Katherine Price Hoelschler

Team Leader


Katherine Price Hoelscher is a Project Manager for Schlumberger in their drilling fluids segment working on nanotechnology projects for fluid applications and collaborates with their academic partnerships. She has worked with many different platforms in nanotechnology including carbon nanomaterials, gold nanoparticles, and palladium nanowires for over fifteen years. Katherine’s five year tenure at Schlumberger has allowed her to collaborate with multiple segments, including wireline tools, well services and environmental testing. Katherine also worked as a Schlumberger representative to the Advanced Energy Consortium. She received her doctorate from Rice University under Professor James Tour and had a postdoctoral position at Imperial College London, both on carbon-based nanotechnology. She has over twenty published papers and is named as an inventor on seven patents or patent applications. She is a member of the SPE, AADE and ACS.