TechConnect World 2017
National SBIR/STTR Conference National Innovation Summit & Showcase Nanotech 2017

TechConnect World 2017 Program - Monday May 15

7:00RegistrationPotomac Registration Hall
8:15TechConnect World Innovation Conference & National Innovation Summit - KeynotesPotomac A
Session chair: Matthew Laudon, TechConnect, US
8:15Welcome and Keynotes
M. Laudon, TechConnect, US
8:20National Nanotechnology Initiative
L. Friedersdorf, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, US
M. Ferrari, Houston Methodist Research Institute, US
8:55Academic-Industry Partnerships in Nanotechnology: Stories from the Trenches
R. Carpick, University of Pennsylvania, US
9:20Keynote Panel: Innovating in Innovation ProspectingPotomac A
Session chair: Jennifer Rocha, TechConnect, US
G. Nagesh Rao, SBA, US
R. Dirkx, Arkema, US
J. Magnuson, Boeing, US
K. Scott, Magna International, US
C. Skinner, Owens Corning, BE
9:00Phase I SBIR/STTR Proposal Preparation - WorkshopNational Harbor 6
Session chair: J. Greenwood, Greenwood Consulting Group, US
9:00Phase II SBIR/STTR Proposal Preparation - WorkshopNational Harbor 14
Session chair: B. Aistrup, BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting, US
9:00SBIR Cost Accounting - WorkshopNational Harbor 15
Session chair: E. Jameson, Jameson & Company, CPAs, US
10:10Coffee BreakPotomac Registration Hall
10:30Photonics Devices & SystemsPotomac 4
Session chair: Keiko Munechika, aBeam Technologies, Inc., US and Wolfgang S. Bacsa, University of Toulouse, FR
10:30Silicon integrated Photonics for Interconnects, Computing and Sensing Applications (invited presentation)
R.T. Chen, Omega Optics Inc. & University of Texas at Austin, US
10:55Phase Change Optoelectronics (invited presentation)
H. Bhaskaran, Bodle Technologies Limited, UK
11:20Photonics On a Fiber For Wavefront Manipulation
A. Koshelev, G. Calafiore, C. Pina-Hernandez, F.I. Allen, S. Dhuey, S. Sassolini, E. Wang, P. Lum, S. Cabrini, K. Munechika, aBeam Technologies., US
11:40Integrated Photonic Devices for Ultrahigh-speed, Space-Division Multiplexing Optical Coherence
C. Zhou, Lehigh University, US
12:00Development of Nanostructured Antireflection Coatings for Electro-Optic Infrared Technologies
G.G. Pethuraja, R.E. Welser, A.K. Sood, H. Efstathiadis, P. Haldar, E.A. DeCuir, P.S. Wijewarnasuriya, N.K. Dhar, Magnolia Optical Technologies, Inc., US
10:30Carbon Capture & UtilizationPotomac 5
Session chair: Elizabeth Burton, Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI), US
10:30The Role of CO2 Utilization in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mitigation (invited presentation)
R. Munson, Global CCS Institute, US
10:55CCUS as a Regional Economic Development Tool: Planning and Design Considerations (invited presentation)
K. O’Brien, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, US
11:20Wyoming: Managing and Utilizing Carbon Based Resources Responsibly, A Strategy (invited presentation)
C. Bauer, Artis International, US
11:45TechnoEconomicEnvironmental Assessment Method for CO2Utilization in Chemicals Production Based on Evidence from StartUps and Literature, vol. 2: pp. 277-280
A. Zimmermann, M. Kant, R. Schomäcker, J. Kratzer, TU Berlin, DE
12:05Can CCS become a battery?, vol. 2: pp. 269-272
D. Matuszak, U.S. Department of Energy, US
10:30Lab-on-ChipPotomac 3
Session chair: Edward Furlani, University at Buffalo (SUNY), US; Kwang W. Oh, University at Buffalo (SUNY), US
10:30All-in-one Droplet Microfluidics for Molecular Diagnostics (invited presentation)
J.T-H Wang, Johns Hopkins University, US
10:55Precision Diagnostics based on capillary-driven elements (invited presentation)
E. Delamarche, IBM Research - Zurich, CH
11:20Engineering enhanced flow control in paper (invited presentation)
G.IJ. Salentijn, N.N. Hamidon, Y. Hong, E. Verpoorte, University of Groningen, NL
11:45Evaluation of anti-cancer drugs on a micofluidic chip
Y. Liu, W. Shi, C. Uhl, A. Thomas, Lehigh University, US
12:053-D electrode configuration for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of bulk solution, vol. 3: pp. 146-149
A. Wang, D. Koh, P. Schneider, K.W. Oh, University at Buffalo, US
10:30Metallic Additive ManufacturingChesapeake 8-9
Session chair: Slade H Gardner, Big Metal Additive, Inc., US
10:30The state of Additive Manufacturing standards and how it is enabling advanced technology applications (invited presentation)
C. Dekker, Met-L-Flo Inc., US
10:55Development of Laser Wire Additive Manufacturing for Large Aerospace Components (invited presentation)
R. Wilson, GKN Aerospace, US
11:20Metal-Monolithic Ceramic/Metal Composite Castings Produced Using 3D Printed Sand Molds and Cores (invited presentation), vol. 4: pp. 145-148
A.P. Druschitz, C.B. Williams, B. Wood, Virginia Tech, US
11:45Drop-on-Demand 3D Metal Printing, vol. 4: pp. 153-155
I.H. Karampelas, S. Vader, Z. Vader, V. Sukhotskiy, A. Verma, G. Garg, M. Tong, E.P. Furlani, University at Buffalo, US
12:05Powder Metallurgy Characterization of Thermoelectric Materials for Selective Laser Melting, vol. 4: pp. 166-169
N. Batista, A. El Desouky, J. Crandall, S. Wang, J. Yang, S. LeBlanc, The George Washington University, US
10:30Nanomaterials EHS: ExposureNational Harbor 5
Session chair: Philip Demokritou, Harvard School of Public Health, US
10:30Nanometrology for examining nanomaterials released from products undergoing weathering (invited presentation)
J.F. Ranville, K.E. Challis, J.J. Wang, A. Barber, R.S. Lankone, D.H. Fairbrother, S. Kly, M. Moffit, P.W. Westerhoff, Colorado School of Mines, US
10:55Quantifying release of nano- and advanced materials, vol. 1: pp. 325-328
J. Brame, A. Poda, E. Alberts, C. Jackson, A. Kennedy, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, US
11:15Single Cell ICP-MS: quantifying exposure and dose of gold and silver NPs to freshwater algae
D. Jones, R. Merrifield, J. Lead, C. Stephan, PerkinElmer, CA
11:35Developing a fundamental understanding of polymer nanocomposite photodegradation and CNT release characteristics, vol. 1: pp. 321-324
R.S. Lankone, J. Wang, J.F. Ranville, D.H. Fairbrother, Johns Hopkins University, US
11:55Performance and Aging of Graphene Oxide/Polyurethane Nanocomposites, vol. 1: pp. 341-344
D.G. Goodwin Jr., C. Bernard, D. Stanley, T. Nguyen, L. Sung, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
10:30Cancer NanotechnologyNational Harbor 4
Session chair: Mansoor M. Amiji, Northeastern University; Anil Patri, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
10:30Targeting Approaches to Address the Spectrum of Hot and Cold Tumors (invited presentation)
P. Sapra, Pfizer, US
10:55Innovations in Cancer Treatment (invited presentation)
L. Levy, Nanobiotix SA, FR
11:20Integrated Nanoplatform for Cancer imaging and Treatment (invited presentation)
S. Achilefu, Washington University School of Medicine, US
11:45Achieving Effective Vascular and Extravascular Targeted Drug Delivery with Lipid Nanoparticles and Micelles (invited presentation)
G. Lanza, Washington University School of Medicine, US
12:10Cancer Nanomedicines: Challenges and Opportunities, vol. 3: pp. 126-129
L. Tamarkin, CytImmune Sciences, Inc., US
10:30Graphene & 2D-Materials: KeynotesNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Elena Polyakova, Graphene 3D Lab, US
10:30Large-scale 2D Materials: Graphene and Beyond (invited presentation)
J.A. Robinson, The Pennsylvania University, US
10:55Processing and Applications of Monodisperse Two-Dimensional Nanomaterial Inks (invited presentation)
M.C. Hersam, Northwestern University, US
11:20Nanotechnology Standardization and Development of Standards to Support Graphene Development and Commercialization (invited presentation)
H. Benko, American National Standards Institute (ANSI), US
11:452D TMDC Materials: Engineering Photonics and Catalysis at the Atomic Level (invited presentation)
L. Cao, North Carolina State University, US
12:10Manipulating friction with 2D materials-nanoparticles ensembles (invited presentation)
A. Sumant, Argonne National Laboratory, US
10:30Polymers & CompositesNational Harbor 7
Session chair: Brent M Segal, Lockheed Martin, US
10:30Materials for future electronic technologies
10:50Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Based Nanocomposites for Electronics Encapsulation (invited presentation)
Y. Rao, The Dow Chemical Company, US
11:15Fire Resistant, 2nd Generation Resorcinol, PEEK™-Like Phthalonitrile Composites For Advanced Applications, vol. 1: pp. 254-257
M. Laskoski, T.M. Keller, Naval Research Laboratory, US
11:35Hybrid Processing Method for Fabrication of 3D Layered Nanocomposite Materials, vol. 1: pp. 233-236
K.E. Coulter, V.Z. Poenitzsch, S. DiPietro, R. Wei, Southwest Research Institute, US
10:30Materials for Personal/Home Care & CosmeticsPotomac 1
Session chair: Prithwiraj Maitra, Johnson and Johnson, US
10:30Structure Development in Personal Care Coatings (invited presentation)
M. de Mul, BASF, US
10:55Simultaneous Small Angle and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS/WAXS) for the Characterization of Nanostructure in Personal Care, Cosmetic, and Food Products. (invited presentation)
S. Barton, SAXSLAB, US
11:20Triggered Self Assembly Materials for Hair Applications (invited presentation)
S. Amin, L'Oreal Americas, US
11:45ActiVlayr Nanofiber Technology, vol. 3: pp. 36-39
I. Hosie, Revolution Fibres Ltd, NZ
10:30Nano & Microfibrillated CelluloseChesapeake 6
Session chair: Sean Ireland, Fiberlean Technologies Ltd
10:30Cellulose Nanofibers for Electronics, Photonics and Energy Storage (invited presentation)
L. Hu, University of Maryland, College Park, US
10:55Preparation, Characterization and Application of Nanocellulose, vol. 1: pp. 216-220
B. Volkert, K. Hettrich, S. Fischer, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP, DE
11:15Binder applications of cellulose nanofibrils: new developments, vol. 1: pp. 221-224
M. Tajvidi, W. Leng, J.F. Hunt, C. Diop, D. Bousfield, D. Gardner, E. Amini, M. Bilodeau, W. Gramlich, Laboratory of Renewable Nanomaterials, University of Maine, US
11:35Moisture Uptake Characterization in Nanocellulose Using Microwave Cavity, vol. 1: pp. 225-228
C.D. Emiroglu, B. Natarajan, J.W. Gillman, J.A. Liddle, J. Obrzut, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
11:55Evaluation of the genotoxic potential of different types of nanofibrillated celluloses, vol. 1: pp. 229-232
J. Catalán, H.K. Lindberg, K.J. Aimonen, H. Wolff, I. Wedin, M. Nuopponen, K.M. Savolainen, H. Norppa, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, FI
12:15Advanced wood for building applications
T. Li, L. Hu, University of Maryland, College Park, US
10:30Energy Storage KeynotesNational Harbor 3
Session chair: Guosheng Li, PNNL, US
10:30Grid Scale Energy Storage at the Tipping Point: Finding Value Propositions (invited presentation)
I. Gyuk, Department of Energy, US
10:55Energy storage case study (invited presentation)
A. Bianco, E.ON Climate & Renewables North America, US
11:20Flow Battery Applications and Innovations - How is it possible to build an economic optimized redox-flow-batteries? (invited presentation)
K. Pinkwart, J. Noack, L. Wietschel, N. Roznyatovskaya, P. Fischer, J. Tübke, Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, DE
11:45Sodium Ion Battery Development (invited presentation)
E. Kendrick, Warwick University, UK
10:30MEMS & NEMS Devices, Modeling & ApplicationsPotomac 2
Session chair: William (Cy) Wilson, NASA Langley Research Center, US
10:30Overview of Microelectronics and MEMS research at the Air Force Institute of Technology (invited presentation)
R. Coutu, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, US
10:55Design considerations: From Micro-Opto-Mechanical Pressure Sensor (MOMPS) to Micro-Opto-Mechanical Microphones (MOMM), vol. 4: pp. 59-63
R. Haouari, R. Jansens, V. Rochus, B. Figeys, X. Rottenberg, Imec (Belgium) ; KU Leuven (Belgium), BE
11:15Computational Analysis of Electrical Stimulation Devices to Promote Wound Healing, vol. 4: pp. 96-99
A. Anand, K. Liu, V. Sukhotskiy, A. Verma, J. Fournier, G. Gellman, W. Bacon, E.P. Furlani, University at Buffalo, Garwood Medical Devices, LLC, US
11:35An analytical model using order reduction method for out-of-plane electrostatic sound energy harvesters
J. Li, C. Xu, L. Zhang, G. James, J. Tichy, D.-A. Borca-Tasciuc, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
11:55The development of acoustic levitation for time resolved protein crystallography experiments at XFELS, vol. 4: pp. 100-103
P. Docker, R. Morris, M. Newton, J. Kay, J. Beale, D. Axford, A. Orville, D. Stuart, Diamond light Source, UK
D.T. Chang, Y. Yoon, H.P. Moyer, H.D. Nguyen, HRL Laboratories, LLC, US
10:30Materials for Sustainable Building IPotomac 6
Session chair: Dariusz Gawin, Technical University of Lodz, Poland
10:30What’s Old is New Again – a New Look at an Ancient Material (invited presentation)
R. Ryan, Twining, Inc., US
10:55Thermally Enhanced Concrete Containing Microencapsulated Phase Change Material (invited presentation)
H.O. Paksoy, Cukurova University, TR
11:45High-Performance Nano Insulation Materials for Energy-Efficient Buildings, vol. 2: pp. 289-292
B.P. Jelle, B.G. Tilset, T. Gao, M. Grandcolas, O.M. Løvvik, R.A. Bohne, S.A. Mofid, S. Ng, E. Sagvolden, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, NO
11:20Encapsulation of Inorganic PCMs for Building Material Integration (invited presentation)
A. Ransil, CoolComposites, Inc., US
12:05Structural Determination of Silica-Based Fire-Proof Heat Insulation, vol. 2: pp. 293-296
N. Oya, Y. Kawajiri, H. Kitajima, K. Matsumoto, K. Sugiura, Y. Imae, K. Imae, Osaka Prefectural College of Technology, JP
10:30NanoFabrication & NanomanufacturingChesapeake 11-12
Session chair: Ahmed Busnaina, Northeastern University, US
10:30The Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST) (invited presentation)
J. Kushmerick, Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST), US
10:55National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI) (invited presentation)
O. Brand, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
11:20Numerical and Experimental Investigation in Replicating a Micro-Featured Surface with the Injection Molding Process, vol. 1: pp. 387-390
A. Rajhi, I.H. Jaafar, J.P. Coulter, Lehigh University, US
11:40Fabrication of novel flexible tool for roll-to-roll embossing
A. Panwar, N. KodihalliShivaprakash, J. Zhang, J. Mead, C. Barry, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
12:00Uniform Spray-based Large Area Nanoparticle Coating at Nanometric Thickness, vol. 1: pp. 391-394
M. Rukosuyev, P.C. Lee, M.B.G. Jun, Purdue University, US
10:30Automotive Innovation Spotlights: Magna, CumminsNational Harbor 12
Session chair: Bernice Glenn, NSTXL, US
10:30Magna: Innovation Spotlight
G. Benninger, Magna, US
10:45Cummins: Innovation Spotlight
R. England, Cummins, US
11:00Bi-layer Multifunctional Coating for the Prevention of Icing
B. Loux, Arizona Technology Enterprises, US
11:07Kinetic Energy Recapture System for trucks
A. Amigo, Blackburn Energy, US
11:14An Additive Manufacturing Solutions Provider
B. Johnston, Sensor Films Inc, US
11:21Active Noise Control Systems for Airplanes and Automobiles
F. Nelms, The Australian National University, AU
11:28Passive anti-vibration structures
X. Jing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
11:35Highly accurate long-term navigation without GPS using only on-board sensors
S. Agarwal, Texas A&M University, US
11:42Chost Train Generator
D. Plant, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, US
11:49Magna, Cummins: Q&A
10:30Materials Innovation Spotlights: Corning, PraxairNational Harbor 13
Session chair: Paul Lee, Korus IP, KR
10:30Corning: Innovation Spotlights
R. Faris, Corning, US
10:45Praxair: Innovation Spotlights
J. Sirman, Praxair, US
11:00Flexible Surface Heating Materials
H.U. Moon, Korea Electronics Technology Institute(KETI), KR
11:07Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis using Spontaneously Activatable Catalysts
E. Kim, Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER), KR
11:14Smart Coatings with Controlled Release of Active Agents for Corrosion Detection, Corrosion Prevention and Antifouling
X. Zhang, SynMatter LLC, US
11:21Inorganic and Polymeric Nanofiber Development and Production
J. Buk, PARDAM s.r.o., CZ
11:28Metal Organic Frameworks for gas storage and separation, sensors, and catalysis
S. Davis, UCLA Technology Development Group, US
11:35Corning, Praxair: Q&A
12:00Expo Hall: Ice Cream & Coffee Social (lunch not provided)Potomac Registration Hall
1:30Biomed Innovation Spotlights: Medtronic, GE HealthcareNational Harbor 12
Session chair: Conrad Clyburn, MedForeSight, US
1:30Medtronic: Innovation Spotlights
N. Virag, Medtronic, US
1:45GE Healthcare: Innovation Spotlights
M. Brown, GE Healthcare, US
2:00Nanobiomimetic reagent-free sensing and energy storage
E. Chen, Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc., US
2:07Aereus Shield Antimicrobial Copper Alloy Coating
D. Anonychuk, Aereus Technologies Inc, CA
2:14Point-of-Care Micro Biochip for Cancer Diagnostics
E.S. Lee, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US
2:21Rijuven Patient Care Platform
T. Silecky, Rijuven Corporation, US
2:28Highly Stretchable Electronic Tactile Sensors
L. Dobis, University of California, Santa Barbara Office of Technology & Industry Alliances, US
2:35Polymers for the capture of volatile anaesthetics
T. Spencer, University of Melbourne, AU
2:42Integrated Photonic Devices for ultrahigh-speed, space-division multiplexing optical coherence tomography
C. Zhou, Lehigh University, US
2:49Novel Therapy for Bone Regeneration
F. Safadi, Northeast Ohio Medical University, US
2:56Medtronic, GE Healthcare: Q&A
1:30Materials Innovation Spotlights: Sherwin Williams, Owens CorningNational Harbor 13
Session chair: Lynn Foster, BPT Pharma, US
1:30Sherwin Williams: Innovation Spotlights
B. Makowski, Sherwin Williams, US
1:45Owens Corning: Innovation Spotlights
C. Skinner, Owens Corning, US
2:00Hybrid Hollow Silica Particles with Unprecedentedly Low Thermal Conductivity
D. Sims, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
2:07Acoustic foam with structural properties
A. Some, univalor, CA
2:14Safer Paint Stripper Alternatives
R. Kaushik, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
2:21Sherwin Williams, Owens Corning: Q&A
3:00Materials & Personal Care Innovation Spotlights: L'Oreal, Church & DwightNational Harbor 12
Session chair: Lynn Foster, BPT Pharma, US
3:00L'Oreal: Innovation Spotlights
S. Amin, L'Oreal, US
3:15Church & Dwight: Innovation Spotlights
C. Oryniak, Church & Dwight, US
3:30Novel Marine Antifouling and Antimicrobial Paints
E. Tate, Inhibit Coatings Limited, NZ
3:37Paraffin and Carnauba Wax Substitutes Derived from Soybean Oil
M. Juetten, Iowa State University, US
3:44Bisphenol A (BPA) Free Epoxies Useful in Making Safer Food and Beverage Can Coatings
R. Kaushik, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
3:51Oil-in-Water-in-Oil Multinanoemulsions for Templating Complex Nanoparticles
L. Dobis, University of California, Santa Barbara Office of Technology & Industry Alliances, US
3:58Durable Icephobic and Superhydrophobic Coating Systems
C. Lepont, UMass Lowell Nanomanufacturing Center, US
4:05L'Oreal, Church & Dwight: Q&A
3:00Energy Innovation Spotlights: Shell, Ingersoll RandNational Harbor 13
Session chair: Bernice Glenn, NSTXL, US
3:00Shell: Innovation Spotlights
J. Unterreiner, Shell, US
3:15Ingersoll Rand: Innovation Spotlights
L. Adifon, Ingersoll Rand, US
3:30Heat Integrated Reactive Distillation Process for Synthesis of Bio-Based Chemicals and Conversion of CO2 to Alkyl Carbonate
C. Panchal, E3Tec Service, LLC, US
3:37Falling Particle Receiver for Concentrated Solar Energy
C. Ho, Sandia National Laboratories, US
3:44Multi-functional transparent nano-coating for glass
L. Lu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
3:51Smart restorative coating from two-sided flat nanoparticles
P. Rudenko, TriboTEX, US
3:58Solid-State Ultracapacitor for Improved Energy Storage
P. Hale, NASA Technology Transfer Program, US
4:05Light Activated Hydrogen Energy System
J.R. Song, KorusIP, US
4:12Shell, Ingersoll Rand: Q&A
1:30Sensor KeynotesNational Harbor 2
Session chair: Martin Poitzsch, Aramco Research Center, US
1:30“NanoProbes” for Oil Reservoir Sensing and Intervention (invited presentation)
M.E. Poitzsch, Aramco Research Center, US
1:55The Nanotechnology for Sensors and Sensors for Nanotechnology Signature Initiative (invited presentation)
D. Farrell, National Cancer Institute, US
2:20Damage Detection Sensor System for Aerospace and Multiple Applications, vol. 3: pp. 264-266
M. Williams, M. Lewis, T. Gibson, J. Lane, C. Ihlefeld, National Aeronautics and Space Adminstration, US
2:40Multifunctional Materials and Tomographic Algorithms for Human and Structural Sensing (invited presentation)
K.J. Loh, University of California, San Diego, US
3:05Multivariable Sensors for Ubiquitous Monitoring of Gases (invited presentation)
R. Potyrailo, GE Global Research, US
3:30Scalable Printing of Nano and Microscale Sensors and Electronics (invited presentation)
A. Busnaina, W.L. Smith, Northeastern University, US
1:30Water TechnologiesPotomac 1
Session chair: Armin Völkel, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), US
1:30Getting Out of Orbit: Water Recycling Requirements and Technology Needs for Long Duration Missions Away from Earth (invited presentation)
D. Barta, NASA Johnson Space Center, US
1:55Nanotechnology enabled water treatment: potential and research needs (invited presentation)
Q. Li, Rice University, US
2:20Sustainable Drinking Water Disinfection System by a Reusable and Bio-compatible Nano diamond Material
A.F. Colón, N. Alvarez, P. Figueroa, A. Arroyo, J. Avalos, B.R. Weiner, G. Morell, R. Ríos, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus, US
2:40Ionic Diodes in Water Desalination & Purification, vol. 2: pp. 235-238
F. Marken, E. Madrid, B.D.B. Aaronson, N.B. McKeown, University of Bath, UK
3:00Microdeposition and microspectroscopy of nanoparticles as water contaminants
L.C.C. Elliott, S.M. Stavis, National Institute of Standards and Technology, University of Maryland, US
3:20Enhancement of Heat Transfer Coefficient Using Fe2O3 –Water Nanofluids, vol. 2: pp. 247-250
N.I. Zoulia, S.A.M. Mohammed, M.H. Al-Dahhan, Missouri University of Science and Technology, US
3:40Application of a Novel Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Water Decontamination, vol. 2: pp. 253-256
H. Kim, S. Izadjoo, H. Truong, M. Izadjoo, Trideum Biosciences and ChiScan LLC, US
1:30Photonics Materials InnovationPotomac 4
Session chair: Ray Chen, Omega Optics Inc., US
1:30Self-Assembly and Optical Behavior of Magnetic-Plasmonic Nanostructures, vol. 4: pp. 202-205
K. Liu, X. Xue, V. Sukhotskiy, E.P. Furlani, University at Buffalo, US
1:50Highly luminescent Ca3Sc2Si3O12:Ce3+ silicate garnet nano- and microparticles with 50-70% photoluminescence quantum yields as efficient phosphor converters for white LEDs, vol. 4: pp. 194-197
I. Levchuk, F. Schröppel, L. Römling, A. Osvet, N. Khaidukov, Y. Zorenko, R. Van Deun, M. Batentschuk, C.J. Brabec, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE
2:10Printable Active Photonic Crystals in High Refractive Index Functional Materials for Visible Light Applications
C. Pina-Hernandez, A. Koshelev, G. Calafiore, M. Sainato, S. Dhuey, S. Cabrini, K. Munechika, aBeam Technologies., US
2:30Theoretical Comparison of Optical and Photothermal Properties of Near-Infrared Plasmonic Nanoparticles, vol. 4: pp. 206-209
K. Liu, X. Xue, E.P. Furlani, University at Buffalo, US
1:30Innovations in Carbon Capture & UtilizationPotomac 5
Session chair: Ron Munson, Global CCS Institute, US
1:30Utilization of Captured CO2 for Conversion to Alkyl Carbonates, vol. 2: pp. 273-276
C.B. Panchal, J.C. Prindle, R. Sturtz, R. Doctor, E3Tec Service, LLC, US
1:50Electrochemical CO2 Reduction to High Value Chemicals
G.G. Botte, Ohio University - Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research, US
2:10Nanotechnology-Based Catalysts for the Electrochemical Synthesis of Low Carbon Fuels
A.J. Rondinone, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
2:30Harsh environment low cost LIBS sensor for sub-surface CO2 leak detection in carbon sequestration, vol. 2: pp. 281-284
J. Jain, D. McIntyre, C.L. Goueguel, National Energy Technology Laboratory, US
2:50CCUS Capacity Building and Technology Adoption in Mexico, vol. 2: pp. 285-288
E. Burton, N. Mateer, J. Mota and G. Ascanio, University Caifornia Berkeley, US
1:30Micro & Nano FluidicsPotomac 3
Session chair: Edward Furlani, University at Buffalo (SUNY), US; Kwang W. Oh, University at Buffalo (SUNY), US
1:30Two-phase spontaneous capillary microflows and the transport of capillary wagons (invited presentation), vol. 3: pp. 178-181
J. Berthier, K. Brakke, Jing Lee, D. Gosselin, F. Navarro, A. Theberge, E. Berthier, CEA-Leti, FR
1:55Microfluidic actuators based on temperature-responsive hydrogels (invited presentation)
P. Tabeling, CNRS, FR
2:20Low-cost screen printed and embossed LAMP micro-reactors, vol. 3: pp. 158-161
D. Gosselin, M. Gougis, M. Baque, V. Maffini-Alvaro, P. Mailley, A.G. Bourdat, F. Revol-Cavalier, S. Vignoud, F. Navarro, M.N. Belgacem, D. Chaussy, J. Berthier, CEA Grenoble, FR
2:40Interaction of a millimeter sized droplet on the powder substrates and study of capillarity in porous media flow, vol. 3: pp. 182-185
A.G. Avhad, H. Tan, Washington State University, US
3:00Low Cost, Rapid Prototyping, Wax Based Microfluidics- Serial Dilution
P. Schneider, B. Bosinski, D. Koh, A. Wang, A. Trimper, K. Oh, University at Buffalo's Sensors & MicroActuators Learning Lab (SMALL), US
1:30Innovations in Additive ManufacturingChesapeake 8-9
Session chair: Slade H Gardner, Big Metal Additive, Inc., US
1:30Innovations in Additive Manufacturing (invited presentation)
S.H. Gardner, Big Metal Additive, Inc, US
1:55Prototype to Production: Expanding material options for additive manufacturing (invited presentation)
T.L. Albers, Rapid Prototype and Manufacturing, US
2:20Automated Manufacturing Cell (invited presentation)
R. Reese, TNO, US
2:45Multi-functional Printing (invited presentation)
S. Ready, Palo Alto Research Center, Inc., US
3:10Composite Additive Manufacturing (invited presentation)
S. Bhatt, Engineering at Arevo, US
3:35Inductively-Coupled Plasma Powder Metallurgy: an Overview of Applications for Additive Manufacturing. (invited presentation)
R. Dolbec, Tekna Plasma Systems, Inc., CA
4:00Key Trends and Developments in the Additive Manufacturing Startup and Technology Landscape, vol. 4: pp. 156-159
D. Horvath, Lux Research Inc., US
1:30Nanomaterials Risk Assessment & Toxicological ScreeningNational Harbor 5
Session chair: Gediminas Mainelis, Rutgers University, US
1:30Grouping of nanomaterials regarding environmental risk – Are the generally discussed physical-chemical parameter suitable and sufficient? (invited presentation)
K. Hund-Rinke, M. Herrchen, D. Kühnel, C. Kussatz, C. Nickel, K. Schwirn, D. Völker, Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology, DE
1:55An integrated methodology across the dispersion preparation-characterization-in vitro dosimetry continuum for engineered nanomaterials, vol. 1: pp. 306-309
J. Cohen, G. DeLoid, S. Pirela, G. Pyrgiotakis, P. Demokritou, Harvard School of Public Health, US
2:20Environmental Life Cycle Assessment for a Carbon Nanotube-Based Printed Electronic Sensor Platform, vol. 1: pp. 345-347
M.A. Chappell, W-S Shih, J.K. Bledsoe, C. Cox, D. Janzen, S. Gibbons, R. Patel, A.J. Kennedy, J. Brame, M. Brondum, S.A. Diamond, J. Coleman, D. Edwards, J.A. Steevens, U.S. Army Engineer Research & Development Center, US
2:40Influence of type, size, shape, shells and ligands on biocompatibility of nanoparticles
J. Niehaus, T. Jochum, H. Weller, CAN, DE
3:00Assessment of size-dependent gold nanoparticle uptake in Caenorhabditis elegans by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and imaging techniques
M. Johnson, S. Hanna, A. Montoro Bustos, N. Sharp, J. Bennett, A. Kolmakov, C. Sims, R. Holbrook, K. Scott, K. Murphy, E. Petersen, L. Yu, B. Nelson, National Institute of Standards & Technology, US
3:20Enhanced in vitro testing model for rapid risk assessment of ingested nanomaterials, vol. 1: pp. 317-320
C. Carnovale, D. Guarnieri, I. De Angelis, F. Barone, S. Sabella, Italian Institute of Technology, IT
3:40Investigating Multigenerational Effects of Silver Nanoparticles in Caenorhabditis elegans: A Toxicogenomic Approach
A. Wamucho, O. Tsyusko, J. Unrine, University of Kentucky, US
1:30Diagnostics & BioimagingNational Harbor 8
Session chair: Ryan Roeder, University of Notre Dame, US
1:30Translating Nanotechnology and Microfluidics for Epigenetic Detection of Cancer (invited presentation)
J. Wang, Johns Hopkins University, US
1:55Carcinoma cellular uptake, imaging, and targeting by RGDS- and TAT-conjugated upconversion and/or magnetic nanoparticles, vol. 3: pp. 114-117
D. Horák, U. Kostiv, V. Proks, D. Jirák, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry AS CR, CZ
2:15Point-of-Care (POC) Micro Biochip for Cancer Diagnostics, vol. 3: pp. 110-113
B.B. Nunna, E.S. Lee, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US
2:35Tumor Detection Using Novel Texture Analysis Methods
C. Zhou, Lehigh Univeristy, US
2:55Hybrid Vesicular Assemblies for Cancer Imaging and Therapy (invited presentation)
Z. Nie, University of Maryland, US
1:30Graphene Synthesis & ApplicationsNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Jeffrey Fagan, NIST, US
1:30Effect of defects on the intrinsic strength and stiffness of graphene (invited presentation)
N.A. Koratkar, D. Narsimulu, E.S. Srinadhu and N. Satyanarayana, US
1:55Hydrogenation of few-layer graphenes using Birch-type reduction: the importance of graphene edges
X. Zhang, Y. Huang, S. Chen, N.Y. Kim, W. Kim, D. Schilter, M. Biswal, B. Li, Z. Lee, S. Ryu, C.W. Bielawski, W.S. Bacsa, R.S. Ruoff, CEMES-CNRS et Université de Toulouse, FR
2:15Layer number controlled synthesis of high quality and large area graphene of large grain size by hot filament chemical vapor deposition
T.B. Limbu, F. Mendoza, R.K. Katiyar, J.J. Razink, B.R. Weiner, G. Morell, University of Puerto Rico, PR
2:35Pristine Low-Cost Large-Area Graphene Sheets
G.G. Botte, Ohio University - Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research, US
2:55Three-Dimensional Graphene-Based Microbarriers for Controlling Release and Reactivity in Colloidal Liquid Phases
M.A. Creighton, W. Zhu, F. Van Krieken, R.A. Petteruti, H. Gao, R.H. Hurt, 3M, US
3:15Graphene role in next generation Lithium-Sulfur batteries
J. Delafuente, Graphenea Inc., US
3:35Novel Graphene Structures: Substantial Capacity Enhancement in Lithium Batteries, vol. 1: pp. 95-98
T.M. Paronyan, A.K. Thapa, A. Sherihy, J.B. Jasinski, S.J. Dilip Jangam, University of Louisville, US
1:30Nanoparticle CharacterizationNational Harbor 4
Session chair: Pierre Panine, Xenocs SA, France
1:30Quantitative Analysis of Oxidation State in Cerium Oxide Nanomaterials, vol. 1: pp. 17-20
C.M. Sims, R.A. Maier, A.C. Johnston-Peck, J.M. Gorham, V.A. Hackley, B.C. Nelson, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
1:50Development and Characterization of Commercial Boron Nitride Nanotube Product Forms, vol. 1: pp. 114-117
M.B. Jakubinek, Y. Martinez-Rubi, K.S. Kim, Z.J. Jakubek, C.M. Homenick, S. Zou, D. Klug, B. Ashrafi, J. Guan, S. Walker, M. Daroszewska, C.T. Kingston, B. Simard, National Research Council Canada, CA
2:10Assessing Drug Encapsulation Efficiency using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis
R. Ragheb, D. Griffiths, Malvern Instrument, US
2:30FibriPy: a software environment for fiber analysis from 3D micro-computed tomography data, vol. 1: pp. 25-28
T. Perciano, D. Ushizima, H. Krishnan, J. Sethian, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
2:50Calibration Devices for Optical Microscopy at Subnanometer Scales
C.R. Copeland, J.A. Liddle, C.D. McGray, J. Geist, B.R. Ilic, S.M. Stavis, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
3:10How to Caracterize Soft Nanoparticles
L. Calzolai, P. Urban, P. Iavicoli, European Commission- DG Joint Research Centre, IT
1:30Cellulose Innovation & Commercialization Panel DiscussionChesapeake 6
Session chair: World L-S Nieh, U.S. Forest Service
1:30FiberLean Technologies, the MFC Awakens (invited presentation)
S. Ireland, Fiberlean Technologies Ltd, US
1:55Melodea's industrial CNC production and products develpoment
S. Lapidot, Melodea Ltd., IL
2:15Strategic Development for Pilot Plant Optimization of Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNC) Production
C. Danumah, B. Ahvazi, InnoTech Alberta, CA
2:35Development of a method for measuring nanocellulose in aerosols for workplace evaluation and standard development
J.A. Shatkin, Vireo Advisors, LLC, US
2:55Nano & Microfibrillated Cellulose Commercialization: Panel Discussion
R. Berry, CelluForce, CA
S. Ireland, Fiberlean Technologies Ltd, US
S. Inoue, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, JP
K. Nelson, American Process Inc., US
1:30Energy Storage MaterialsNational Harbor 3
Session chair: Imre Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy
1:30Developing Novel All-Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries, vol. 2: pp. 98-101
M. Poyner, D. Teeters, L. Salsman, Frontier Electronic Systems Corporation, US
1:50Controlling Structure and Composition of the Layered Oxide Electrode Material via Soft-Chemistry-Based Synthesis Approach
E. Pomerantseva, Drexel University, US
2:10Molecular Modeling of Carbon-Based Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors, vol. 2: pp. 130-133
S. Schweizer, J.-R. Hill, L. Subramanian, Scienomics, US
2:30Scalable, Three-dimensional, Anisotropic Wood-Carbon Directly from Trees for Advanced Batteries (Flow, Biodegradable, Li metal)
L. Hu, University of Maryland, College Park, US
2:50Enabling Autonomous Sensing Devices for IoT with Thin Film Batteries, vol. 2: pp. 126-129
G. Johnson, B.E. Hayden, C.E. Lee, D. Laughman, R. Noble, L. Turner, O. Clarke, P. Casey, Ilika Technologies, UK
3:10Morphological, A.C. conductivity and dielectric properties of LiCoO2 cathode films grown by RF magnetron sputtering, vol. 2: pp. 90-93
K. Hari Prasad, P. Muralidharan, E.S. Srinadhu, N. Satyanarayana, Pondicherry University, IN
1:30MEMS & NEMS Devices, Modeling & Applications IIPotomac 2
Session chair: William (Cy) Wilson, NASA Langley Research Center, US
1:30Microrobotics (invited presentation)
S. Bergbreiter, Maryland Robotics Center, US
1:55Optomechanics and the Impending Nanosensor Revolution (invited presentation)
W. Hiebert, National Institute for Nanotechnology, CA
2:20Piezoelectric actuators, next driver for MEMS market?, vol. 4: pp. 64-67
S. Fanget, F. Casset, S. Nicolas, C. Dieppedale, M. Allain, B. Desloges, G. Le Rhun, CEA - LETI, FR
2:40Packaging of MEMS: some thermodynamic and kinetic issues during eutectic bonding in the framework of the miniaturization trend
F. Hodaj, Grenoble Institute of Technology, FR
3:00Wafer level integration of epitaxial piezoelectric thin films for novel NEMS, MEMS and MOEMS applications, vol. 4: pp. 55-58
M. Dekkers, Solmates BV, NL
3:20MEMS Inertial Sensors for Cyber-Physical Systems: Trustworthy Sensing, Secure Communication, Data Fusion and Information Control, vol. 4: pp. 72-75
L. Herlihy and S.E. Lyshevski, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
1:30Materials for Sustainable Building IIPotomac 6
Session chair: Jan Kosny, Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems CSE, US
1:30Harnessing Advancements in Thermal and Mass Transport Sciences  to Create Next Generation Building Envelope Technologies (invited presentation)
K. Sawyer, US Department of Energy, US
1:55New trends in durability analysis of building materials and improved understanding of concrete deterioration mechanisms - great prospects for material innovations and development of new testing methods. (invited presentation)
D. Gawin, Technical University of Lodz, PL
2:20Simplified fabrication of transparent, custom-shaped, and cellular aerogel composites (invited presentation)
M.F. Bertino, Virginia Commonwealth University, US
2:45Development of a Non-corrosive and Bio-based Phenolic Foam Thermal Insulation for Buildings (invited presentation)
N. Shukla, Fraunhofer CSE, US
3:10Smart windows for passive control of solar radiation as a function of external ambient temperature, vol. 2: pp. 305-307
K. Golding, N. Gross, A. Donval, M. Oron, D. Nevo, KiloLambda Technologies, Ltd., IL
3:30From Here to Innovation: Safer Alternatives in Building Product Materials, vol. 2: pp. 297-300
T. Lent, S. Drake, Perkins+Will, US
1:30Advanced Engineering MaterialsChesapeake 11-12
Session chair: Brent M Segal, Lockheed Martin, US
1:30A Mechanical Metamaterial with Extreme Stiffness and Strength, vol. 1: pp. 237-240
J. Berger, Nama Development LLC, US
1:50Architected Microlattice Materials by Self-Propagating Waveguide Processing, vol. 1: pp. 359-362
A.L. Corrion, E. Clough, Z. Eckel, J. Hundley, C. Roper, T. Schaedler, HRL Laboratories, LLC, US
2:10A nanocrystalline materials production technique for simultaneously improving several properties, vol. 1: pp. 241-244
S.G. Wang, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
2:30Novel Structure, Properties, and Synthesis of Refractory Carbides, vol. 1: pp. 208-211
B. Dyatkin, M. Laskoski, B.Y. Rock, S. Qadri, M. Kolel-Veetil, T.M. Keller, R.M. Gamache, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, US
1:30Hydrophobicity, Wetting & Coating MaterialsNational Harbor 7
Session chair: Kock-Yee Law, Research and Innovative Solutions, US
1:30Remodeling of Super Hydrophobic Surfaces (invited presentation)
C.W. Extrand, Colder Products Company (CPC), US
1:55Wetting and spreading kinetics in Sn/Cu system: application to electronic packaging
O. Liashenko, F. Hodaj, Grenoble Institute of Technology, FR
2:15Durable Color Matching Coatings for Vehicle Tires, vol. 1: pp. 270-273
B.E. Koene, A. Mullins, M. Thronton, M. Newsome, Luna, US
2:35Anisotropic Wetting Behaviour of Modified 3D Printed Micro-Structured Polymer Surfaces for Water Harvesting, vol. 1: pp. 295-297
M.J. Cook, J.H. Johnston, J. Leveneur, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
2:55Sub 10-nm Nanostructured Ultra-Thin Films from Sugar-Poly(α-olefinate) Conjugates Prepared from x(PAOs) as a New Class of Non-polar Building Block
S.R. Nowak, T.S. Thomas, J.P. Reeds, L.R. Sita, University of Maryland, US
4:00TechConnect National Innovation Showcase Reception (4:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall D & E
4:00Federal Agency Booths & Pavillion - ALL Attendees Encouraged to JoinExpo Hall D & E

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