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Modeling and simulation of organic MEM relay for estimating the coefficient of thermal expansion of PEDOT:PSS, vol. 4: pp. 120-123
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Informatics, Modeling & Simulation: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Reduction in Lags and Current Collapse in Field-Plate AlGaN/GaN HEMTs with High Acceptor Density in a Buffer Layer, vol. 4: pp. 27-30
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The Effects of Autonomous Vehicles on Highway Traffic
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Big Data for Agriculture 1: Farmers QA
M. Feng, X. Li, W. Zhang, C.C. Zhou, Cascade Clean Energy, Inc., US
NanoFabrication & Nanomanufacturing: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Production of Bioabsorbible Nanoparticles of Polycaprolactone by Using a Recirculating System, vol. 1: pp. 395-398
G. Colmenares, L. Agudelo, R. Pinal, L. Hoyos, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, CO
Hyphenation of field-flow fractionation and single particle ICP-MS for the assessment of number-based particle size distributions at ultratrace levels
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High rate fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces on polyamide using roll-to-roll hot embossing process
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Mobility Enhancement from Process-Induced Stress of T-FinFET and Compact Model Development, vol. 1: pp. 375-378
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Fabrication of Polymeric Membranes with Micro and Nano Apertures over Large Areas, vol. 1: pp. 383-386
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G. Colmenares, L. Agudelo, R. Pinal, L. Hoyos, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, CO
Biomaterials: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Bioinspired M13 bacteriophage based photonic nose for differentiational cell recognition
S.Y. Yoo, Pusan National University, KR
An ex-vivo and in-vivo performance of a switchable carbon nanotube membrane device for transdermal nicotine delivery, vol. 3: pp. 20-23
G.K. Gulati, L. Berger, B. Jackson Hinds, University of Washington, US
High flux nanocomposite hollow fiber membrane for hemodialysis, vol. 1: pp. 291-294
S.K. Verma, A. Modi, A.K. Singh, R. Teotia, J. Bellare, IIT Bombay, IN
Mechanical Properties of a composite material made of HAp nanofibers, vol. 3: pp. 32-35
J.R. Alanis, R. Velazquez, E.M. Rivera, Universidad Autónoma de Queretaro, MX
The Design and 3D Printing of Novel Structures for Cardiovascular Repair
B. Holmes, P. Koti, N. Muselimyan, H. Asfour, N. Sarvazyan, George Washington University, US

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