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NanoFabrication & Nanomanufacturing

NanoFabrication and Nanomanufacturing

Key Speakers

James KushmerickThe Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST)
James Kushmerick
Deputy Director, Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST), National Institute of Standards and Technology

Oliver BrandNational Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI)
Oliver Brand
Executive Director, Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology, Georgia Institute of Technology

Symposium Sessions

Monday May 15

10:30NanoFabrication & Nanomanufacturing
1:30Graphene Synthesis & Applications
1:30Cellulose Innovation & Commercialization Panel Discussion

Tuesday May 16

1:302-D Materials Synthesis & Applications
1:30Safety & Innovation as Partners for Success in Advanced Manufacturing: Panel Discussion
NanoFabrication & Nanomanufacturing: Posters

Wednesday May 17

1:30Nanoelectronic Devices
Advanced, Printed & Flexible Electronics: Posters

Symposium Program

Monday May 15

10:30NanoFabrication & NanomanufacturingChesapeake 11-12
Session chair: Ahmed Busnaina, Northeastern University, US
10:30The Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST) (invited presentation)
J. Kushmerick, Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST), US
10:55National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI) (invited presentation)
O. Brand, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
11:20Numerical and Experimental Investigation in Replicating a Micro-Featured Surface with the Injection Molding Process, vol. 1: pp. 387-390
A. Rajhi, I.H. Jaafar, J.P. Coulter, Lehigh University, US
11:40Fabrication of novel flexible tool for roll-to-roll embossing
A. Panwar, N. KodihalliShivaprakash, J. Zhang, J. Mead, C. Barry, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
12:00Uniform Spray-based Large Area Nanoparticle Coating at Nanometric Thickness, vol. 1: pp. 391-394
M. Rukosuyev, P.C. Lee, M.B.G. Jun, Purdue University, US
1:30Graphene Synthesis & ApplicationsNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Jeffrey Fagan, NIST, US
1:30Effect of defects on the intrinsic strength and stiffness of graphene (invited presentation)
N.A. Koratkar, D. Narsimulu, E.S. Srinadhu and N. Satyanarayana, US
1:55Hydrogenation of few-layer graphenes using Birch-type reduction: the importance of graphene edges
X. Zhang, Y. Huang, S. Chen, N.Y. Kim, W. Kim, D. Schilter, M. Biswal, B. Li, Z. Lee, S. Ryu, C.W. Bielawski, W.S. Bacsa, R.S. Ruoff, CEMES-CNRS et Université de Toulouse, FR
2:15Layer number controlled synthesis of high quality and large area graphene of large grain size by hot filament chemical vapor deposition
T.B. Limbu, F. Mendoza, R.K. Katiyar, J.J. Razink, B.R. Weiner, G. Morell, University of Puerto Rico, PR
2:35Pristine Low-Cost Large-Area Graphene Sheets
G.G. Botte, Ohio University - Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research, US
2:55Three-Dimensional Graphene-Based Microbarriers for Controlling Release and Reactivity in Colloidal Liquid Phases
M.A. Creighton, W. Zhu, F. Van Krieken, R.A. Petteruti, H. Gao, R.H. Hurt, 3M, US
3:15Graphene role in next generation Lithium-Sulfur batteries
J. Delafuente, Graphenea Inc., US
3:35Novel Graphene Structures: Substantial Capacity Enhancement in Lithium Batteries, vol. 1: pp. 95-98
T.M. Paronyan, A.K. Thapa, A. Sherihy, J.B. Jasinski, S.J. Dilip Jangam, University of Louisville, US
1:30Cellulose Innovation & Commercialization Panel DiscussionChesapeake 6
Session chair: World L-S Nieh, U.S. Forest Service
1:30FiberLean Technologies, the MFC Awakens (invited presentation)
S. Ireland, Fiberlean Technologies Ltd, US
1:55Melodea's industrial CNC production and products develpoment
S. Lapidot, Melodea Ltd., IL
2:15Strategic Development for Pilot Plant Optimization of Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNC) Production
C. Danumah, B. Ahvazi, InnoTech Alberta, CA
2:35Development of a method for measuring nanocellulose in aerosols for workplace evaluation and standard development
J.A. Shatkin, Vireo Advisors, LLC, US
2:55Nano & Microfibrillated Cellulose Commercialization: Panel Discussion
R. Berry, CelluForce, CA
S. Ireland, Fiberlean Technologies Ltd, US
S. Inoue, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, JP
K. Nelson, American Process Inc., US

Tuesday May 16

1:302-D Materials Synthesis & ApplicationsChesapeake 6
Session chair: Anirudha Sumant, Argonne National Labs, US
1:30Next Generation Coatings Based on Atomically Thin Materials (invited presentation)
M. Terrones, The Pennsylvania State University, US
1:55From Self-assembled Brominated Diphenylacetylene Molecules to On-surface Organic Nanowires, vol. 1: pp. 76-78
F. Sedona, M.M. Seyyed Fakhrabadi, M. Sambi, Università Degli Studi di Padova, IT
2:15Mass Production of Graphene and Magnetic Nanoparticle in Arc Discharge Plasma and their Potential Biological Applications, vol. 1: pp. 79-82
X. Fang, The George Washington University, US
2:35Two-Dimensional Nanoporous Silicates and Their Potential Applications, vol. 1: pp. 83-86
J.Q. Zhong, J. Kestell, N. Akter, T. Kim, M. Wang, D. Lu, I. Galuskina, D.J. Stacchiola, J.A. Boscoboinik, Brookhaven National Laboratory, US
2:55Optical Signatures of Structural Polymorphism in MoTe2 and Mo1-xWxTe2 Alloys
P.M. Vora, R. Beams, S.M. Oliver, S. Krylyuk, A.K. Singh, I. Kalish, A. Bruma, F. Tavazza, J. Joshi, I.R. Stone, S.J. Stranick, A.V. Davydov, George Mason University, US
1:30Safety & Innovation as Partners for Success in Advanced Manufacturing: Panel DiscussionChesapeake 5
Session chair: Chuck Geraci, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; Sally Tinkle, IDA/Science and Technology Policy Institute; Sara Brenner, SUNY Poly, US
J. Howard, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, US
P. Scheuer, Honeywell- F&MT, US
R. Martella, General Electric, US
T.L. Albers, Rapid Prototype and Manufacturing (rp+m), US
K. Nelson, VP Nanocellulose Technology, US
M. Tuominen, Director, National Nanomanufacturing Network, US
M. Fancher, SUNY Poly, US
T. Diamond, SUNY Colleges of Nanoscale Science & Engineering, US
NanoFabrication & Nanomanufacturing: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Production of Bioabsorbible Nanoparticles of Polycaprolactone by Using a Recirculating System, vol. 1: pp. 395-398
G. Colmenares, L. Agudelo, R. Pinal, L. Hoyos, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, CO
Hyphenation of field-flow fractionation and single particle ICP-MS for the assessment of number-based particle size distributions at ultratrace levels
R. Reed, T. Pfaffe, S. Tadjiki, E. Moldenhauer, F. Meier, T. Klein, Postnova Analytics Inc., US
Comprehensive characterization of TiO2 nanoparticles using field flow fractionation and multi angle light scattering
S. Tadjiki, R. Reed, F. Meier, T. Klein, Postnova Analytics Inc., US
High rate fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces on polyamide using roll-to-roll hot embossing process
N. KodihalliShivaprakash, J. Zhang, A. Panwar, J. Mead, C. Barry, University of Masachusetts Lowell, US
Mobility Enhancement from Process-Induced Stress of T-FinFET and Compact Model Development, vol. 1: pp. 375-378
J. He, Peking University Shenzhen SoC Key Lab., CN
Fabrication of Polymeric Membranes with Micro and Nano Apertures over Large Areas, vol. 1: pp. 383-386
K. Li, J.A. Hernández-Castro, T. Veres, National Research Council of Canada, CA
Canada’s National Nanofabrication Process Database
A.O. Fung, P. Greig, M-J. Gour, A.P. Joy, M. Kim, W. Zhang, C. Clément, G.T.T. Gibson, M-H. Bernier, M. Giguère, E.H. Xu, A.C. Hryciw, P.L. Langlois, N.R. Sieb, B. Bahreyni, W.T. Ng, CMC Microsystems, CA
Synthesis By Two-step Growth Scheme For Fabrication of Hierarchical Micro/Nano-structured Mesoporous FePO4 Particles for High Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries, vol. 1: pp. 371-374
B. Dong, G. Li, X. Yang, University of Nottingham Ningbo China, CN
Production of polycaprolactone nanoparticles with low polydispersity index in a tubular recirculating system by using a multifactorial design of experiments
G. Colmenares, L. Agudelo, R. Pinal, L. Hoyos, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, CO

Wednesday May 17

1:30Nanoelectronic DevicesNational Harbor 13
Session chair: Baratunde A. Cola, Carbice Nanotechnologies, Inc
1:30Fusing the Bulk and the Nanoscale with Light: Surprises and Opportunities (invited presentation)
J. Spanier, Drexel University, US
1:55Feedback Process Control for Nano-manufacturing of Semi-conductor Circuits, vol. 1: pp. 379-382
W. Kohn, Z.B. Zabinsky, Atigeo, LLC and CUNY Graduate Center, Computer Science Department, US
2:15Aberration-corrected Electron Beam Lithography at the One Nanometer Length Scale
A. Stein, V.R. Manfrinato, L. Zhang, C.-Y. Nam, E.A. Stach, C.T. Black, Brookhaven National Laboratory, US
2:35Controlling the Interface-Size of Inorganic/Organic Semiconductors Heterojunction Nanowires for Perfect Performance Diodes
H. Liu, Y. Li, Y. Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
2:55Spintronics: Recent developments on ultra-low-energy, area-efficient, and fast spin-devices and spin-circuits, vol. 4: pp. 51-54
K. Roy, Purdue University, US
3:15High density multifunctional neural probes for parallel read-out and control
V. Lanzio, M. West, S. Sassolini, S. Dhuey, A. Koshelev, H. Adesnik, G. Telian, R. Witharm, P. Denes, F. Martinez Mc-kinney, S. Ito, S. Cabrini, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
Advanced, Printed & Flexible Electronics: PostersPotomac Registration Hall
CarrICool – the Innovative 3D Interposer Platform for HPC Systems: Analysis, Simulations, Optimization, Practice for Reliability Improvement and Performance Increase, vol. 4: pp. 47-50
G. Janczyk, T. Bieniek, P.R. Bajurko, Instytut Technologii Elektronowej, PL
Novel Polymer Substrates for Printed Electronics by Continuous Extrusion
A. Panwar, J. Mead, C. Barry, C. Lepont, R. Vaghani, J. Desrochers, A. Akyirtlu, A. Dericioglu, SE. Hajisaeid, M. Haghzadeh, M. Herndon, D. Rockosi, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
Three Operation Modes of 6T-SRAM Using 5nm-Node Multi-Vt FD-SOI MOSFETs
J-Y. Chen, S-H. Chen, M-H. Chiang, National Cheng Kung University, TW
Controlling the Interface-Size of Inorganic/Organic Semiconductors Heterojunction Nanowires for Perfect Performance Diodes
H. Liu, Institute of Chemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
Improved adhesion between polyimide substrates and screen-printed copper electrodes by chemical treatment of substrate surface
C.H. Cho and Y.J. Choi, Sejong University, KR

The key to realize nanotechnology's potential is the ability to assemble and manufacture nanoscale materials and devices: structures with dimensions smaller than 100nm. This event focuses on all areas of nanofabrication that will accelerate nanotechnology's progress: innovative research to state-of-the-art development to cost-effective manufacturability.

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