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Materials for Oil & Gas

Materials for Oil & Gas

Symposium Co-Chairs

Katherine Price HoelschlerKatherine Price Hoelschler
Team Leader

Alex NormanAlex Norman
Staff Chemist
ExxonMobil Chemical

Ning MaNing Ma
Staff Scientist
ExxonMobil Research and Engineering

Key Speakers

Michele L. OstraatDevelopment and Optimization of Nanostructured Materials for the Oil and Gas Industry: Case Studies in Gas Separations, Catalysts, and Corrosion Mitigation
Michele L. Ostraat
Research Center Leader - Downstream, Aramco Services Company

Ben McCoolInorganic Membrane Research and Development at ExxonMobil – the Last 25 Years to Today
Ben McCool
Advanced Research Associate, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company

Frank ChengNanotechnology for detection and control of microbial corrosion in oil production and transportation
Frank Cheng
Professor of Materials Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada

Antonios DoufasMolecular Design of High Density Polyethylene and it’s Applications in Industrial Products
Antonios Doufas
Senior Staff Scientist, ExxonMobil Chemical Company

Symposium Sessions

Monday May 15

3:00Energy Innovation Spotlights: Shell, Ingersoll Rand

Wednesday May 17

8:30Corrosion Resistant Coatings
10:30Materials for Oil & Gas I
1:30Materials for Oil & Gas II
Materials for Oil & Gas: Posters

Symposium Program

Monday May 15

3:00Energy Innovation Spotlights: Shell, Ingersoll RandNational Harbor 13
Session chair: Bernice Glenn, NSTXL, US
3:00Shell: Innovation Spotlights
J. Unterreiner, Shell, US
3:15Ingersoll Rand: Innovation Spotlights
L. Adifon, Ingersoll Rand, US
3:30Heat Integrated Reactive Distillation Process for Synthesis of Bio-Based Chemicals and Conversion of CO2 to Alkyl Carbonate
C. Panchal, E3Tec Service, LLC, US
3:37Falling Particle Receiver for Concentrated Solar Energy
C. Ho, Sandia National Laboratories, US
3:44Multi-functional transparent nano-coating for glass
L. Lu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
3:51Smart restorative coating from two-sided flat nanoparticles
P. Rudenko, TriboTEX, US
3:58Solid-State Ultracapacitor for Improved Energy Storage
P. Hale, NASA Technology Transfer Program, US
4:05Light Activated Hydrogen Energy System
J.R. Song, KorusIP, US
4:12Shell, Ingersoll Rand: Q&A

Wednesday May 17

8:30Corrosion Resistant CoatingsPotomac 2
Session chair: Alex Norman, ExxonMobil, US; Sara Orski, NIST, US
8:30Nano-Engineering of Anodic Oxide Coatings for Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Biofouling (invited presentation)
J. Lee, C-H Choi, Stevens Institute of Technology, US
8:55Nanotechnology for detection and control of microbial corrosion in oil production and transportation (invited presentation)
F. Cheng, University of Calgary, CA
9:20Pipeline Steel Corrosion: A Nanoscale Investigation of a Global-Scale Problem
S.C. Hayden, C. Chisholm, T.J. Kucharski, W. Mook, R.O. Grudt, A. Ilgen, D. Bufford, K. Hattar, K. Jungjohann, M.L. Ostraat, Aramco Services Company, US
9:40VEROGLAZE - color and protection for metal, vol. 1: pp. 279-281
S. Piesslinger-Schweiger, POLIGRAT GmbH, DE
10:00Nanomer® coatings containing flake-type zinc-manganese metal phosphate particles as corrosion protection additives for mild steel, vol. 1: pp. 282-285
E. Perre, S. Albayrak, C. Becker-Willinger, INM - Leibniz Institute for New Materials, DE
10:30Materials for Oil & Gas IPotomac 2
Session chair: Sara Orski, NIST, US; Alex Norman, ExxonMobil, US
10:30Development and Optimization of Nanostructured Materials for the Oil and Gas Industry: Case Studies in Gas Separations, Catalysts, and Corrosion Mitigation (invited presentation)
M. Ostraat, Aramco Services Company, US
10:55Inorganic Membrane Research and Development at ExxonMobil – the Last 25 Years to Today (invited presentation)
B.A. McCool, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, US
11:20Development and Applications of Custom Amorphous Fluoropolymers (CAF), vol. 2: pp. 180-183
A.E. Feiring, N. Shangguan, R.D. Lousenberg, S. Majumdar, H. Murnen, S. Nemser, W. Charlton, Compact Membrane Systems, Inc., US
11:40Elucidating the Structural Influence of Calcium in Low-Salinity Enhanced Oil Recovery
J.L. Desmond, P.M. Rodger, T.R. Walsh, Deakin University, AU
12:00Polymer Nanocomposites for Oil-water Separation
P-C Ma, The Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
1:30Materials for Oil & Gas IIPotomac 2
Session chair: Alex Norman, ExxonMobil, US; Ning Ma, ExxonMobil, US
1:30Molecular Design of High Density Polyethylene and it’s Applications in Industrial Products (invited presentation)
A. Doufas, ExxonMobil Chemical Company, US
1:55Electrochemical nanoparticle injection into well cement to repair wellbore leakages
L. Li, Y. Xi, M. Hubler, J. Nemecek, University of Colorado at Boulder, US
2:15A novel nano-sized polymer microsphere as a potential shale stabilizer in water-based drilling fluids, vol. 2: pp. 164-167
J. Xu, Z. Qiu, G. Chen, H. Zhong, X. Zhao, China University of Petroleum, CN
2:35Engineered response materials for oil and gas, vol. 2: pp. 168-171
A. Sherman, Terves Inc, US
2:55Nanoscale Flow Chip Platform For Laboratory Evaluation Of Enhanced Oil Recovery Materials, vol. 2: pp. 172-175
M. Engel, R.F. Neumann, R. Giro, P.W. Bryant, M.B. Steiner, IBM Research Brazil, BR
3:15Polymer design to optimize Enhanced Oil Recovery by polymer flooding
T. Broekhuis, D. Wever, F. Picchioni, UNiversity Groningen, NL
3:35Understanding Penetration Behavior of Microemulsions in Nanoporous Shale Formation
I.Y. Akkutlu, K. Bui, J. Silas, A. Zelenev, Texas A&M University, US
3:55Heat Resistant Advanced 9% Cr Steel for Fossil Energy Power Generation, vol. 2: pp. 152-155
J. Hawk, P. Jablonski, National Energy Technology Laboratory, US
Materials for Oil & Gas: PostersPotomac Registration Hall
Microscopic pore structures and controlling factors of the Micro- and Nano- Scale tight sandstone reservoirs in the Western Sichuan Depression, China, vol. 2: pp. 176-179
Q. Wang, D. Chen, B. Zhang, L. Li, China University of Petroleum, CN
Optimization of Natural Gas Turbines for Greater Resiliency and Quick Starts for Adaptive islanding, vol. 2: pp. 187-189
R. Lank, D. Tucker, DERP Technologies, L.L.C., US
Advances in Next-Generation Polyolefin Standard Reference Materials, vol. 2: pp. 156-159
S.V. Orski, W.S. Farrell, K.L. Beers, NIST, US
Electrochemical Sensors for Gas Pipelines Using Ion Conducting Membranes, vol. 2: pp. 160-163
M. Ziomek-Moroz, National Energy Technology Laboratory, US
Novel Onboard Flotation for Spilled Oil Recovery under Artic and Gulf of Mexico Conditions, vol. 2: pp. 183-186
F. Shi, Y. Duan, Y. Soong, M. Gray, National Energy Technology Laboratory, US

This special symposium focuses on advanced and emerging technologies for improving the exploration, extraction and production for the oil and gas industries. Novel nanostructured and advanced materials, fluids, imaging systems and sensors are leading to improved processes for oil and gas extraction and refinement, along with overall footprint reduction from extraction to use.  This program is focused on revolutionary and commercially viable research and development efforts. The attending corporate community is looking to identify global top technologies for co-development and pilot consideration. Please join the leading global technology innovators and integrators in providing new technology solutions to the world’s energy leadership.

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