Jere Glover


Seidman & Associates, P.C.

Jere is an attorney with Seidman and Associates in Washington, DC, representing small businesses on SBA, SBIR and False Claims Act related issues. Jere Glover also serves as the Executive Director of the Small Business Technology Council (SBTC), a group of small high tech companies most of who are involved in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.  Jere’s experience with the SBIR program is extensive, and he is considered one of the fathers of the program. As counsel to the House Small Business Committee, he directed an extensive set of hearings on small business and innovation that laid the ground work for the SBIR in 1978. He was also the lead-off witness before Congress in 1982 when the SBIR was first proposed. Throughout the law's existence, he has been one of its most active supporters. Jere was also on the board and the investment committee of the Telecommunications Development Fundand served as counsel to the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee in 2001 and work on STTR Reauthorization.  

Jere has a unique blend of private and public sector experience. A former CEO and attorney in private practice, Jere also spent many years in government service, most of it focused on minimizing the regulatory burden on business. For more than six years, he was the federal government’s lead defender of small businesses in the regulatory process. In that capacity, he systematically analyzed hundreds of regulatory actions by federal agencies, identifying flaws and shortcomings in many of those actions and helping the affected businesses seek relief. Information developed by Jere’s team led to rollbacks of dozens of regulations and formed the basis of a number of successful lawsuits. The work that Jere directed saved the private sector more than $20 billion in annual regulatory costs, and it cut a wide swath across many types of businesses – including mining, fishing, telecommunications, transportation, financial services and agriculture.  He has testified before Congress over 30 times and appeared in over 100 agency proceedings, including rulemakings, adjudications, enforcement proceedings and others. 

In the private sector, Jere previously was the CEO or principal of a biotech company, a medical technology company and a group of medical clinics. He is director of another medical technology company and counsel to a variety of SBIR and technology companies.  Jere obtained his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Memphis and an L.L.M. in Administrative Law and Economic Regulation from George Washington University.