Gary Benninger

Technology Entrepreneur, Corporate Engineering and R&D

Magna International Inc.

Dr. Benninger who holds a PhD in Physics has had a lengthy career in technology and the automotive industry.

He started his career as a research scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, but after 5 years left to join the Ford Motor Company and the automotive industry.  While at Ford Dr. Benninger received patents for disc brakes, radiators and air conditioning system components while also receiving the Society of the Plastics Industry and Society of Plastics Engineers Grand Awards for the first production plastic radiator tank program.

At Magna he has served as Group Operations Manager, Vice President, Product Development, Division General Manager, and Executive Vice President, Engineering and R&D.  He has also held the positions of Executive Vice President & COO at the Becker Group and President & CEO of the Amerityre Corporation.

Today he serves as a Technology Entrepreneur in the Corporate Engineering and R&D activity of Magna International, identifying and locating new technologies as part of the Open Innovation Program at Magna.

Throughout his career Dr. Benninger has consistently identified key new technologies and has played instrumental rolls in seeing these technologies commercialized.