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Materials for Sustainable Building

Materials for Green Building

Symposium Co-Chairs

Jan KosnyJan Kosny
Director, Building Enclosures and Materials
Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems

Dariusz GawinDariusz Gawin
Professor of Civil Engineering
Technical University of Lodz, Poland

Key Speakers

Robert M. RyanWhat’s Old is New Again – a New Look at an Ancient Material
Robert M. Ryan
Chief Executive Officer, President, Twining, Inc.

Massimo F BertinoSimplified fabrication of transparent, custom-shaped, and cellular aerogel composites
Massimo F Bertino
Professor of Physics and Associate, Director of the Nanocharacterization Core Facility, Virginia Commonwealth University

Nitin ShuklaDevelopment of a Non-corrosive and Bio-based Phenolic Foam Insulation for Buildings
Nitin Shukla
Senior Technical Staff, Building Enclosures and Materials Group, Fraunhofer CSE, Boston

Karma SawyerHarnessing Advancements in Thermal and Mass Transport Sciences to Create Next Generation Building Envelope Technologies
Karma Sawyer
Program manager for Emerging Technologies, Building Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy

Halime PaksoyThermally Enhanced Concrete Containing Microencapsulated Phase Change Material
Halime Paksoy
Professor, Cukurova University, Turkey

Alan RansilEncapsulation of Inorganic PCMs for Building Material Integration
Alan Ransil
CoFounder, CoolComposites, Incorporated

Symposium Sessions

Monday May 15

10:30Materials for Sustainable Building I
1:30Materials for Sustainable Building II

Tuesday May 16

10:30Building Integrated Solar
1:30Materials Innovation Spotlights: Henkel, SABIC
Sustainability Innovations: Posters
Solar Technologies & Materials: Posters

Wednesday May 17

Sustainability & Efficiency Innovation

Symposium Program

Monday May 15

10:30Materials for Sustainable Building IPotomac 6
Session chair: Dariusz Gawin, Technical University of Lodz, Poland
10:30What’s Old is New Again – a New Look at an Ancient Material (invited presentation)
R. Ryan, Twining, Inc., US
10:55Thermally Enhanced Concrete Containing Microencapsulated Phase Change Material (invited presentation)
H.O. Paksoy, Cukurova University, TR
11:45High-Performance Nano Insulation Materials for Energy-Efficient Buildings, vol. 2: pp. 289-292
B.P. Jelle, B.G. Tilset, T. Gao, M. Grandcolas, O.M. Løvvik, R.A. Bohne, S.A. Mofid, S. Ng, E. Sagvolden, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, NO
11:20Encapsulation of Inorganic PCMs for Building Material Integration (invited presentation)
A. Ransil, CoolComposites, Inc., US
12:05Structural Determination of Silica-Based Fire-Proof Heat Insulation, vol. 2: pp. 293-296
N. Oya, Y. Kawajiri, H. Kitajima, K. Matsumoto, K. Sugiura, Y. Imae, K. Imae, Osaka Prefectural College of Technology, JP
1:30Materials for Sustainable Building IIPotomac 6
Session chair: Jan Kosny, Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems CSE, US
1:30Harnessing Advancements in Thermal and Mass Transport Sciences  to Create Next Generation Building Envelope Technologies (invited presentation)
K. Sawyer, US Department of Energy, US
1:55New trends in durability analysis of building materials and improved understanding of concrete deterioration mechanisms - great prospects for material innovations and development of new testing methods. (invited presentation)
D. Gawin, Technical University of Lodz, PL
2:20Simplified fabrication of transparent, custom-shaped, and cellular aerogel composites (invited presentation)
M.F. Bertino, Virginia Commonwealth University, US
2:45Development of a Non-corrosive and Bio-based Phenolic Foam Thermal Insulation for Buildings (invited presentation)
N. Shukla, Fraunhofer CSE, US
3:10Smart windows for passive control of solar radiation as a function of external ambient temperature, vol. 2: pp. 305-307
K. Golding, N. Gross, A. Donval, M. Oron, D. Nevo, KiloLambda Technologies, Ltd., IL
3:30From Here to Innovation: Safer Alternatives in Building Product Materials, vol. 2: pp. 297-300
T. Lent, S. Drake, Perkins+Will, US

Tuesday May 16

10:30Building Integrated SolarPotomac 6
Session chair: Jan Kosny, Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems CSE, US
10:30Building Integrated Solar – Pathways to Ubiquitous Power Generation (invited presentation)
C. Hoepfner, Fraunhofer CSE, US
10:55Solar battery program in Austria - innovative solutions for increasing solar coverage, vol. 2: pp. 78-81
C. Egger, OO Energiesparverband, AT
11:15Semi-transparent, Wavelength-selective Polymer Solar Cells for Greenhouse Integration. (invited presentation)
H. Ade, B.T. O’Connor, H. Sedoroff, W. You, North Carolina State University, US
11:40Infield output of a new solar-thermal façade with increased architectural acceptance, vol. 2: pp. 62-65
I. Visa, M. Moldovan, M. Comsit, A. Duta, Transilvania University of Brasov, RO
12:00Efficient Semitransparent Perovskite Solar Cells with Graphene Electrodes
P. You, Z. Liu, Q. Tai, S. Liu, F. Yan, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
1:30Materials Innovation Spotlights: Henkel, SABICNational Harbor 12
Session chair: Purnesh Seegopaul, Pangaea Ventures, US
1:30Henkel: Innovation Spotlights
P. Bavaj, Henkel, DE
1:45SABIC: Innovation Spotlights
J. Amaresekera, SABIC, US
2:00Improving Bulk copper Mechanical Properties with Nanoparticles
L. Loev, Ariel Scientific Innovations, Ltd., IL
2:07MagnaShield Durable Sealcoat for Magnesium Alloys
D. Battocchi, Elinor Specialty Coatings, US
2:14Membranes for Harsh Environments
G. Newbloom, Membrion, Inc. (formerly Ionic Windows LLC), US
2:21xPAO Functional Polyolefins
J. Reeds, Precision Polyolefins, LLC, US
2:283D printing conductive ink
A. Some, univalor, CA
2:35Henkel, SABIC: Q&A
Sustainability Innovations: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Effect of Cellulosic Feedstock and Formulations on the CNC Production Yields
C. Danumah, B. Ahvazi, InnoTech Alberta, CA
Study of High-Strength Concrete Reinforced with Bamboo Fibers, vol. 2: pp. 301-304
H. Soto, R. Marrero, F. Benítez, C. Medina, O.M. Suárez, University of Puerto Rico, PR
Performance of BIPV/T System at a Test Bed
H-S Nah, S-Y Lee, Korea Electric Power Corporation, Research Institute, KR
Solar Technologies & Materials: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Fabrication and Characterization of TiO2 /ZnO Nanofibers from PVAc Electrospun Microfiber for Renewable Energy Application, vol. 2: pp. 53-57
S.M. Camargo Silva, E. Muñoz-Prieto, E. Gomez-Pachon, R. Vera-Graziano, Universidad Pedagogica y Tecnológica de colombia and Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, UNAM, CO
Evaluation of factory infrastructure for next-generation PV manufacturing, vol. 2: pp. 58-61
A. Halbe, D. Yeaman, M+W Group, US
Characteristic Fluctuation of Gate-All-Around Silicon Nanowire MOSFETs Induced by Random Discrete Dopants from Source/Drain Extensions, vol. 4: pp. 43-46
W-L. Sung and Y. Li, National Chiao Tung University, TW
Modeling of Minibands for Si/SiC Quantum Dot Superlattice Solar Cells, vol. 2: pp. 41-44
Y-C. Tsai, M-Y. Lee, Y. Li, S. Samukawa, National Chiao Tung University, TW
Internet-of-Things Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Testbed for Demand Response Ancillary Services, vol. 2: pp. 66-69
M. Thornton, H. Smidt, V. Schwarzer, M. Motalleb, R. Ghorbani, University of Hawaii at Manoa, US
Plasmonically Enhanced Thin-Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells, vol. 2: pp. 49-52
T. Sonsalla and S. Zivanovic, Louisiana Tech University, US
Toward the production of efficient solar cells with ultra-thin c-Si substrates obtained by hydrogen implantation induced delamination
S. Pokam, T. Pingault, E. Ntsoenzok, G. Regula, F. Mazen, P. Bellanger, S. Roques, A. Slaoui, T. Pingault, CNRS (National Center of Scientific Research), FR
Solar cells elaboration using thin crystalline silicon films produced by a combined exfoliation approach
T. Pingault, N. Zayyoun, P.S.P. Kuisseu, E. Ntsoenzok, J-P. Blondeau, P. Bellanger, S. Roques, A. Slaoui, A.G. Ulyashin, B. Belhorma, CNRS CEMHTI, FR

Wednesday May 17

Sustainability & Efficiency InnovationPotomac Registration Hall
Synthesis and properties of a series of bio-based surfactants with different hydrophobic chain length, vol. 2: pp. 223-226
S. Sato, H. Habe, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), JP
Selective Reductant Electrowinning via Coal Electrolysis
G.G. Botte, Ohio University - Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research, US
Studying the Microalgae Growth and Stable Nanoemulsion Production Systems for Environmental Mitigations, vol. 3: pp. 12-15
G. Chinni, B. Subeshan, M.M. Rahman, R. Asmatulu, Wichita State University, US
Nanoscale Energy Harvesting - Nano-Boxx: Energy Production from Chips to MW
J. Birmingham, Birmingham Technologies, US
Portable, Smart and Sustainable Zero-Emission Lavatory for Public Uses
C.C. Zhou, J.X. Wang, W.W. Liu, D.K. Li, G.N. Ou, C.R. Zhao, M.L. Zhou, CASCADE CLEAN TECH, INC., US

The development of new materials and devices for greener buildings provides one of the greatest opportunities for environmental change. The energy consumption of houses and buildings accounts for 40% of all the energy used. Producing that energy generates about 36% of total carbon dioxide emissions. A range of new materials and solutions are being developed that promise significant improvements in the sustainability and efficiency of buildings.

Join industry leaders and innovators from government, industrial and academic laboratories to discuss new and what’s next, from super-insulating materials, building integrated photovoltaics and innovative lighting, to new roofing and window materials, novel coatings, and new sustainable construction materials.

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